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How To Use Your Database To Grow Your Membership

By Wes Trochlil

Date: June 24, 2015

Wes TrochlilWes Trochlil
 (Effective Database Management) a database management guru for associations and non-profits, presents a webinar to help membership organizations understand the what, the why and the how of databases.

In this webinar, Wes answers questions like: What is a database? Why is having a membership database important? What does it allow me to do that I couldn’t do before?  How can a membership database help me achieve my mission or goals and more...

Key Takeaways

  • Documentation of processes is key: Making a user guide of sorts that outlines different functions and tasks in your database is good practice. Making the documentation super-literal, easy to read and full of examples and screenshots will make it so that any volunteer or staff members can use your database.
  • Implement User Groups to share information: Organizing meet-ups or user groups for people familiar with your database can be a great place for them to share best practices and tips/tricks they may have learned while using their software.
  • Queries for clean-up: Using simple search queries can help clean up your database and eliminate erroneous entries. For example, searching for entries that have a renewal date that is before a joining date, can display contacts that have an error in that particular field.

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