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There are over two million small nonprofits in North America — associations, clubs, charities, community organizations and so on. And there are millions more around the world. Most of these organizations have miniscule budgets and are usually run by volunteers or board members who work long hours trying to deliver value to hundreds, or maybe a few thousand members. On top of this, they have to run a website, organize fundraisers, coordinate events, and recruit new members and volunteers. They are buried in a mountain of administrative tasks and are usually underappreciated.

This is where Wild Apricot fits in.

Wild Apricot provides software that makes their jobs much easier by automating 75-90% of the tasks they used to do manually. We basically give these people their life back, so they can focus on fulfilling the mission of their organizations. Wild Apricot, which was founded in 2006, now serves over 25,000 organizations and has been ranked as the number-one rated membership management software solution on the market by Capterra, a leading independent review site, for the last six years. 

On top of providing great software for small nonprofits, we are a leading provider of free educational content. Through our critically acclaimed blog, our digital guides, videos and monthly Expert Webinar Series, we show nonprofit professionals the best ways to grow their membership, raise money, recruit volunteers and so much more.

So, why are we hiring? Well, if you’re good at math, you’ve already figured out that with only 25,000 organizations out of millions using Wild Apricot, there are lots and lots of organizations that need our help. Because of our success so far and our massive growth potential, our goal is to grow our company by 2-3 times within the next 3 years by helping even more organizations



We have plenty of big ideas to ensure we hit our growth target. We’re looking for an exceptional and experienced content developer to join our marketing team, and help us grow our content marketing function. Are you the one?

Here’s the Opportunity:

  • Learn from an experienced SaaS inbound marketing team.
  • Experience our unique self-management style and culture.

  • Chance to grow into a much bigger leader on the marketing side of the business.

  • Directly contribute to growing our company and serving our market.



Here’s what happened in the first three months since you joined us:

  • You have thoroughly understood our target market, their pains and needs, and ways we can help them.
  •  You’ve begun to take over development of our core assets, such as: guides and ebooks, content upgrades, email nurture tracks, product-related webinars, etc.
  • You’ve helped improve our content marketing and development processes by offering insights and analysis on what works and what doesn’t.
  • You’ve become an important contributor to the growth of Wild Apricot.
  • You have learned a lot, made new friends here, and have had tons of fun.



You’ve been in an inbound, digital marketing role for over two years. If you’ve done it at a SaaS company, even better!

  • You have a good foundational knowledge of content marketing, SEO, social, email marketing and marketing automation. Most importantly, you understand how it all connects together into a coherent strategy.

  • You’ve developed content for a business, proven its positive impact and have results you can share with us. 

  • You have developed various forms of content throughout your career, including blog posts, guides, ebooks, email streams, web copy, presentation scripts, etc. You have also developed content ranging from thought leadership assets to product related material. 

  • You have managed content projects from A to Z, including conceiving the project, developing a business case, creating a development plan, executing the content, working with various contributors, such as a designer, measuring the impact and reporting to company stakeholders. 

  • If you’ve worked at a nonprofit or have been involved in the nonprofit sector, you’ve got leg up on other applicants because you understand our market so make sure you highlight this experience!


  • Downtown Toronto location located right beside Union Station
  •  Fully stocked kitchen for breakfast, lunch, or snacks whenever you like
  • A relaxed office environment with frequent ping pong matches
  • Full benefits (dental, vision, etc.)
  • Competitive salary





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