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  • April Update: Faster & More Reliable Service

    Dmitriy Buterin  27 April 2017  2 comments
    We know you count on your Wild Apricot site to be fast and reliable. Some time ago, we realized our current hosting provider wasn’t delivering the service level our clients needed, and so we have found a much faster and more reliable provider: Amazon Web Services (AWS). Find out when we are making the switch to AWS and read the rest of this month’s updates.
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  • April Newsletter: What Rhymes with April

    Dmitriy Buterin  29 April 2016  0 comments
    Maple? Bagel? Playful? A plate full of staples? A drill? Does anything really truly rhyme with April? Hmmm... Anyways, one exciting piece of news is that we reached 9,000 paying customers this week (not including free accounts)!
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