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coc brisbaneA website and online business directory is a great way to promote local businesses at your Chamber of Commerce. But on top of that, you need to host networking events, send out e-blasts to members, post industry news, and of course, manage memberships (sign-ups, payments, renewals, etc).

So, how are you currently managing your members' information, payments and events? Do you find yourself jumping between applications, downloading lists and trying to make sense of a bunch of excel sheets? 

If this sounds like your Chamber of Commerce or Small Business Association, we're happy to tell you there is a better solution. It's called membership management software: a single, safe and integrated system that allows you to manage your website, online business directory, event registrations, membership contacts & database, financial payments, email blasts and more – all from one place.  

A One-Stop-Shop for Your Chamber of Commerce

WildApricot is currently rated the #1 Membership Management Software by Capterra and is used by 2537+ Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations and another 15,071+ organizations.

Here's what it can do for your Chamber of Commerce:

  • coc lakeforestAutomate membership renewals, registrations and payments  
  • Build and maintain an online business directory
  • Update your website easily (no HTML required) and choose from a wide range of website templates
  • Create a private log-in for members only
  • Send professional newsletter and email communications to members, board members, committees and other stakeholder groups
  • Create and promote events with online registration, attendance tracking and payment processing 

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"WildApricot has been great in terms of the financial aspect, it has streamlined everything. We use QuickBooks and just the ability to connect those two things together allows us to do recurring memberships, so we don’t have to worry about members not paying.

We can also do event registration, so we know how many people are coming to the event. Sometimes our events sell out, so it’s great to have those numbers ahead of time so we can send out email blasts with a registration link....

The woman who is running everything is in her own words, not tech savvy at all, but she really enjoys using WildApricot to make these changes. She said it’s perfect for her."

Eric Sharpe, Board Member
Savannah Downtown Business Association

How to Manage Your Chamber of Commerce Online

WildApricot's membership management system is hosted online or in "the cloud" – so you never have to worry about backing up files and updating software. Everything is done automatically for you, allowing you to relax knowing your business contacts, membership database and website are up-to-date and secure (we make sure of this for you!).

The other benefit of having everything hosted online is that you, your staff, volunteers, members and board members can access, through a private log in, business contacts, event registrations, membership data and other important information from wherever there is a computer and internet – meaning your information won't be stuck at the office on a single computer. You can also register new members and check-in attendees to your event with our mobile app.   

Finally, our system lets you assign various admin roles and organize members into groups so that they can access different pages and parts of the website. This allows you to delegate and share tasks more easily and facilitate board members and volunteer activities. 

All these features significantly reduce and streamline administrative tasks, freeing up valuable time and resources for your Chamber of Commerce to focus on things that matter most – like helping local businesses succeed! 

"It has literally cut our work down by half! - Jim Carney, Rhode Island Academy of Physician Assistants

Improve Daily Tasks with Integrated Membership Management Software

What does it mean for your Chamber to have its membership database and website integrated in one place? It means your business contacts form the backbone of your organization.

For example – when a member attends an event, you will be able to quickly log in to your website and see that members':

  • contact information 
  • membership status
  • invoice, payments, renewal due dates 
  • past events they have attended
  • committees they are involved in
  • etc. 

This information won’t be scattered across multiple sheets and files anymore. Plus, the system automates a lot of manual processes like event registration, membership renewal, reminders and more. Members can also access a private and secure website area to update their contact information and join special groups and committees.

Let's take a look at how membership management software will change your Chamber's day-to-day life:

Task Before After
Directory Staff had to manually input and update contact information. Your member directory is synchronized with your membership database and members can log in to update their own information.  
Website Had to rely on a dedicated staff or a tech savvy volunteer to update website. No HTML or technical skills are required to update the website -  so you can update your site quickly and easily as needed.
Emails Sending an email blast meant downloading, segregating and uploading various contact lists. Simply select the group, members or list you want to send an email to and hit send. 
Events Hosting an event could take a lot of time - promoting, processing payments, tracking attendees etc. Create and promote an event in minutes - send out an e-blast, automate reminders, track attendees and process payments online.
Memberships & Payments Members signed up via email or PDF and you had to manually process applications and send yearly reminders to renew their membership. Members can register and pay online, select what level of membership they want, pay for multiple years at a time and get automated reminders for when their membership renewals are due.

Why 2537+ Chambers of Commerce are using WildApricot

Here are some of the top reasons 2537+ Chambers of Commerce and 15,071+ organizations chose WildApricot as their membership management platform:

  1. Cost-effectiveness: we offer the most value at the best price
  2. User-friendliness: no HTML or technical knowledge is required
  3. All-in-one solution: no more jumping between applications
What is in WildApricot's all-in-one solution?

Plus, our Membership Knowledge Hub is full of practical articles, guides, templates and tips for effective membership, board and volunteer management and our blog is also among the Top 150 Nonprofit Blogs.

Choosing Membership Management Software for Your Chamber of Commerce

We realize choosing the right membership management platform and moving everything over to a new platform is a big deal. To help you get started with the process, we’ve put together some free resources, templates and guides to help you choose the best software for your Chamber of Commerce. Whether you choose us or not, we're just happy to be here for the journey.

See What Our Customers Have to Say About Us!

WildApricot is the one-stop shop for any business or organization that has membership at the forefront."

"The member directory is brilliant--since it is always current as I manage member records"

"I think this is a great product for Chambers because of all that can be done from it. It certainly eliminated several other programs we were using and combined them into one reasonable product. It is also fairly easy to use for a non-technical person like me."

"It is easy to use. I really like the copy event feature as it saves me time on events that happen monthly at the same location."

"I suggest WildApricot when the subject of web site hosting comes up."

"I like the way the system keeps track of membership and the ability to download spreadsheets with the information. The automatic renewal reminders are also very helpful. The ability to send group emails with document and page links is also a plus."

"I really like the ability to see all information on each member / contact on one page."

"We host our membership website on WildApricot. It is a very robust system and handles all of our transactions quickly and efficiently" 

"Using WildApricot has been the best single decision our organization has ever made. Far more information is available to admins, and far more control for events and registrations. WildApricot more than paid for itself in the first few months we used it. Oh, wait, I didn't say that, now you'll raise the price."

"It's a very easy system and I think much better than using something like WordPress with multiple plug-ins and not sure about security issues or updating issues with those!"

"The easiest web system I have ever used. The ease of use is greatly enhanced by the highly visual, integrated help system and help videos."

"It is a full featured system that looks deceptively simple because it is really easy to figure out what to do, but it actually is very flexible."

"WildApricot been wonderful and a great time-saver! Prior to migrating our membership data to WildApricot, I manually emailed dues notices and confirmed receipt of payment. I also sent out delinquent payment reminders. Our organization maintained 3 separate databases (newsletter; Gmail; membership spreadsheet). Now we use only one!"

"Thank you for making it affordable and relatively idiot proof!!"

"The membership management functions are just amazing. You can tell that this software has been developed for a while, since it is so feature rich. Things we've been talking about wanting to be able to do for years are all available out of the box. It's great."

"The storage of files and documents is easy to use and plenty of space. The management of our contacts database is great. The calendar function improvements through version 5 is something I am excited about."

"Very easy to use. I've been using with no training, but have figured it out with online help.The membership renewal process is great – we just use the default settings so far and it works just fine. I also find that the event registration works very well and is tremendously versatile."



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