WildApricot constantly evolves based on your feedback

No software is ever perfect. Industry regulations change; smart people come up with new ideas; new technologies let us do things that were never possible before.

Recognizing this, we apply a unique development approach to WildApricot software - "Agile development methodology." This approach ensures that our software is continually improving to match your needs - saving you more time and making you more and more efficient.

Our process has proven itself time and again with dozens of updates (releases) to our software! And each update was completely transparent to our clients as their accounts were updated automatically.

Here's how it works:

We're constantly thinking about what features we should add to WildApricot, and some of our very best ideas are submitted by customers via our Wishlist forum.

From this, we create a long "master list" of all changes and improvements designed by our team - or requested by our clients. Every few weeks, we review and revise this list, based on how frequently a particular change is requested - and how much benefit it will bring to users (in terms of time savings and convenience). Then we firm up the list for our next release - and move ahead with design, development, and testing.

This approach means that your feedback is acted upon - so we always love to hear from you, even (especially!) when something is not working right or something you need is missing from the system.

It also means that we retest our software - the whole system - every few weeks. We continually review and clean up the code. This ensures a secure, well-performing system, even as our client base grows faster and faster. We only had 20 (out of 525,948) minutes of unscheduled downtime with our server last year!

How WildApricot's Agile Methodology Benefits You

  • A flexible product that adapts to changing needs and meets your expectations
  • A stable and well-performing product due to frequent testing and code reviews
  • Ongoing innovations to help your organization become more effective and take advantage of the latest technology trends

We care about your needs and greatly appreciate your ongoing feedback.

See also: WildApricot software release history.

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