Boot_Camp_MetaChoosing And Setting Up Your Payment System


Presented by Coach Mark

Customer Success Manager, Onboarding Coach

In this webinar, our live coaches will show how to set up or switch your online payment system in Wild Apricot, and answer any questions you have. During the webinar, our live coaches will be available for Q & A sessions throughout.

When you sign up using the form on this page, you will be registered! Whether you attend or not, you’ll receive a recording of the webinar, which you can watch anytime.

In this free webinar, you will learn:

  • The main features of Wild Apricot Payments
  • How to apply for and connect Wild Apricot Payments as your payment system
  • Which accounts will be charged the Payment System Servicing Fee, and what you can do so the fee doesn’t apply to your account


Payment System Servicing Fee

  • Which accounts this fee will apply to
  • Why we’re introducing this fee
  • Where you can find pricing including the fee
  • What you can do so that the fee won’t apply to your account

Wild Apricot Payments

  • How Wild Apricot Payments compares to other payment systems
  • Who can apply for a Wild Apricot Payments account
  • The steps to applying for an account
  • What you can expect from the application process
  • How to connect Wild Apricot Payments to your account
  • How to switch from a third party payment system to Wild Apricot Payments

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Choosing and Setting Up Wild Apricot Payments Webinar from Wild Apricot



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