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  • How Changing Our Volunteer Interview Approach Increased Our Retention by 30%

    Terry Ibele  06 March 2017  2 comments
    If you’re experiencing low volunteer retention, you’re familiar with how much time and resources it can take to constantly market and recruit new volunteers. But what most nonprofits don’t realize is that the problem may lie in how your candidates are interviewed. In my experience, one simple simple change to that process may dramatically improve volunteer retention.
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  • 1-On-1 With Catherine Wygant Fossett: Bringing Value to Your Members

    Farhad Chikhliwala  07 September 2015  0 comments
    In this 1-On-1 interview, we spoke with Catherine Wygant Fossett, Executive Director of the Institute for Family-Owned Business. Catherine revealed that creating member value is one of her top priorities. One of the ways she does this is by building connections between members, which she says, “can be priceless”.
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