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  • Instant Messaging - How to use MeeboMe to engage your members

    Lori Halley 18 July 2007 9 comments
    Instant messaging tools are becoming extremely common (one the biggest gripes from early buyers of just launched Apple iPhone was that it does not have a built-in chat). Most of us are now very familiar and comfortable with regular IM tools like MSN...
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  • Reader Poll - Most painful admin tasks

    Dmitriy Buterin 16 July 2007 1 comments
    I've been writing in this blog for a year now. Looking at the year ahead I have decided to ask you, our readers - what topics are you interested in the most? Perhaps you like the variety of topics about nptech or you prefer to read about online tools...
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  • Idealware Article: A Few Good Tools to Manage Content on Simple Sites

    Lori Halley 11 July 2007 0 comments
    This is an excellent article that Laura Quinn from Idealware has written about content management software. She outlines and summarizes all the different tools, CMSs, hosted integrated tools, and other Web solutions available to help nonprofits choose...
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  • Google helps non-profits create stories online

    Lori Halley 09 July 2007 1 comments
    Google has announced Google Earth Outreach : "A new program designed to help nonprofit organizations around the world leverage the power of Google Earth to illustrate and advocate for the important work that they do." Google Earth Outreach allows organizations...
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  • LOL nptech: much needed comic relief for the nonprofit technology community

    Lori Halley 26 June 2007 1 comments
    Need all the humor you can get? Then head on over to the fun and inspiring LOLnptech.org website. Thanks to Jeff Tuller, (with encouragement from Allan Benamer and Deborah Elizabeth Finn) for creating this humorous blog. Filled with funny pictures...
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  • How to use Google Analytics to track your top blog posts

    Lori Halley 25 June 2007 13 comments
    I’ve been using Google Analytics to track activity on our blog and I’m infatuated with this tool. I know that at first, it can be intimidating to non-technical people (especially with the plethora of charts, graphs and detailed reports), but once you...
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  • Use your blog to join the conversation and get noticed

    Lori Halley 18 June 2007 0 comments
    This is just one of the great lessons on organizational blogging outlined by Forum One's Andrew Cohen. Andrew points to a great discussion about blogging from a recent Web Executive Seminar at the National Press Club where speakers were discussing...
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  • IT volunteers to help Canadian charities and non-profit organizations meet their technology needs

    Lori Halley 14 June 2007 0 comments
    How many non-profits do you know that are struggling to find a qualified volunteer to create a website or to troubleshoot computer or network problems? My guess would be more than a dozen! From my experience, I can say all the non-profits I worked...
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  • Building an online community of club members : Interview with Lisa Dernick

    Lori Halley 07 June 2007 0 comments
    Lisa Dernick is the Hospitality and Special Events Chairperson for The Gulf Coast JRT Network , an affiliate club of the Jack Russel Terrier Club of America that brings together Jack Russel terrier owners located in the southeast region of Texas. In...
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  • Web 2.0 and Your Organization: Upcoming Workshop in Toronto

    Lori Halley 06 June 2007 2 comments
    Web 2.0 and Your Organization is an upcoming workshop about Web 2.0, social web strategies and tools for organizations to improve the way they work, communicate their messages and serve the public. Scheduled for July 24th and 25th in Toronto, Ontario,...
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  • How to promote your non-profit's cause on Facebook in five easy steps

    Lori Halley 05 June 2007 20 comments
    Non-profits organizations using Facebook can now launch a social-networking-based fundraising drive for their cause, promote it to their friends and network, and raise money. That in a nutshell is what a new mini-application within Facebook called...
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  • How non-profits can use wikis to build communities at minimal cost

    Lori Halley 31 May 2007 3 comments
    Wikis have become widely used among non-profits as a useful tool for project management and knowledge sharing. What are wikis? How can they help non-profits? How can you get the most out of them? What is a wiki? Wikis are simply a website or software...
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  • Non-Profit Websites: 10 Tips to Website Usability

    Lori Halley 29 May 2007 0 comments
    When potential members and donors visit your website, they expect to find it easy to use. Kim Krause Berg from the Cre8pc Blog has a great article about website usability (making your site easy for your visitors), which is well worth reading. Here...
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  • Lobbying and Advocacy efforts :-)

    Lori Halley 23 May 2007 1 comments
    The success of a non-profit's lobbying/advocacy efforts depend on many factors :) Copyright, Grantland Enterprises; www.grantland.net . Used with permission. May not be reproduced in any format.
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  • Online collaboration tools for non-profit board members

    Lori Halley 17 May 2007 11 comments
    Non-profit organizations do better when their board members and staff collaborate effectively. One of the board's biggest responsibilities is strategic planning. In most non-profits creating the annual strategic plan is a very time-consuming (and painful)...
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Found 164 results for "Associations"

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Found 164 results for "Associations"

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