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  • Want More Members? Leverage Engagement as an Art AND a Science

    Donald Cowper 05 April 2018 0 comments
    This is a guest blog post by Ben Bisbee, the presenter of our free webinar on 7 Ways to Increase Member Engagement in a Distracted World. Click here to watch this webinar. Art is fun. As a nonprofit, allowing yourself to direct your mission and vision...
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  • 12 Practical Ways To Engage and Retain Members in Today’s World

    Terry Ibele 17 October 2016 2 comments
    It costs up to 25 times more to find and convince a new member to join than to keep your current members engaged. Here's a list of actually practical tips to retain your members.
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  • 8 Types of Annoying Board Members

    Terry Ibele 22 April 2016 2 comments
    Nonprofits are a magical place filled with super passionate, hardworking, and extremely motivated individuals. But, sometimes when you get a bunch of equally passionate people in one room for a Board Meeting, some people's quirks become annoyingly apparent.
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  • Attract New Members with a New Hook

    Terry Ibele 19 April 2016 0 comments
    Have you ever been able to solve a big problem with a simple solution? In our ten years of working with membership organizations, we’ve seen many organizations struggle with the big problem of attracting new members. We’ve also seen some of these organizations solve that problem with relatively simple solutions. One great example of this is how a tennis club we know used a technique called a hook, to revitalize their club and drive membership growth.
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  • Can't Figure Out Millennials? This is all you Need to Know

    Terry Ibele 11 April 2016 0 comments
    For the first time in 34 years, Baby Boomers aren't the majority of the workforce anymore. Millennials are swinging in, and guess what? What they care about is drastically different! Nonprofits have to realize that in order to grow in the long term, they must start attracting Millennials.
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  • Day 4: Membership Growth Online Summit - Reach Millennials

    Anton Livaja 19 March 2016 0 comments
    The 4th day of our Membership Growth Online Summit is all about Millennials! Join Sarah Sladek as she talks about how to reach this demographic. How to Turn Millennials into Members You know there’s a lot of opportunity with attracting a younger...
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  • Free Expert Webinar: Leading Great Board Meetings

    Terry Ibele 10 November 2015 0 comments
    Board Meeting Expert, Dr. Richard Lent shows how you can revitalize your board meetings to be perfectly productive, super structured, and extremely engaging.
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  • This is How One Organization Grew Membership by Over 300%

    Terry Ibele 03 November 2015 0 comments
    Is your membership growth as stagnant as a pond? Wouldn't you love a proven recipe for successful? In an interactive case study, we reveal the strategies of how one organization grew over 300%.
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  • How To Welcome New Members To An Association

    Lori Halley 11 December 2013 0 comments
    10 Tips for making new members feel welcome at your association.
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Found 9 results for "members"

Found 9 results for "members"

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