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  • Using RSS technology for marketing intelligence

    Dmitriy Buterin 29 August 2006 0 comments
    Our friends at Radar Farms have setup a Wild Apricot "radar" Radar is a customized search engine tracking new information related to our Wild Apricot software. It looks at both RSS feeds and websites and aggregates summaries on the radar page. This...
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  • Additional text styles, hiding unfinished pages and more

    Dmitriy Buterin 23 August 2006 1 comments
    Some people complain that August is a slow month. This year, we could not complain (actually, maybe we could!) - August has been very busy and exciting. On the one hand, quite a few of our team members took their well-deserved vacations. On the other...
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  • Wild Apricot in ITBusiness.ca article - now we are officially Web 2.0 :-)

    Dmitriy Buterin 17 August 2006 1 comments
    I am not too big a fan of Web 2.0 moniker - it has been overused and abused too much. It means too many different things. Still, the basic meaning of "Web 2.0" label is simply "new generation web applications" and thus I was glad to see Wild Apricot...
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  • New version launches. AIMS Canada goes live.

    Dmitriy Buterin 04 August 2006 0 comments
    We have just released the latest updates of Wild Apricot: Online member applications, renewals and upgrades. Customizable member profile fields. Online payments for events and membership via Paypal (use your own Paypal account!) Multiple membership...
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  • Wild Apricot demo at DemoCamp Toronto

    Dmitriy Buterin 26 July 2006 2 comments
    DemoCamp is an informal geek conference event, started by the TorCamp group, which is a "chapter" of BarCamp - see also Barcamp blog . It is a gathering of technology enthusiasts who get together to show new and cool products to each other, help each...
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  • What bloggers wrote about Wild Apricot

    Dmitriy Buterin 20 July 2006 0 comments
    Happy to report that people are noticing our product - writing some pretty interesting posts! Some of the blog posts and comments: TECHNOSIGHT blog "Wild Apricot - Wildly Easy to Create Member Based Websites": ...Wild Apricot might be able to find...
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  • Sample Wild Apricot website

    Dmitriy Buterin 14 July 2006 0 comments
    You can now open a free trial account . But looking at your empty new website is hard to visualize how Wild Apricot website can look like for your organization. With that in mind, check out our internal test website on Wild Apricot platform: New York...
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  • Update released. Direct editing of HTML code - for geeks out there :-)

    Dmitriy Buterin 11 July 2006 1 comments
    We have updated Wild Apricot system today. Most updates were about polishing the rough edges (a.k.a. bugs ). One new feature for you tech-savvy early adopters is ability to directly view and edit HTML code of your webpages. To use this feature select...
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  • The birth of Wild Apricot logo

    Dmitriy Buterin 05 July 2006 5 comments
    Getting started Once we settled on the name (a whole other story!), it was time to tackle the logo. We started by brainstorming the following concepts: Desired characteristics: Distinct, stands out Visually impressive will work in black and white and...
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  • We are going live today!!!

    Dmitriy Buterin 30 June 2006 1 comments
    2 months of discussions and envisioning 4 months of development 7 development iterations Hundreds of hours testing LOTs of struggles with bleeding edge AJAX technology from Microsoft (Atlas ) :-) We are presenting to you Wild Apricot!
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  • Why are we releasing Wild Apricot early?

    Lori Halley 10 June 2006 0 comments
    We were going to release WA with all the intended features in September but then as we started talking to people about what we are developing, they all wanted to see it as soon as possible. We therefore made the decision for early release on July 1st...
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  • Why did we name our system Wild Apricot?

    Lori Halley 01 June 2006 0 comments
    Why did you call it Wild Apricot??? That's the question we are confronted with (along with some interesting expressions on the other person's face) whenever we mention the name of the system. Well, that's easy to answer. A friend has commented: ...it...
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  • New office and Wild Apricot pre-launch party

    Lori Halley 10 May 2006 0 comments
    Great party to celebrate our new office and pre-launch announcement of Wild Apricot. It was a Wild Apricot of a time ! We don't know if it was the wine that we were serving or the fact the Dmitry had became the Wild Apricot himself. As you can see...
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