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  • Facebook Bra Color Meme: So, Did It Work?

    Lori Halley 08 January 2010 10 comments
    Many women (and, apparently, some men) flooded Facebook with unusual status updates over the past two days in a meme calling on “girls” to post the colors of the bras they were wearing, ostensibly to raise awareness of breast cancer. Social media responded...
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  • How Memes Can Help Your Nonprofit Blog

    Lori Halley 19 March 2009 4 comments
    When the venerable Fieldstone Alliance surprised its readers this week with 25 Random Things that Make the Nonprofit Sector Great , picking up on a popular fad that’s been making the rounds of Facebook, it was a strong hint to take a closer look at...
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  • Media Snack Meme: How do you consume information?

    Lori Halley 07 November 2007 1 comments
    Michele Martin from the Bamboo Project Blog tagged me for the Media Snacker Respect Meme, started by one of my favorite bloggers Jeremiah Owyang in which he asks: “Do you respect media snackers?” Short Answer: Ofcourse! Jeremiah defined media snackers...
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  • 8 Facts About Myself Meme

    Lori Halley 01 August 2007 3 comments
    My dear friend Michele Martin of The Bamboo Project Blog tagged me today to join in the 8 Random Facts About Me meme. So now it's my turn. To follow the order of things - First the rules : 1 ) Post these rules before you give your facts 2) List 8 random...
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Found 4 results for "memes"

Found 4 results for "memes"

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