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  • Time to Review Your Membership Database?

    Lori Halley 21 November 2011 0 comments
    Wild Apricot has created a Guide to help small organizations identify your membership database needs; understand your options as well as offering tips and tools to help you make an informed software or system choice.
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  • Free eBook on Volunteer Management

    Lori Halley 18 November 2011 0 comments
    Tobi Johnson's new eBook - that includes "21big picture tips to rock your volunteer program" - is now available in Wild Apricot's new Membership Knowledge Hub.
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  • Introducing the Membership Knowledge Hub -- Helpful Resources for Small Organizations

    Lori Halley 16 November 2011 0 comments
    Introducing a new online resource "Hub" for volunteers and staff of small membership organizations. Check out articles and "how-to" guides on membership management, communications, event management and much more.
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  • Embracing and Enabling Innovation

    Lori Halley 14 November 2011 0 comments
    What can membership organizations learn from Steve Jobs' legacy? And how can you support user-innovation at your organization?
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  • How Will You Remember?

    Lori Halley 11 November 2011 0 comments
    Today is a day for remembering and honoring our veterans. Is your organization paying tribute?
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  • Need Some Help Getting Started?

    Lori Halley 09 November 2011 0 comments
    Here are some new resources for Wild Apricot users. Our new Start-up Guides offer overviews of our Membership Management Software as well as all of the individual modules including: Membership Management, Website and Events.
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  • Tips for Improving Board Effectiveness

    Lori Halley 07 November 2011 3 comments
    Is your Board spending time looking back instead of moving forward? Here are some tips and resources to help improve Board effectiveness.
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  • Recent Trends in Giving

    Lori Halley 03 November 2011 2 comments
    Here are some recent reports offering insight into giving trends, including e-Giving in Canada and Peer-to-Peer event fundraising.
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  • Is it The End of Membership As We Know It?

    Lori Halley 02 November 2011 2 comments
    Demand is weak, competition is up - what can associations do to survive and thrive? Here's a review of Sarah Sladek's book, The End of Membership As We Know It.
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  • Change Can Be Scary

    Lori Halley 31 October 2011 0 comments
    Happy Halloween! If you find change too scary - here's some thoughts on embracing innovation with a Halloween case example.
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  • Improving the Volunteer Experience at the Nonprofit Blog Carnival

    Lori Halley 27 October 2011 2 comments
    Take a Nonprofit Blog Carnival ride to get insight into the volunteer experience and how you can improve it. Here is a round-up of posts from around the web offering tips on volunteer engagement.
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  • Wild Apricot Software News October 2011

    Dmitriy Buterin 26 October 2011 1 comments
    Meet our Product Design Team, get updates on the upcoming Version 4.3 release, and hear all about our progress on next year's future product updates.
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  • Top 10 Links on Association Jam For October

    Lori Halley 24 October 2011 0 comments
    Want to read the top-rated posts on Association Jam this month? Here's our round-up of posts for October, 2011.
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  • Make A Difference Day

    Lori Halley 20 October 2011 0 comments
    Saturday, 22 October is Make A Difference Day! Here's some information on how you can get involved.
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  • Free Non-profit Webinar Round-up for November

    Lori Halley 19 October 2011 2 comments
    This month we've found 22 free non-profit webinars. Topics include mobile marketing; press releases; email marketing; multi-channel fundraising; volunteer job descriptions; grant proposals and much more.
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