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  • Nonprofits Are Looking to Leave Spreadsheets Behind

    Lori Halley 19 May 2015 0 comments
    Here is a Q&A with nonprofit market researcher Janna Finch, who discusses key findings from a survey of over 200 nonprofits about how technology can influence nonprofit performance and success.
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  • 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report

    Farhad Chikhliwala 13 February 2015 2 comments
    The latest edition of the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report offers up some excellent insight into the minds of non-profit staff. We've gathered some highlights and shared a handy inforgraphic to help make sense of it all.
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  • New Research on Social Media Use

    Farhad Chikhliwala 09 February 2015 0 comments
    Social media can be a great tool to reach out to potential members and engage current ones. Here's a summary of the Social Media Update 2014 report by the Pew Research Internet Project that looks into social media habits and demographics of users.
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  • 3 Reports Offer Insight for Association Planning

    Lori Halley 06 January 2014 1 comments
    Three research reports offer associations and membership organizations food for thought for 2014 planning.
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  • Fundraising With Facebook Research Report

    Lori Halley 11 February 2013 0 comments
    Here are highlights of Artez Interactive’s latest research paper, "Fundraising with Facebook”.
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  • 2 Nonprofit Benchmark Reports

    Lori Halley 02 May 2012 0 comments
    Here's an overview of the 2012 Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report and the 2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study.
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  • Brain Scans Offer Donor Insight

    Lori Halley 09 March 2012 0 comments
    A new study offers insight into what motivates individuals in charitable bequest decision making.
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  • New Research on Mobile Giving

    Lori Halley 03 February 2012 0 comments
    Here's a look at key findings and takeaways from a new Pew research report on mobile giving.
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  • Report Finds Church Membership Active Technology Users

    Lori Halley 09 January 2012 0 comments
    A new Pew Research report offers fresh insight into the attitudes and technology use of spiritually active Americans.
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  • 8.1 Billion Volunteer Hours Served!

    Lori Halley 15 August 2011 0 comments
    The recently released "Volunteering in America 2011" reports that Americans served close to 8.1 billion volunteer hours in 2010. Here is an overview of the report's findings and a link to its powerful infographic.
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  • 5 Free Non-profit Reports and Resources

    Lori Halley 15 July 2011 0 comments
    Here is a round-up of five free reports, white papers and e-books offering insight on fundraising, resource-raising and mobile phone usage.
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  • New Research Helps Us Better Understand Donors

    Lori Halley 22 June 2011 2 comments
    Two new research reports - Heart of the Donor (Grey Matter/Russ Reid) and 2011 donorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Report (Target Analytics)- offer interesting insight into donor behavior.
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  • Are Non-profits Seeing Results on Facebook?

    Lori Halley 13 June 2011 4 comments
    How effective is Facebook for non-profits? Idealware surveyed over 500 non-profits and offers insight into their success with Facebook in their new report: Using Facebook to Meet Your Mission: Results of a Survey.
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  • Non-profit Report and Resource Round-up

    Lori Halley 06 June 2011 0 comments
    Here's a roundup of resources, reports and guides for non-profits and membership organizations. We've included overviews of Facebook's Non-profit Resource Centre, two reports on mobile use and a Nonprofit Guide to Internet Marketing.
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  • Non-profit Report and Resource Round-up

    Lori Halley 02 May 2011 2 comments
    Here is a brief review of five recently published research reports, white papers, e-books and guides that might be of interest to non-profit and membership organizations.
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