Increase Members with Facebook Ads - workshop

By Shiv Narayanan

Date of Webinar: September 3, 2015

Have you started using Facebook Ads to grow your organization yet?

If not, we’ll show you how to start!

Imagine advertising only to people who may already be interested in your organization. Now imagine paying only for that advertisement when those people click on it.

That’s the magic of Facebook Ads - they can be vital to your organization’s growth.

Shiv NShiv, our in-house digital marketing expert, covered all the steps it takes in creating your very own targeted Facebook Ad campaign. The content of this workshop was taken from our Mini-Course on the same subject. You can access the Mini-Course here.

Here's what was covered in this workshop:

  • How much you should spend on your Facebook Ad
  • How to target your existing members on Facebook
  • How to find new members on Facebook
  • How to create your ad (copy, graphics, and guidelines)
  • How to measure ROI on your Facebook Ad
Listen to the full webinar below to create your own Facebook Ads.

Webinar Recording

Watch it on our YouTube Channel

Slideshare Presentation

Download this directly from SlideShare

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