Feb. 23, 2018 

Recently a publisher, ThinkProgress.org identified Wild Apricot as a company that supports the NRA.  Wild Apricot does not have a partnership with the NRA nor do we offer the NRA special discounts. We are taking necessary steps to clarify the situation.

Wild Apricot is membership management software used by over 20,000 organizations, such as associations, clubs and nonprofits, in over 62 countries to manage their members. The reference to a free 30-day trial is something that Wild Apricot makes available to any organization striving to automate their processes and better serve their members. This is not a unique offer. While our Affiliate Program is available to all customers and can be set up through a Wild Apricot account, Wild Apricot terminated the NRA affiliate link on Feb 23, at around 11:16 AM ET. We are working with ThinkProgress.org to be removed from their list.






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