Wild Apricot is the #1 membership management software designed for clubs. Painlessly manage your organization using Wild Apricot just like 3,589 other clubs.
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Club Management Software

Wild Apricot is an easy-to-use do-it-yourself club management software. If you ever get stuck, you can talk with a live human being for free between 9:30am and 6:00pm EST, Monday to Friday.

Grow Your Membership
Club Management Software

Your potential members will find a hassle-free way to join, register for events and send payments — all online. Never lose a potential member and grow 25%-300% each year like many Wild Apricot clients.

Save Time
Club Software

Automate 75% of your admin tasks like collecting member dues and processing event registrations. Plus, all your data is safely stored in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere. Escape Excel hell.

Look Professional
Club Software

In a matter of hours you could have a professional looking, mobile-friendly website where your members can join, register for events, or access a member directory.


  • Social Clubs
  • Cultural Clubs
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Yoga Clubs
  • Garden Clubs
  • Motorcycle Clubs
  • Sailing Clubs
  • Rowing Clubs
  • Swim Clubs
  • Tennis Clubs
  • Fishing Clubs

and many more…

Joseph Purdy
Communications Chair, Capitol Hill
Garden Club,
Washington, D. C.

"Wild Apricot has given us a professional looking website and an easy way to manage our member communication. It's a lifesaver for us, because we love gardening, but are not experts in how to design and maintain a website."

Gary Rubens
Webmaster, Budget & Finance
Committee Chair, Ski Club of
Washington D.C.

"As soon as we switched from Memberize to Wild Apricot, we began to sell out our ski trips in record time. I love how I can automate the event confirmation emails and financial transactions."

Kathy Araujo
The American Women's Group in Paris
Past President, Webmaster and VP of

"Because our club is short-staffed, Wild Apricot has been a lifesaver! It saves me over 20 hours a week and their support has been fantastic!"

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Easy to use, all-in-one platform (that you'll love)

Wild Apricot has all the systems you need in one solution
  • With your Wild Apricot member database, you’ll be able to escape Excel Hell. All your member data lives safely in the cloud so multiple users can access it from a desktop, phone or tablet.
    • Easily search and share your database
    • Customize membership levels and automate renewals
    • Database updates in real time when a new member joins online
    • Members can update their own info through a member login area
    • Your data is safe, secure and automatically backed up so you don’t have to worry
    • Set up a searchable online member directory
  • With Wild Apricot, you’ll be able to build a professional-looking website in a matter of hours without any technical experience at all.
    • Free access to professionally designed themes
    • Easy to customize and update with a drag-and-drop builder
    • Mobile friendly
    • Instantly create:
      • Join area
      • Member-only area
      • News section
      • Member directory
      • Event listings
  • With Wild Apricot, you’ll have the ability to accept online payments through PayPal or credit cards.
    • Accept online donations
    • No more chasing members for dues
    • Automatically charge member credit cards for renewals
    • System automatically updates member profiles and sends invoices
    • Easily generate a variety of financial reports
    • Accept online donations
  • With Wild Apricot, members can pay and register for your conferences and events online.
    • Automatically send reminders to increase attendance
    • Post a calendar of events on your website
    • Customize registration forms
    • Automatically record payments
    • Track attendance with our mobile app (no more extra paperwork)
  • Your Wild Apricot email system integrates with your database so you can easily communicate with your members from one system.
    • Track and manage your contacts with saved searches
    • Automate email confirmations and reminders
    • Personalize every email automatically
    • Choose from dozens of email and newsletter templates
    • Track who is opening and clicking on your emails
  • With Wild Apricot, your club’s website is mobile, making it easier for you to attract and engage members.
    • Mobile-friendly website
    • Members can join and pay through their mobile devices
    • Members can register and pay for events from a mobile device
    • Access and update your member data on your smartphone
    • Check in and register event attendees at the door from your smartphone


  • Online Database
    Online Database

    Attract, renew and manage your members with ease

  • Website Builder
    Website Builder

    Build your online presence with an easy drag and drop website builder

  • Online Payments
    Online Payments

    Accept and track online and offline payments with ease

  • Events

    Grow your events with easy online promotion & registration

  • Email

    Design, write and send email newsletters and manage contacts in one place

  • Mobile

    Make your organization mobile in minutes with our mobile app

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