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September Update: New Features to Fall For

Shawn Klerer  30 September 2020  0 comments


It’s hard to believe that autumn is here! This month, you can find several new updates from Product and Support to help your organization better engage members. You can also find upcoming webinars, more content, and peek into The Amazing REFERRAL Race launch on October 1st.


Also in this month's newsletter:  


The Amazing REFERRAL Race Begins!



Nothing lifts the spirits and gets the blood flowing like some healthy competition and enticing rewards. So if you’re a current Wild Apricot customer on free or paid plan, are you up for a race?


From October 1st until Dec 31st 2020, every new Wild Apricot customer that signs up using your personal referral link, receives one free month off their subscription (up to $600 value), AND you may earn up to $1,440 for each referral.


But wait, there’s more! 


We are also giving away $1,000 in Amazon gift cards to the top 3 finalists AND three additional prizes will be given away at random to anyone who refers at least 1 customer:

    • 1st place: $500 gift card
    • 2nd place: $250 gift card
    • 3rd place: $100 gift card
    • 3x $50 gift cards awarded randomly


How to Find & Share Your Personal Referral Link?

First, log into your Wild Apricot account, you can find your link in two places:


1) On the right side of the main Dashboard > Overview page



2) On the Dashboard > Referrals page



Then, just copy your link and share it with anyone in your network who you think would benefit from Wild Apricot. If after their free trial they sign up and become a paying customer, you both win!


May the best Apricot win!


Product update


Social buttons for manual emails

You can add now buttons to manual emails that link to your various social media accounts. 



To add social media buttons, drag the social buttons gadget from the Gadgets panel and drop it where you want them to appear.


Learn more



Add custom colors to the palette on Colors and styles screen



The Colors and styles screen now features a new color picker that lets you add custom colors to the palette.


Learn more


AffiniPay Online Statements!

You asked and now it is here! AffiniPay has launched online statements so you can view your processing statements within the admin area. To access your statements simply log into AffiniPay and go to the Reporting tab. Select Monthly Summary to select and view your monthly statements. You can view up to 24 months' worth of statements.  



Click here to view the support article. 



Update from the Support Team


Scheduled emails and recipient lists

When you're specifying the recipients for an email, choosing a saved search or a list like "All members" is much easier than entering the recipients one by one.  



However, when choosing a list of recipients for an email, keep in mind that these lists are dynamic, meaning that they are populated only when the email is sent. 

If you've scheduled an email where the recipients were specified using a list or saved search, the recipients will be drawn from the list or saved search when the email is actually sent, not when you set up the email. So, someone who might have met the search criteria on the day you composed the email might not meet that same criteria on the day the email is sent. 


Delaying approval for new recurring members

If you've set up a monthly membership level with recurring membership fees, new members will normally get charged the first month when they join and then every month thereafter.  



However, if the level requires admin approval and there's a significant gap between when they apply and when they are approved, the system will automatically charge the member for each month between the application date and the approval date. 


In other words, we'll try to catch up by charging for multiple months all at once. To avoid charging new members for multiple months, either update the renewal date to the approval date before approving, or else make a point of approving recurring memberships in a timely fashion. 



42 Free Nonprofit Webinars for October 2020


Here are 42 free webinars that the internet has to offer to help you: 

    • Raise funds for your organization online
    • Make the most of your nonprofit website
    • Recruit and engage volunteers using social media
    • Improve your organization’s budgeting process
    • And much more

See what's coming up



    Blog of the Month


    How to Write a Volunteer Thank-You Letter That's Actually Meaningful (+ Template) 



    Showing your volunteers how much you appreciate them with a meaningful thank-you letter can make a big difference in your volunteer engagement and retention. Use our template and examples to get inspired and craft the perfect thank-you letter! 


    Read the full blog


    Also, on the blog this month: 


        Training for Nonprofits


        Meet Sean Kosofsky, “The Nonprofit Fixer” 



        Sean Kosofsky, MPA, “The Nonprofit Fixer” and the founder of Mind the Gap Consulting brings over 27 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, with expertise in the areas of fundraising, managemen, and board development. If you need help building a nonprofit board, sign up for his free masterclass webinar.  


        Learn more





        Why Enablement is Crucial for All Organizations, with Shannon Hempel 



        Shannon Hempel is the Director of Sales Enablement at Personify and co-founder of Women in Sales Enablement (WiSE). In this Planet Leadership episode, Shannon shares her insights on why enablement is crucial, even for associations, nonprofits and companies that don’t have a traditional “sales team.” 


        Listen to the podcast




        Meet the Team


        Alain Lo, Senior Onboarding Specialist  



        Hello, I’m Alain from the Onboarding team. If you started using Wild Apricot in the past decade, there’s a good possibility we’ve connected somewhere along the way! 


        I wear multiple hats at Wild Apricot but at the end of the day it’s quite simple: help new users figure out whether our platform is the right solution for their needs as quickly and easily as possible. This may vary from having phone conversations to implementing guides in the platform. 


        Recently, I’ve fallen into the road cycling blackhole - wearing lycra, Zwifting, and mapping out new cycling paths around the city has taken up most of my time. 



        Organization Spotlight


        This month, our featured organization is: 

        The Center for Mindful Eating 



        The Center for Mindful Eating (TCME) is a non-profit dedicated to helping people achieve a balanced, respectful, healthy, and joyful relationship with food and eating. The organization helps train professionals and educates the public by providing easily accessible, research-based information and opportunities related to food and eating. 


        What makes their website awesome

        The website has a clean interface with good use of whitespace and content. Visitors can learn about upcoming events, find the latest news, and more on the homepage. The main navigation features resources for members, professionals, and individuals interested in mindful eating. The subscribe button that people can click to sign up for their newsletter is visible throughout the page. 


        Website theme: Kaleidoscope Redwood


        Visit the website


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