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  • 4 Ways Leaders Can Sustain Volunteer Engagement

    Donald Cowper  24 April 2017  0 comments
    Many well-intentioned volunteer appreciation tactics actually end up demotivating people. This is one of the reasons why many organizations struggle with volunteer engagement. To help you, volunteer expert Barry Altland shows you the 4 key ways leaders can sustain volunteer engagement.
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  • 5 Proven Ways to Find Volunteers on Facebook

    Terry Ibele  27 September 2016  0 comments
    Are you finding it harder to get volunteers these days? Why not use Facebook? That’s what one Wild Apricot customer, Patty Foley, the Membership Chairperson of Newington Community Television, did to find her latest volunteer.
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  • How to Recruit Volunteers from Your Email List

    Terry Ibele  22 September 2016  0 comments
    If you’re sending emails to your contact list, asking for volunteers, but not getting a lot of response, it’s likely that your emails are getting lost in your recipients’ inboxes. Here's one simple thing you can do to get your emails to stand out.
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  • 8 Steps to Organize Volunteers to Maximize Impact

    Terry Ibele  12 April 2016  0 comments
    With over 62.5 million people volunteering in the US and 12.7 million in Canada, there’s certainly not a shortage volunteers. So, how do you organize your volunteers in a way that maximizes their impact with your organization, and, you know… makes them want to stick it out in the long run?
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  • 4 Reasons Why You Need a Volunteer Onboarding Process

    Lori Halley  23 April 2015  0 comments
    Here are highlights from our Wild Apricot Expert Webinar on Volunteer Onboarding, presented by Tobi Johnson.
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  • 7 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Improve Board Meetings

    Lori Halley  19 February 2015  0 comments
    Here are 7 simple but effective tips and ideas for running more effective board meetings – shared by your membership peers.
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  • Moving Beyond Your “Hard Core” Volunteers

    Lori Halley  27 October 2014  2 comments
    Do you have a small group of volunteers that you rely on at your organization? Here are thoughts on recruiting and motivating volunteers from our Small Membership Advisory Community.
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  • Say A Big Thank You To Your Volunteers

    Lori Halley  07 April 2014  1 comments
    It's National Volunteer Week in the U.S. and Canada. Here are some ideas and resources for celebrating your volunteers this year.
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  • Dear Board...Observations From a New Volunteer

    Lori Halley  17 May 2013  0 comments
    Here is a letter to the board from a new volunteer offering some insight and advice Dr. Seuss-style.
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  • Celebrating the Value of Volunteering

    Lori Halley  16 April 2012  0 comments
    It's National Volunteer Week - here are some thoughts on unique ways to celebrate with and recognize volunteers.
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  • Tips and Tools for Engaging Youth Volunteers

    Lori Halley  14 March 2012  2 comments
    Does your organization have a plan for recruiting and engaging the next generation of volunteers? Here are some tips and tools that might help.
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  • Tips for Improving Board Effectiveness

    Lori Halley  07 November 2011  3 comments
    Is your Board spending time looking back instead of moving forward? Here are some tips and resources to help improve Board effectiveness.
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  • Managing Volunteers and Expectations

    Lori Halley  15 April 2011  1 comments
    Many organizations struggle to harness the goodwill being offered due to lack of resources for effectively recruiting, training and managing potential volunteers. How can we close the gap between what volunteers are looking for today and how organizations are engaging these individuals?
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  • Are You Ready for National Volunteer Week?

    Lori Halley  07 April 2011  3 comments
    National Volunteer Week takes place April 10 - 16, 2011 in Canada and the US. Here are some ideas and links to help your organization celebrate.
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  • Q and A: Volunteer Scheduling, Time Tracking and Accountability

    Lori Halley  18 March 2011  10 comments
    Today we’re tackling some questions on tools and tactics for volunteer management that were asked in the most recent Wild Apricot blog reader survey. The reader questions fall into three areas: scheduling volunteers, tracking volunteer hours, and how...
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Found 21 results for "Volunteers"

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Found 21 results for "Volunteers"


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