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  • Want to grow your membership? 10 great articles from AssociationJam on how to grow faster with better communication

    Lori Halley 23 August 2010 0 comments
    Everyone wants their association to grow. Your desired growth might be increased membership, but it might also be outreach for donations, engaging volunteers, or other types of growth. The problem is, how do you communicate to current and potential...
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  • Voice Over PowerPoint: Free GoldMail for Non-profits

    Lori Halley 04 August 2010 7 comments
    Looking for an easy way to add your voice over a PowerPoint presentation, then share it by email or online? Here's a cool tool to try – and a special offer for non-profit organizations.
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  • Best of Association Jam for July 2010

    Lori Halley 27 July 2010 0 comments
    Blog posts and articles on Fundraising, Leadership, and Membership topped the active topics at AssociationJam.org this month, in terms of the numbers of submissions, views and reader votes, while the Volunteers, Technology, and Social Media came in almost as strong. Best of all, you’ll find a number of brand new faces here, among the excellent content submitted to and voted up in “AJam” through July 2010.
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  • Social Media Contests a Big Risk for Small Non-Profits?

    Lori Halley 22 July 2010 11 comments
    A tweet or status update is so easy to publish – and “Please vote” is such a small favor to ask of your social network. It’s just a quick click, right? But as Chris Brogan points out, in The Problem with Social Only Nonprofit Campaigns,there’s a cumulative effect of all those social media requests.
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  • Best Practices for Contest Campaigns: AGC Lessons Learned

    Lori Halley 21 July 2010 2 comments
    Results of a detailed evaluation of the 2009 America’s Giving Challenge competition have been released in the “must-read” 2009 AGC Assessment and Reflection Report. The best part? Lessons learned can be replicated by other non-profits, both for contest campaigns and for general social media outreach.
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  • Movie Mondays for Fundraisers

    Lori Halley 19 July 2010 0 comments
    Movie Mondays is a free weekly series of video interviews with fundraising professionals – a mix of practical tips, in-the-trenches experience, and creative ideas to help you meet all kinds of fundraising challenges.
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  • Best of Association Jam: Association Links for June 2010

    Lori Halley 28 June 2010 0 comments
    So many interesting and useful links came in to AssociationJam.org this month, there were ties for top spot in 4 categories – Events, Fundraising, Social Media and Other! Social Media and Membership were the most active categories overall, in terms of submissions, views, and reader votes.
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  • Free Facebook Guide for Small Non-profits

    Lori Halley 25 June 2010 5 comments
    If your organization is struggling to figure out Facebook – and who isn’t? – social media consultant John Haydon has a free ebook for you: "The Complete Guide to Facebook for Small Non-Profits" is a comprehensive collection of strategies, tactics, tips, and tutorials to help small non-profits get more out of using Facebook.
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  • Best of Association Jam: Association Links for May 2010

    Lori Halley 27 May 2010 1 comments
    Blog posts and articles on Fundraising, Membership, and Social Media topped the active topics at AssociationJam.org this month, in terms of the numbers of submissions, views and reader votes. Here are the most popular links for May 2010 in each “AJam”...
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  • CanadaHelps: Online Giving

    Lori Halley 18 May 2010 2 comments
    Have you seen the new video from CanadaHelps ? It’s a quick four minutes packed with stats on online giving with a Canadian focus, and the numbers make a compelling case for fundraising by way of your nonprofit’s website. For example, did you know...?...
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  • Free Virtual Conference on Fundraising

    Lori Halley 05 May 2010 1 comments
    Here’s an incredible free learning opportunity for fundraisers – especially if you’re looking to earn CFRE credits – and you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home or office to take part! Fundraising Success magazine presents the first-ever Fundraising Success Virtual Conference & Expo 2010.
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  • Wild Apricot News: Corporate Meetings & Events article on event registration features of Wild Apricot

    Lori Halley 03 May 2010 0 comments
    We're extremely pleased to be a part of the Corporate Meetings and Events 2010 Sourcebook . This Canadian publication showcases leading suppliers in the event management industry. Dmitry Buterin, our very own Chief Apricot, wrote a feature article...
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  • Wild Apricot News: Online Event Registration in Wild Apricot - Feature Tour

    Lori Halley 30 April 2010 0 comments
    Wild Apricot makes online event registration easy. Events are a great way for your organization to recruit new members, engage your community or generate funds. With Wild Apricot's online event registration software , you can quickly and easily set-up...
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  • Finding the Perfect Donor Database

    Lori Halley 30 April 2010 0 comments
    If you’re facing the prospect of choosing a donor database system for your organization, drop by the Meeting Archives at TechSoup.org to check out this recent addition: Finding the Perfect Donor Database in an Imperfect World . There are nearly two...
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  • Best of Association Jam: Association Links for April 2010

    Lori Halley 28 April 2010 2 comments
    Social Media once again ranked as the top category for blog posts, reports, articles and news stories submitted to and voted on by visitors to Association Jam this month, but Leadership and Events both tagged along very close behind. Here’s a look...
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