Facebook_Ad_webinarHow to Start Using Facebook Ads to Reach a Big Audience with a Small Budget


Presented by Farhad Chikhliwala

Digital Marketing Expert

Have you ever wondered whether advertising on Facebook could help you grow your organization?

In this webinar, Farhad draws on his many years of Facebook advertising success to show you how you can use Facebook’s ad platform to attract and engage more members.

In this free webinar, you will learn:

  • How to find people on Facebook most likely to join and support your organization
  • What type of ads work best, and how to target your audience
  • How to avoid common money-wasting traps to ensure you get a positive ROI on your Facebook spend


FarhadHeadshotFarhad Chikhliwala is the Demand Generation Manager at Wild Apricot. As an expert in digital marketing, he has helped make Wild Apricot the #1 rated membership management software solution on the market for the past five years (ranked by Capterra, an online software review website).



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