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  • Are You Engaging Members Through Social Media?

    Lori Halley  14 November 2012  0 comments
    Continuing this month's theme - engagement - here are some tips on engaging members via social media.
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  • What does member engagement mean to you?

    Lori Halley  05 November 2012  0 comments
    What does member engagement really mean? And how can your organization implement best practices to better engage your members?
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  • 3 Tips for Keeping Your Website Fresh

    Lori Halley  21 September 2012  0 comments
    Keeping website content fresh is mission-critical for non-profits. But frequent website updates can be challenging, so here are 3 tips that might help.
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  • Online Surveys - Tips and Tools

    Lori Halley  13 July 2012  1 comments
    If you are looking for ways of surveying your members, here are 5 tips for effective online surveys as well as an overview of online survey tools to consider.
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  • 2012 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report

    Lori Halley  13 June 2012  2 comments
    Here's a look at the 2012 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report from MGI, as well as a reminder about our upcoming Membership Renewal Survey results and "How to" guide on membership renewal.
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  • Celebrating the Value of Volunteering

    Lori Halley  16 April 2012  0 comments
    It's National Volunteer Week - here are some thoughts on unique ways to celebrate with and recognize volunteers.
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  • Tips and Tools for Engaging Youth Volunteers

    Lori Halley  14 March 2012  2 comments
    Does your organization have a plan for recruiting and engaging the next generation of volunteers? Here are some tips and tools that might help.
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  • Apricot Chat: The Richmond Venture Forum

    Lori Halley  23 January 2012  0 comments
    Wild Apricot is a great fit for professional and business associations -- the Richmond Venture Forum is an association that acts as a social network to link the entrepreneurial community with venture capital to promote business growth and development in the central Virginia area.
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  • Tips for Improving Board Effectiveness

    Lori Halley  07 November 2011  3 comments
    Is your Board spending time looking back instead of moving forward? Here are some tips and resources to help improve Board effectiveness.
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  • Enticing Members With Loyalty Programs and Perks

    Lori Halley  12 October 2011  0 comments
    To continue the discussion on member value, here are some thoughts on perks and loyalty programs.
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  • Apricot Chat: Using Wild Apricot for Training and Events

    Lori Halley  28 September 2011  0 comments
    Fall is in the air, and for many of our clients, it's time to plan events, focus on growth, and either attend or plan training for new members in new roles. Since we're always looking for unique stories about how different organizations use Wild Apricot, this month I turned to the Nonprofit Network in Jackson, MI, to find out how they've been using Wild Apricot to train over 700 individuals across 80 workshops per year.
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  • Can Small Non-profits Succeed with Cause Marketing?

    Lori Halley  31 August 2011  0 comments
    We asked Joe Waters (Cause Marketing for Dummies) to offer up some advice to small non-profits on how they can partner with business for mutual profit.
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  • Apricot Chat: The Benefits of Posting Online Reviews

    Lori Halley  27 July 2011  0 comments
    In a recent post, we discussed how to leverage online word-of-mouth marketing. Here's a case study that demonstrates both the power of WOM and the importance of utilizing effective web tools for non-profit and association membership management!
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  • 4 Ways to Leverage Word-of-Mouth Marketing Using Social Media

    Lori Halley  22 July 2011  3 comments
    Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool, but how do you get your members and supporters to promote you online? Here are four ways that your followers and fans can promote your organization using social media.
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  • Apricots Meet Aussies - Connecting with Clients

    Lori Halley  08 July 2011  0 comments
    Online communication is effective, but it's great to meet face-to-face with clients, members and supporters if/when possible. Here's our story of an unexpected and welcomed visit from our clients down under and insight on how to connect with Wild Apricot.
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