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  • Wild Apricot is now certified in Microsoft tests

    Lori Halley 12 September 2007 3 comments
    We did it! We have a long history of cooperation with Microsoft - we are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner - specializing in Software Solutions and Business Process Integration. The Microsoft Gold Certified Partner is the highest level of partner...
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  • Adding online forms, directory and other capabilities to websites using widgets

    Lori Halley 22 August 2007 1 comments
    Interactive web pages help associations, clubs and many other non-profit organizations provide better services at lower cost for their members and supporters - growing the community and bringing people back repeatedly. We are excited about new capabilities...
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  • 8 Facts About Myself Meme

    Lori Halley 01 August 2007 3 comments
    My dear friend Michele Martin of The Bamboo Project Blog tagged me today to join in the 8 Random Facts About Me meme. So now it's my turn. To follow the order of things - First the rules : 1 ) Post these rules before you give your facts 2) List 8 random...
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  • Version 2.21 released! Now with blog module enhancements and new payment reports

    Lori Halley 27 July 2007 0 comments
    Version 2.21 of Wild Apricot has been released with more new features and enhancements. Here's a quick overview of key new features and changes (you can read more on our Wild Apricot release history page ): Blog module enhancements We've enhanced the...
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  • Updated Reader Poll: What is your most painful admin task?

    Lori Halley 24 July 2007 4 comments
    Hi all, UPDATE (24/7/2007 9:00 AM) Due to a small technical glitch, the reader poll I posted last week wasn't working properly. But it looks like everything is fine now, so here it is again. I've been writing in this blog for a year now. Looking at...
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  • Reader Poll - Most painful admin tasks

    Dmitriy Buterin 16 July 2007 1 comments
    I've been writing in this blog for a year now. Looking at the year ahead I have decided to ask you, our readers - what topics are you interested in the most? Perhaps you like the variety of topics about nptech or you prefer to read about online tools...
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  • Another day, another software release :-)

    Lori Halley 13 July 2007 0 comments
    As you might know, we practice (and preach) Agile software development - which means that Wild Apricot software gets updated every few weeks based on feedback we collect and prioritize from all of our clients. ( Read more about our development philosophy...
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  • Wild Apricot turns 1 year old!

    Lori Halley 02 July 2007 2 comments
    Today marks a special day for the Wild Apricot team - it's a one year birthday for our product and our blog! It all started in July 2006 when we first introduced Wild Apricot to the world. We already knew from first-hand experience, that people running...
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  • LOL nptech: much needed comic relief for the nonprofit technology community

    Lori Halley 26 June 2007 1 comments
    Need all the humor you can get? Then head on over to the fun and inspiring LOLnptech.org website. Thanks to Jeff Tuller, (with encouragement from Allan Benamer and Deborah Elizabeth Finn) for creating this humorous blog. Filled with funny pictures...
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  • Wild Apricot Updates - Release 2.19

    Lori Halley 18 June 2007 0 comments
    (Wild Apricot software is sponsoring this blog so we can include occasional posts about its software updates and related items. Wild Apricot is an easy to use and very affordable ($12-$200/month) web software for member database management, event registrations,...
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  • Wild Apricot releases 2.17 and 2.18 - added new features and functionalities

    Lori Halley 15 May 2007 0 comments
    Two new versions of Wild Apricot (2.17 and 2.18) have been released in the last 5 weeks. Here's a quick overview of key new features and changes: Member application workflow customization Administrators can now control the way the system processes...
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  • Wild Apricot Launches Partner Program for consultants to non-profits

    Lori Halley 04 May 2007 0 comments
    At Wild Apricot our focus has always been designing and building the best software package to handle typical administration tasks in non-profits: membership management, contact database, event registration, donations, website updates, mass emails....
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  • Nonprofits should take advantage of RSS

    Lori Halley 25 April 2007 7 comments
    One of my favorite things about Web 2.0 tools is that they help me make sense of the enormous amount of information, blogs and news available on the web. Instead of going to 10 or 20 websites and typing their addresses or even going through my bookmarks,...
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  • Wild Apricot release 2.16 - CSS, email customization and more

    Lori Halley 10 April 2007 0 comments
    We are pleased to announce the release of our Wild Apricot 2.16 (our 16th update since July 2006). Key new features and enhancements include: CSS Customization One significant enhancement - frequently requested by tech-savvy users - is CSS Customization...
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  • Two Wild Apricot Releases - 2.14 and 2.15

    Lori Halley 21 March 2007 2 comments
    A quick overview of the main Wild Apricot's enhancements in version 2.15 released March 19th as well as version 2.14 since we did not post about it separately. Advanced Search in Contacts Database This feature allows administrators to search their...
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