Day 1: 3 Ways to Grow Your Membership in a Changing World

joy_dulingJoy Duling

Membership Growth Expert

If you ask a room full of membership leaders how their growth is going, you’ll likely hear mixed reviews. But most will agree that recruitment and retention feels tougher now than ever before. In this free webinar, membership expert and founder of ‘The Joy of Membership,’ Joy Duling will reveal the real reasons why many organizations find it difficult to hit their growth goals, and the practical steps you can take to increase your membership.


Here is the link to the slides:

Additional resources for Joy's webinar

Joy's website: The Joy of Membership 

Joy's Worksheet: Member Engagement Scoresheet

Day 2: 3 Ways to use Google to Grow your Membership

FarhadHeadshotFarhad Chikhliwala

Head of Demand Generation at Wild Apricot

Have you ever wondered whether advertising on Google could help you grow your organization? Digital marketing expert Farhad Chikhliwala, draws on his many years of advertising success to show you 3 ways you can use Google to attract and engage more members. This session will show you how to use both free and paid tools to reach the people on Google most likely to join and support your organization, and how to create content that catches their attention.


Here is the link to the slides:

Additional resources for Farhad's webinar

Google Grants

Guide to Google Adwords for Nonprofits


Day 3: 3 Instagram Tips Successful Nonprofits Use to Raise Awareness and Win Supporters

Lilach1-min (1)Lilach Bullock

Social Media Expert

If you want to attract a larger audience of members, donors, fans and followers, please check out webinar with digital marketing expert and social media specialist Lilach Bullock. Lilach will show you how some nonprofits are using Instagram to reach the young and socially-conscious generation, ensuring their organizations continue to grow well into the future.


Here is the link to the slides:

Additional resources for Lilach's webinar

Lilach's website

Day 4: 5 Things Every Digital Marketing Plan Should Have

amy jacobus headshotAmy Jacobus

Digital Marketing Expert

Are your digital marketing activities actually helping you grow your organization? Are you overwhelmed by the pressure to post on social media, pump out more emails, experiment with ads, and still not sure if anything is working? If so, please check out our webinar with digital marketing expert Amy Jacobus. Amy will walk through how to create a plan you can actually handle while delivering results.


Here is the link to the slides 

Additional resources for Amy's webinar

Amy's worksheet: Identify You Target Audience

Amy's website: Amy Jacobus Marketing

Day 5: How to Use Data to Grow Your Membership in Just 1 Hour a Month

jason headshotJason Jensen

Digital Nonprofit Tech Expert

With just one hour of your time and a few free tools, you could be increasing your membership every month. To learn how, check out our free webinar with Jason Jensen, data-driven marketing evangelist and nonprofit consultant. Jason will show you the tried-and-tested process that any nonprofit can use to increase membership and donations using data-driven marketing. Even if you’ve never measured a single campaign, you’ll be able to implement these strategies.


Here is the link to the slides


Additional resources for Jason's webinar

Jason's website: The Digital Nonprofit

Jason's Lean Growth Handout


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