Customer Success Representative

Are you looking to make a meaningful contribution to the growth of a successful software company?

Before we dig into the job description, here’s our story.

There are over two million small nonprofits in North America —  associations, clubs, charities, community organizations and so on. And there are millions more around the world. Most of these organizations have minuscule budgets and are usually run by volunteers or board members who work long hours trying to deliver value to hundreds, or maybe a few thousand members. On top of this, they have to run a website, organize fundraisers, coordinate events, and recruit new members and volunteers. They are buried in a mountain of administrative tasks and are usually under-appreciated.

This is where Wild Apricot fits in.

Wild Apricot provides software that makes their jobs much easier by automating 75-90% of the tasks they used to do manually. We basically give these people their life back, so they can focus on fulfilling the mission of their organizations. Wild Apricot, which was founded in 2006, now serves over 25,000 organizations and has been ranked as the number-one rated membership management software solution on the market by Capterra, a leading independent review site, for the last six years.  

On top of providing great software for small nonprofits, we are a leading provider of free educational content. Through our critically acclaimed blog, our digital guides, videos and monthly Expert Webinar Series, we show nonprofit professionals the best ways to grow their membership, raise money, recruit volunteers and so much more.

So, why are we hiring? Well, if you’re good at math, you’ve already figured out that with only 25,000 organizations out of millions using Wild Apricot, there are lots and lots of organizations that need our help. Because of our success so far and our massive growth potential, our goal is to grow our company by 2-3 times within the next 3 years by helping even more organizations

This is where you come in.

We have plenty of big ideas to ensure we hit our growth target.

We’re looking for an exceptional Customer Success Representative (internally we call this an Onboarding Coach) to join our Growth Team, and help us bring in new customers.

In our business model, someone becomes a customer after starting a 30-day free trial. Your job is to be a trusted advisor to people during the trial phase and to deliver an awesome experience. Your role is a mix of sales and service.

  • Sometimes the customer reaches out for help during their 30-day trial. You’ll be there to save the day and help them get the most out of their Wild Apricot account - that’s the service part
  • Sometimes you’re reaching out to them, looking for opportunities to delight them and add value to get them up and running fast - that’s when you’re wearing your sales hat

Are you the Coach we’re looking for?

Here’s the Opportunity.

  • Directly contribute to growing our company and serving our market. Increasing the number of people who become paying customers after the free trial phase is a big driver of business for us!
  • Work with and learn from an experienced SaaS inbound-driven Growth team.
  • Experience our unique self-starter style and culture.

Fast-Forward 3 months.

Here’s what happened since you joined us:

  • You’ve engaged with trial users through email, phone and live chat.
  • You’ve provided over the top customer experience to trial users so upgrading to a paid account is a no-brainer
  • You’ve thoroughly understood our target market, their pains and needs, and ways we can help them
  • You’ve become an important contributor to the growth of Wild Apricot
  • You’ve learned a lot, made new friends here, and have had tons of fun

Skills & Experience We’re Looking For:

  • Experience with customer service channels like email, phone and live chat.
  • Comfortable using HTML and CSS - seriously, you’ll need this to help our customers.
  • Sincere passion to deliver remarkable customer experiences every day
  • Excellent communication skills with a desire to be proactive with customers

Company Benefits:

  • Downtown Toronto location located right beside Union Station
  • Fully stocked kitchen for breakfast, lunch, or snacks whenever you like
  • A relaxed office environment with frequent ping pong matches
  • Full benefits (dental, vision, etc.)
  • Competitive salary

How to apply:

Our process will include a phone interview and several in person interviews. To start:

  • Send me your resume in an email with the subject line: “Interested in your Customer Success Representative Role”
  • Please introduce yourself and attach to your resume
  • Send your resumes to:


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