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  • Stumbling For Good Launched

    Lori Halley 09 September 2011 0 comments
    Stumble Upon has launched a new program to help non-profits increase awareness and site traffic: Stumbling for Good.
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  • The Three C's of Forums

    Lori Halley 08 September 2011 0 comments
    You can use a forum to promote online congregation and communication. But have you used it to crowdsource?
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  • Association Data Management Challenges

    Lori Halley 06 September 2011 0 comments
    What data management challenges are plaguing associations? Here's an overview of EDM's yearly survey of associations and our take on the results.
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  • Never Try To Reason With An Elephant

    Frank Goertzen 02 September 2011 0 comments
    What is it about change that seems to automatically trigger resistance? Our Fresh Apricot offers an overview of Switch and some insight into how it can shape the change you want to see.
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  • Can Small Non-profits Succeed with Cause Marketing?

    Lori Halley 31 August 2011 0 comments
    We asked Joe Waters (Cause Marketing for Dummies) to offer up some advice to small non-profits on how they can partner with business for mutual profit.
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  • Top Links on Association Jam for August 2011

    Lori Halley 29 August 2011 0 comments
    Here are the top-rated posts on AssociationJam.org for the month of August. This month, the most popular posts were in the Leadership, Fundraising and Social Media categories.
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  • Online Giving Update

    Lori Halley 26 August 2011 0 comments
    Here is a brief look at the highlights from Network for Good's recently released Q1 & Q2 2011 Update to their Online Giving Index.
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  • Apricot Chat: Using YouTube For Wild Apricot Support

    Lori Halley 25 August 2011 0 comments
    Did you know? Our support team regularly prepares videos to further assist in explaining some of the most common questions asked by Wild Apricot users, which we upload to our YouTube channel!
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  • Wild Apricot Software News - August 2011

    Dmitriy Buterin 25 August 2011 0 comments
    Initial screenshots from 2012's Version 5.0 are ready to be shared! Significant changes to our CMS are coming, and we're ready to show off some of our progress.
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  • Tips for Managing Your Board Development and Your Expectations

    Lori Halley 22 August 2011 0 comments
    Are you tapping your Board's full potential? Here are some thoughts on the value of board development and resources to help you with your planning process for your year ahead.
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  • Free Non-profit Webinars for September 2011

    Lori Halley 19 August 2011 0 comments
    There are over 23 free non-profit webinars in our round-up for September. You'll find webinars on cause marketing, fundraising, volunteer management, social media, constituent engagement and much more.
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  • Great Summer Reading: Cause Marketing for Dummies

    Lori Halley 17 August 2011 0 comments
    Cause Marketing For Dummies is a great new book that's full of information and examples for organizations that want to take advantage of partnerships between companies and causes.
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  • Want some help with event management?

    Lori Halley 16 August 2011 2 comments
    If you're a Wild Apricot user wanting to know more about how to manage events, join us for our webinar coming up on August 30.
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  • 8.1 Billion Volunteer Hours Served!

    Lori Halley 15 August 2011 0 comments
    The recently released "Volunteering in America 2011" reports that Americans served close to 8.1 billion volunteer hours in 2010. Here is an overview of the report's findings and a link to its powerful infographic.
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  • Harnessing Brainpower Through "Donate Your Brain"

    Lori Halley 12 August 2011 2 comments
    Donate Your Brain - TechSoup's new micro-volunteering initiative - offers non-profits and other mission-based organizations quick answers and suggestions for their Internet, software, and other tech needs.
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