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  • Wild Apricot Software News February 2012

    Dmitriy Buterin 28 February 2012 6 comments
    Our Chief Apricot needs your help! There are some complex questions facing our product design team, and we'd really love some input from you, our clients! Check out our other software updates, including many screenshot highlights from the forthcoming Version 4.4, and new web designer help content.
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  • Wild Apricot Software News January 2012

    Dmitriy Buterin 23 January 2012 10 comments
    Our Chief Apricot reports on the outcomes of our recent Version 4.3 upgrade, and provides a sneak-peak into some of the updates for the upcoming Version 4.4: Sales Taxes, Newsletter Templates, and HTTPS.
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  • Wild Apricot Software News December 2011

    Lori Halley 21 December 2011 0 comments
    A quick note to say Happy Holidays! Our Version 4.3 has been released, Version 4.4 is on its way, and if you're looking for Wild Apricot support over the next few weeks -- don't worry, we'll still be around to answer the phones and help you out!
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  • Wild Apricot Software News November 2011

    Dmitriy Buterin 30 November 2011 14 comments
    Our product design team has already moved on from Version 4.3, our developers have stopped all the work on new features and changes quite a while ago and are only fixing bugs. Thus, our QA team has the lead on Version 4.3. Our current estimate for...
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  • Wild Apricot Software News October 2011

    Dmitriy Buterin 26 October 2011 1 comments
    Meet our Product Design Team, get updates on the upcoming Version 4.3 release, and hear all about our progress on next year's future product updates.
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  • Wild Apricot Software News September 2011

    Dmitriy Buterin 28 September 2011 4 comments
    This month, our Software News post provides an in-depth look at the final stages of the upcoming Version 4.3, and a closer look into the major changes to our CMS for Version 5.0. Check out screenshots of our upcoming changes to e-mail templates and https security, and a peek at some of the new developments our support team is working on.
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  • Wild Apricot Software News - August 2011

    Dmitriy Buterin 25 August 2011 0 comments
    Initial screenshots from 2012's Version 5.0 are ready to be shared! Significant changes to our CMS are coming, and we're ready to show off some of our progress.
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  • Wild Apricot Software News - July 2011

    Dmitriy Buterin 27 July 2011 6 comments
    Sizzling hot in Toronto as I write this! (They say it's the hottest day on record since recording began!) Thank goodness the air conditioning is running flawlessly! Well, notwithstanding the heat, July is a pretty busy month here at Wild Apricot. For...
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  • Wild Apricot Software News - May 2011

    Dmitriy Buterin 31 May 2011 4 comments
    Version 4.2 is out! Version 4.2 was published on May 19th as announced earlier. This upgrade went smoothly, though we did hit a last minute snag as we had to install the latest service patch for Microsoft SQL Server and the system did not properly...
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  • Apricot Chat: Someone's having a birthday...

    Lori Halley 31 May 2011 0 comments
    ...and that someone is Wild Apricot! Wild Apricot will be celebrating its 5th Anniversary this coming July 2011. We've been lucky enough to have a number of our original clients from 2006 still with us today -- next month, Apricot Chat will showcase...
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  • Wild Apricot Software News - April 2011

    Dmitriy Buterin 28 April 2011 8 comments
    Version 4.2 is well on its way to being released around mid-May. This month, the Chief lets us in on the last behind-the-scenes updates before it goes live, shares screenshots of Version 4.3, and fills us in on some other Wild Apricot news!
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  • Free Non-profit Reports and Resources

    Lori Halley 05 April 2011 0 comments
    Here is a round-up of recently released reports and resources available free of charge that might be of interest to non-profit and membership organizations. This post offers an overview of NTEN's eNon-profits Benchmark Study and 2011 Social Benchmarks Report and Idealware's Donor Management System Workbook.
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  • Wild Apricot Software News - March 2011

    Dmitriy Buterin 31 March 2011 6 comments
    Calling all web designers! We need your help with Version 4.2! Also this month, reflections about e-mail communication, more updates on May's upcoming Version 4.2 release, and a sneak peak into Version 4.3.
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  • Wild Apricot Software News - January 2011

    Dmitriy Buterin 31 January 2011 0 comments
    The New Year started on a pretty good note for us at Wild Apricot - we released version 4.1 on January 12th. This Software News post offers an overview of the key new enhancements in version 4.1 as well as an update on our next upgrade - 4.2 - scheduled for May.
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  • Version 4.1 of Wild Apricot membership software launched!

    Lori Halley 12 January 2011 0 comments
    We're kicking off the new year with a new release of our membership software . Version 4.1 went live this morning, and as usual if you're already using Wild Apricot there's nothing for you to do -- the upgrade happens "auto-magically". We've added...
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Found 39 results for "news"

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Found 39 results for "news"

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