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  • Are You Ready for National Volunteer Week?

    Lori Halley 07 April 2011 3 comments
    National Volunteer Week takes place April 10 - 16, 2011 in Canada and the US. Here are some ideas and links to help your organization celebrate.
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  • Free Non-Profit Webinars for April 2011

    Lori Halley 28 March 2011 2 comments
    Here is our monthly round-up of free webinars for non-profits for the month of April. This month, we've found 20 free webinars on topics such as: fundraising, grant writing, social media strategies, volunteer management, video tips for non-profits and much more. So be sure to look through the list to see what might be of interest to you or others in your organization.
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  • Free Webinar: Managing Your Membership Database in Wild Apricot

    Lori Halley 10 March 2011 0 comments
    Want to learn about Wild Apricot membership management? Attend our free webinar on Thurs. Mar. 17 at 3 pm EST. We'll dig deep into the membership database portion of Wild Apricot software, including online database structure and composition; membership directory; integrating widgets into Wild Apricot; and much more.
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  • Heart and Soul Grant Competition

    Lori Halley 01 March 2011 4 comments
    Do you want to celebrate the heart and soul of your non-profit? If you can write an original 4-8 line poem that reflects your non-profit's mission, your organization may be eligible for a Heart & Soul Grant of $10,000 or $5,000 USD! The competition starts today - March 1 and ends March 28, 2011.
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  • Free Non-profit Webinars for March 2011

    Lori Halley 22 February 2011 4 comments
    Here is our round-up of free webinars for non-profits and other membership organizations that we've gathered for the month of March. We found over 24 webinars on topics such as: building capacity with Boomer volunteers; social media metrics and benchmarking; project management for non-profits; and numerous leadership and fundraising sessions. So be sure to look through the list to see what might interest you or others in your organization.
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  • Free Webinar: Setting up Your Wild Apricot Website

    Lori Halley 17 February 2011 0 comments
    Wild Apricot is offering a new FREE Webinar: Setting Up Your Wild Apricot Website - on Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 3 pm EST. In this webinar, we'll dig deep into the website portion of our Wild Apricot, Membership Software - designed for small associations, non-profits, clubs and subscription websites - and demonstrate key operations related to website setup, customization and page editing.
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  • 31 Free Non-Profit Webinars for February 2011

    Lori Halley 21 January 2011 5 comments
    It looks like February is going to be as busy month - with 31 (and counting) free non-profit webinars already scheduled. There is a wide range of webinar topics, so have a good look through this round-up, since there's bound to be something of interest to you or other folks in your organization.
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  • 33 Free Nonprofit Webinars for January 2011

    Lori Halley 22 December 2010 8 comments
    A number of regular webinar hosts are still finalizing their schedules for January 2011, but nonprofit folks will find a great variety of professional development and training opportunities – free and online – already lined up for January 2011. Do...
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  • 20+ Free Nonprofit Webinars for December 2010

    Lori Halley 29 November 2010 4 comments
    Busy as this season is for nonprofit folks, with year-end fundraising campaigns and family events for the holidays, still there’s no better time to sneak in a bit of professional development to get you ready for a bright New Year!
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  • Webinar tomorrow: Going Wild with Events! (Wild Apricot's event management features)

    Lori Halley 15 November 2010 0 comments
    At 3 pm Eastern time tomorrow, Frank Goertzen (Fresh Apricot) of the Wild Apricot support team will present the free webinar Going Wild with Events! An in-depth look at our event features . In this webinar, Frank will show you how to use all the features...
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  • Successful Nonprofit Events: Free eBook

    Lori Halley 03 November 2010 2 comments
    Do your auctions flop? Are your luncheons lame? Do your nonprofit fundraising events always seem to fall short of the mark? Just in time for the busy holiday season, here’s expert (free) help from the good folks at Network for Good.
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  • 20+ Free Nonprofit Webinars for November 2010

    Lori Halley 28 October 2010 0 comments
    For many nonprofit organizations, November is an especially busy month, with pre-holiday season preparations and year-end fundraising campaigns underway. Still, you'll find plenty of free opportunities for online professional development all through the month!
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  • Time Management for Small Nonprofits

    Lori Halley 18 October 2010 1 comments
    In very small nonprofits, one person often must carry the full workload – but how can the one-person shop "do it all"? How do you handle prioritizing and time management? If you missed last Friday's #smNPchat Twitter chat on the topic, catch up now with a transcript and a free handout on Time Management for Small Nonprofits. Sparked by Seth Godin’s recent comment that “doing a mediocre job on nine things is going to guarantee that you’re mediocre,” last Friday’s #smNPchat Twitter chat tackled the topic of time management, prioritizing tasks, and tools and tips to help you stay on top of the job.
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  • 24+ Free Webinars for Nonprofits: October 2010

    Lori Halley 30 September 2010 1 comments
    October 2010 is notable for the variety of topics in the free nonprofit webinars on schedule – both recurring events and special one-time opportunities for professional development. If you don’t find exactly the kind of training you’re looking for...
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  • Join us tomorrow for the Wild Apricot version 4.0 webinar

    Lori Halley 20 September 2010 0 comments
    We're extremely pleased that Wild Apricot version 4.0 is coming out next week! And to help our customers better understand what this means to them, we're offering a free webinar tomorrow (Tuesday, September 21) from 3 PM - 4 PM EDT . You can sign up...
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