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  • 4 Common Website Problems that Cost You Members and Revenue

    Terry Ibele 20 July 2016 0 comments
    If you're not growing your membership or generating the kind of revenue you want, your website could be a major culprit. In fact, most membership organizations suffer from at least one major website problem. The good news is, fixing these website issues is probably a lot easier than you might think.
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  • Is Your New Nonprofit Website Stalled in the Design Stage?

    Lori Halley 15 November 2010 0 comments
    Is your nonprofit's new website still just a motion in the board Minutes? You’ve registered a domain name, but it's been pointing to an "under construction" notice for weeks on end? Here are a few ideas to help your nonprofit move ahead and get that website launched!
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  • Web design and usability guidelines for non-profits: An interview with Jason King

    Lori Halley 20 September 2007 8 comments
    Jason King is a freelance web designer and ICT Trainer who works exclusively with non-profit organizations. He is also the author of the Nonprofit Web Design Blog , providing tips on planning, commissioning, designing and editing charity websites....
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Found 3 results for "design"

Found 3 results for "design"

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