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  • 36 Facebook Groups Every Nonprofit Professional Needs to Join

    Tatiana Morand 22 June 2018 4 comments
    I’ve found that nonprofit Facebook Groups are a great way to network with members of other nonprofits. They can also help answer those sticky questions that you just can’t Google the answer to. That’s why I’ve created this list of the top nonprofit Facebook Groups, so you know where to go.
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  • Complete Guide: How to Raise Funds on Facebook (with examples)

    Terry Ibele 12 March 2018 4 comments
    In this article, I will provide an up-to-date overview of the 5 main ways you can leverage Facebook’s suite of free fundraising tools to drive donations to your nonprofit.
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  • How to Create a Nonprofit Facebook Page and Get Followers

    Terry Ibele 15 March 2017 1 comments
    If your nonprofit doesn’t have a Facebook Page yet, I’ll show you the five basic steps to getting set up and gaining your first followers. The whole process should take less than one hour.
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  • 5 Proven Ways to Find Volunteers on Facebook

    Terry Ibele 27 September 2016 0 comments
    Are you finding it harder to get volunteers these days? Why not use Facebook? That’s what one Wild Apricot customer, Patty Foley, the Membership Chairperson of Newington Community Television, did to find her latest volunteer.
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  • A Nonprofit’s Guide to Creating Facebook Ads & Calculating ROI

    Terry Ibele 06 April 2016 0 comments
    Facebook has nearly become a dirty word when it comes to marketing, but don’t let that sway your opinion of how powerful a tool it can be in reaching new members.
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  • Use Facebook To Measure The Cost Of New Members

    Terry Ibele 09 March 2016 0 comments
    You run a small, nonprofit or membership-based organization and you’re looking for inexpensive ways to gain new members. Have you thought of advertising on Facebook?
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  • Live Workshop: Increase Members with Facebook Ads

    Farhad Chikhliwala 17 August 2015 0 comments
    In our Live Workshop, Shiv Narayanan, Head of Marketing and Sales will explain the importance of using Facebook Ads to grow your organization and take you step-by-step through the process of creating your own.
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  • John Haydon’s Top 5 Tips on Facebook Marketing

    Farhad Chikhliwala 17 July 2015 0 comments
    Facebook is an excellent tool for your nonprofit to share content, communicate with members, and grow your cause. The best part is that it’s free. However, keeping your members engaged can be tough. With over 42 million pages and nearly a billion users, how do you stand out from the crowd?
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  • Non-profit Superpowers, Powerful Facebook Content, and More

    Lori Halley 20 February 2015 2 comments
    This week’s link round-up offers 4 posts that can help you “unlock and use your superpower”, identify powerful Facebook content, tell compelling stories on your website, and create great donor newsletters.
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  • Fundraising With Facebook Research Report

    Lori Halley 11 February 2013 0 comments
    Here are highlights of Artez Interactive’s latest research paper, "Fundraising with Facebook”.
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  • Embedding Surveys on Your Facebook Page

    Lori Halley 16 July 2012 0 comments
    Want to include your SurveyMonkey surveys right on your Facebook page? Here are some tips and information.
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  • Facebook Marketing for Dummies

    Lori Halley 16 March 2012 0 comments
    If you are new to Facebook or wondering how to manage the new timeline layout - here's a look at John Haydon's new book and video tutorial.
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  • Tips For Being Well Liked on Facebook

    Lori Halley 02 December 2011 0 comments
    Is your organization new to Facebook? Here is a round-up of helpful posts about Facebook that we found on AssociationJam.
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  • Changes at Facebook

    Lori Halley 03 October 2011 2 comments
    How will recent changes at Facebook impact your non-profit or association? Here's an overview of how some social media experts and non-profit bloggers who've weighed in on this topic.
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  • Apricot Chat: The Benefits of Posting Online Reviews

    Lori Halley 27 July 2011 0 comments
    In a recent post, we discussed how to leverage online word-of-mouth marketing. Here's a case study that demonstrates both the power of WOM and the importance of utilizing effective web tools for non-profit and association membership management!
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Found 68 results for "Facebook"

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Found 68 results for "Facebook"

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