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  • Successful Nonprofit Events: Free eBook

    Lori Halley 03 November 2010 2 comments
    Do your auctions flop? Are your luncheons lame? Do your nonprofit fundraising events always seem to fall short of the mark? Just in time for the busy holiday season, here’s expert (free) help from the good folks at Network for Good.
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  • 20+ Free Nonprofit Webinars for November 2010

    Lori Halley 28 October 2010 0 comments
    For many nonprofit organizations, November is an especially busy month, with pre-holiday season preparations and year-end fundraising campaigns underway. Still, you'll find plenty of free opportunities for online professional development all through the month!
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  • 24+ Free Webinars for Nonprofits: October 2010

    Lori Halley 30 September 2010 1 comments
    October 2010 is notable for the variety of topics in the free nonprofit webinars on schedule – both recurring events and special one-time opportunities for professional development. If you don’t find exactly the kind of training you’re looking for...
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  • Join us tomorrow for the Wild Apricot version 4.0 webinar

    Lori Halley 20 September 2010 0 comments
    We're extremely pleased that Wild Apricot version 4.0 is coming out next week! And to help our customers better understand what this means to them, we're offering a free webinar tomorrow (Tuesday, September 21) from 3 PM - 4 PM EDT . You can sign up...
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  • 20+ Free Webinars for Nonprofits: September 2010

    Lori Halley 30 August 2010 0 comments
    September is a busy month for just about everyone – a new school year for many, harvest time for both fundraisers and farmers - and a whole new crop of free nonprofit webinars is here. Have a look – you’re sure to find an online learning opportunity...
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  • Wild Apricot News: Free Wild Apricot Webinar Helps Business Coaches, Women Entrepreneurs Launch Member-based Organizations

    Lori Halley 12 August 2010 0 comments
    Toronto, Ontario - August 12, 2010 - A free webinar for women entrepreneurs wishing to generate new income streams by creating a membership organization is being offered Thursday, August 24, 2010 by Wild Apricot ( www.wildapricot.com ), the leading...
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  • 42+ Free Nonprofit Webinars for August 2010

    Lori Halley 30 July 2010 1 comments
    Ready for a bit of professional development, before Labor Day brings the start of another busy fall season? August is a great time for online learning – in fact, this month we’ve rounded up more free online seminars than ever before! There’s something for everyone from board members and administrators, to fundraisers and volunteer coordinators, to active members of all interests and levels...
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  • Movie Mondays for Fundraisers

    Lori Halley 19 July 2010 0 comments
    Movie Mondays is a free weekly series of video interviews with fundraising professionals – a mix of practical tips, in-the-trenches experience, and creative ideas to help you meet all kinds of fundraising challenges.
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  • What's Your Non-Profit's Content Marketing Strategy?

    Lori Halley 14 July 2010 0 comments
    Six out of 10 professional marketers are spending more on content marketing in 2010, for the third year in a row. The rise of blogs and other social media makes online content creation a growing focus for non-profit sector, too. Why? Because content marketing works.
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  • 25+ Free Nonprofit Webinars for July 2010

    Lori Halley 29 June 2010 8 comments
    There’s no more convenient way to brush up on your skills than to do your professional development online - and July 2010 brings us lots of free online presentations and seminars for fundraisers, board members, administrators, active volunteers, volunteer coordinators, and other non-profit folks.
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  • Wild Apricot News: Free Webinar Gives Professional Women Tips and Tools on Building a Member-based Organization

    Lori Halley 02 June 2010 0 comments
    To provide women entrepreneurs with advice and tools on forming their own membership organization, the Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Wild Apricot are teaming up to launch the free webinar “Standing Out” Tuesday June 15, 2010, 3:30 pm. to 5...
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  • 22+ Free Nonprofit Webinars for June 2010

    Lori Halley 01 June 2010 7 comments
    It’s that time again! Our regular monthly round-up of free professional development opportunities for nonprofit folks is back for June 2010. Even as we move toward the lazy days of summer, when the pace traditionally slows down a bit, there’s still...
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  • Free Virtual Conference on Fundraising

    Lori Halley 05 May 2010 1 comments
    Here’s an incredible free learning opportunity for fundraisers – especially if you’re looking to earn CFRE credits – and you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home or office to take part! Fundraising Success magazine presents the first-ever Fundraising Success Virtual Conference & Expo 2010.
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  • 30+ Free Nonprofit Webinars for May 2010

    Lori Halley 03 May 2010 2 comments
    Once again, it’s professional development time for nonprofit folks – fundraisers, board members, administrators, active volunteers and volunteer coordinators – with our monthly round-up of free online presentations and seminars. Fundraising and nonprofit technology topics are in the lead for May 2010, but I think you'll find a little something here for everyone.
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  • Moderating Forums: a Training Video

    Lori Halley 25 April 2010 0 comments
    If your nonprofit’s plan for online outreach includes a discussion forum – this one's for you. The first of three training videos produced to guide the volunteer moderators who helped run the British Columbia Library Association's 2009 Teen Reading...
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