Login or sign-in to your Wild Apricot account

If you've set-up a Wild Apricot account and you now want to log in again.

The easiest way to recover your website address is to simply use the login button in the top right corner of this page! If you need more instructions on how to recover your password once you're on your website, read below.

Where's the login box on www.wildapricot.com?

You cannot log into your own Wild Apricot account through our main website. You need to go to your own Wild Apricot site address, which was created when you started your free trial.

What is my Wild Apricot site address?

If you do not remember your Wild Apricot website address, check your email inbox for the welcome email that was sent to you when you signed up for the account. If you did not receive an email, check your email spam folder.

Another option if you don't remember your Wild Apricot address is to fill out the trial sign-up form again, using the same email address. If you already have one or more accounts using an email address, you'll be shown the links to those accounts.

What is my login?

Use your email address and password to login to your Wild Apricot account. If you do not remember your password, use Forgot password link next to Login button on your Wild Apricot site, see: Forgot Password

I hid my login box on my website. How do I log in now?

To access your site use the following URL: http://<YourSiteName.com>/Sys/Login

I reset my password but I did not receive any email?

If you don't receive password reset email you must check the following:

  • Your email spam folder - make sure to white list this email so that future emails will go to your inbox
  • If you've setup Wild Apricot to use your own custom domain name (See: Custom domain setup) you have to make sure that it is setup with correct SPF record, SPF settings

When I click on the link in the email it does not work, it says that it is expired?

For security reasons, this link is only valid for 24 hours. After this you will need to use the Forgot Password link again.

When I click on the link in the email it opens "404 - Page not found" page

This problem is related to incorrect custom domain setup. Make sure that it is setup as described on our help page Custom domain setup.

I'm still having problems, help!

Please contact our support team.