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  • Successful Volunteer Teams Have These Four Types of People

    Terry Ibele 26 May 2017 0 comments
    There are four types of people, or personas that make for successful volunteer teams. I'll guide you through each of their motivations, which tasks they're best suited for, their behaviors, strengths, and opportunities.
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  • Accommodating Volunteers with Disabilities

    Terry Ibele 26 May 2016 1 comments
    Accessibility and diversity are about accommodating everyone, not just people with disabilities or people who are from minority groups. You want to make volunteering as welcoming to the widest number of people possible
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  • How to Find Your Volunteer Unicorns

    Terry Ibele 02 February 2016 0 comments
    It’s a new year, you have ambitious goals for your organization, but you need volunteers to fill the gaps. What you need is a Volunteer Unicorn!
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Found 3 results for "volunteering"

Found 3 results for "volunteering"

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