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  • 5 Red Flags to Look Out for When Raising Major Gifts

    Terry Ibele 13 February 2017 0 comments
    Fundraising expert Amy Eisenstein identifies the top red flags to watch for at your organization when it comes to receiving major gifts. Once you eliminate these red flags, you’ll be ready to raise major gifts in a major way.
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  • How This Mother Grew Her Nonprofit 300%

    Donald Cowper 12 December 2016 0 comments
    A few years ago, Sarah Rintamaki noticed her two-year-old struggling to speak. Sarah’s long and lonely search for help inspired her to found Connecting for Kids, an organization devoted to helping mothers like her quickly find the education and support they need. Although Sarah had no experience building a nonprofit, she did have one thing that helped her grow Connecting for Kids over 300% from 2012 to 2015. Read this post to discover Sarah’s secret behind this phenomenal growth.
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  • How to Get Donations: 18 Ways the Pros Are Doing It

    Terry Ibele 14 November 2016 0 comments
    While charitable giving has actually increased 10% in the last year, so has the amount of effort it takes to get a donation. So, here is a list of 18 ways organizations have captured the attention of donors on the go and increased donations.
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  • Designing an Online Donation Page: The Basics

    Terry Ibele 26 February 2016 0 comments
    What does your organization’s fundraising strategy look like? Are you asking for donations through a variety of methods, or are you limiting yourself to a couple of tactics?
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  • The Who, What, and Why of Capital Campaigns

    Terry Ibele 14 January 2016 2 comments
    Whether you’re a university fundraising for a new library or a nonprofit with a big, mission-fulfilling task on the horizon, you should consider a capital campaign.
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  • Free Expert Webinar: How to Get Your Board Members Engaged and Active in Fundraising

    Terry Ibele 24 November 2015 3 comments
    Join us for a Free Expert Webinar, featuring Gail Perry on How to Get Your Board Members Engaged and Active in Fundraising.
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  • Organizing a Fundraiser? You’ll want to read this first

    Farhad Chikhliwala 24 July 2015 0 comments
    Fundraisers are a great way to bring in additional revenue, but how do you choose the right event for your organization? Check out this survey by Software Advice, you'll be surprised with the results!
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  • Five Companies with the Best Dollars for Doers Programs for Volunteers

    Lori Halley 05 June 2015 0 comments
    This is a guest post by Adam Weinger who explains how you can take advantage of volunteer grants to increase fundraising through corporate giving that can lead to greater success for your nonprofit.
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  • 7 Top Tips for Creating “Win-Win” Sponsorships

    Lori Halley 29 May 2015 0 comments
    Here are are highlights and the top 7 tips from our Expert Webinar: Raise More Money With Win-Win Sponsorships.
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  • A New Generation Redefines Philanthropy

    Lori Halley 22 May 2015 0 comments
    Philanthropy is a changing! Who will be the "new generation of citizen leaders" and how will they impact the future of philanthropy? Some thoughts for the May Nonprofit Blog Carnival.
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  • Link Round-up: “All About That Base”, Membership & Wine

    Lori Halley 06 March 2015 0 comments
    Wine and membership plans, all about your base (database that is), fundraising trends and more. Here is a link round-up of the five top posts we've bookmarked on Apricot Jam lately.
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  • New Guide: Silent Auctions Simplified

    Lori Halley 17 February 2015 2 comments
    If you're looking for some help in making your silent auctions more successful, check out our latest guide: Silent Auctions Simplified.
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  • Learning From Taylor Swift, Valentine Donor Love & More

    Farhad Chikhliwala 06 February 2015 0 comments
    This week’s link round-up is all about showing some love to your donors. The posts look into what we can learn from a pop star, tips on donor retention and some Valentine's Day themed gratitude.
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  • Quiet People, Event ROI & More

    Farhad Chikhliwala 23 January 2015 0 comments
    This week’s link round-up is a mixed bag of expert insight, cautionary tales and practical tips. We explore everything from “getting more ROI” from a conference, to the importance of capturing emails and saying your thank-you’s.
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  • Trends and Predictions For 2015

    Lori Halley 19 December 2014 0 comments
    Here's a link round-up full of trends and predictions for 2015 for non-profits and membership organizations.
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