Day 1: What You Need to Know to Attract & Engage Young Members

Amanda KaiserAmanda Kaiser

Member Engagement Expert

When you look out at your members, do you see a sea of gray hair? If you’re worried your organization is becoming irrelevant to younger generations, you won’t want to miss this webinar. Amanda Kaiser, a membership engagement expert, will show you how many “graying” organizations are rapidly building a younger membership base. Discover the method they use to attract, engage, and retain the young generations.


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Amanda's free ebook: Fueling Exceptional New Member Experiences

Amanda's website: Smooth the Path


Day 2: The Digital Education Tools That Keep Your Members Coming Back For More

Rebecca PetersenRebecca Peterson

Director of

One of the best ways to attract and engage members is through education. But the way people are learning--and how they want to learn--is changing. Publishing a whitepaper and bringing in a speaker isn’t enough anymore. Your members want to be part of an online community and have access to on-demand learning opportunities. In this webinar, Rebecca Petersen, Director of, an online career development tool for nonprofit professionals, will share the strategies and tools top nonprofits are using to drastically increase member engagement these days.


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Free online training for nonprofit professionals:


Day 3: How to Turn Your Events into a Growth Engine for your Organization

Jeff HurtJeff Hurt

Event Design Expert

If you want to drive growth through your events, please join this free webinar with Jeff Hurt, a leading event design expert. Jeff has worked with hundreds of organizations, helping them grow by taking a new approach to marketing and running their events. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to create an experience for your attendees that turns them into evangelists for your organization.


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Jeff's website: Velvet Chainsaw Consulting


Day 4: Navigating Nonprofit Marketing

David MundyDavid Mundy

Director of Marketing at Guidestar

Let’s get one thing straight: marketing is just as applicable to .orgs as it is to .coms, and a nonprofit can and should approach marketing the same way as (if not better than) a for-profit. But, with limited resources it can be hard for nonprofits to market effectively. In this webinar, David Mundy, nonprofit marketing expert and Director of Marketing at GuideStar, the world’s largest database of nonprofit information, will give you the blueprints you need to build a solid marketing plan for your organization… even with limited resources.


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The world's largest source of information on nonprofit organizations: GuideStar

David's blog series: Navigating Nonprofit Marketing

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Day 5: How to Use Tech Tools to Attract Lots and Lots of New Members

Terry IbeleTerry Ibele

Nonprofit Tech Expert

It’s astounding what a single person can accomplish these days with the help of tech tools. In this webinar, nonprofit tech expert Terry Ibele will show you how some nonprofit professionals are able to double or triple their membership each year with minimal effort, simply by using the right tools. Terry will walk you through exactly which tools they are using, so you can put them to use right away in your organization.

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