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Don’t Miss Out on PersoniFest 2020 — Check Out Our Top Program Picks!

Tatiana Morand  04 February 2020  0 comments

personifest 2020


It’s that time of year again — Wild Apricot’s third annual user conference is just around the corner! 


Our conference is part of PersoniFest, the annual conference hosted by Personify, our parent company.  


We’re hosting it in Colorado Springs, Colorado, between April 5-8, and we’d love to see you there. 


If you want to see what you missed last year, check out this video: 




During the conference, you’ll have access to four main stage sessions, one out-of-this-world keynote speaker, 50 breakout sessions, 20+ hours of training, one big conference party… and best of all, tons of opportunities to consult with our very own Wild Apricot coaches!  

This will be your opportunity to learn how to get the most out of Wild Apricot — all while earning CAE credits and networking with hundreds of fellow customers.  


Wondering what exactly is in store this year? The full PersoniFest Agenda is LIVE, so you can start planning your schedule now. 


If you’re ready to sign up, click here to register!  


And if you still need a little more convincing, here are the top 3 reasons you and your team need to attend PersoniFest 2020: 


1. Hours of Product Training from Wild Apricot Coaches and Developers 


As a Wild Apricot customer, you know that there is nothing more valuable than hands-on product training. This year, we will be offering even more product training sessions, based on the feedback we received from last year. Product training sessions are the best way to learn how to leverage new and old features to the fullest. You can get all your questions answered on the spot and learn what works best for your organization. 


Here are our top program picks, based on last year’s feedback regarding what you’d like to learn: 


Wild Apricot Roundtable: Tips, Tricks, Feedback and More 

If you want to learn how to get the most out of Wild Apricot’s features, don’t miss this opportunity to share your Wild Apricot success stories. Learn how others have achieved their goals in this two-hour roundtable discussion facilitated by Coach Mark. The roundtable will cover handy tips and tricks to help you and your organization thrive. Come prepared with your own questions and advice to share with the group and get the most out of this collaborative session with a Wild Apricot product expert. 


8 Ways to Integrate Wild Apricot: Picking the Integration Strategy That’s Right for You 

If you want personalized advice on integrating WA with your systems, this workshop will give an overview and show you how to choose an integration approach that meets your organization’s specific needs. From simple visual tools to complex custom integrations, this roundtable will also discuss what integration tools are missing and analyze real cases that help participants to draft a solution for their integrations. 


Build a Better Experience with Your Wild Apricot Website 

If your website is in need of a facelift, join this session to learn simple, proven tips to give your website a new glow. Learn from the Wild Apricot coaches how to create the online experience your members are looking for. 


Wild Apricot Mobile App: Ways to Save Time and Manage Your Organization On the Go 

If you’re always out of the office, there’s probably an app to make your life easier. Wild Apricot admins can help you manage your organization on the go, anytime, right from your phone. During this session, participants will learn how to use the Wild Apricot mobile app to save time, access information and effectively perform routine tasks without access to a computer. 

Making Better Decisions with Real-Time Analytics Using the Wild Apricot Reports Manager 

If you want to learn how to turn your data into actionable information, join this session to learn about the value of real-time analytics for your organization and explore the capabilities of the Wild Apricot Reports Manager (WARM). WARM is a custom tool designed to extend the reporting functionality into business analytics for one site or a network of sites. In this session, we will also demonstrate a powerful way to integrate Wild Apricot analytics with hundreds of other data sources like Google Analytics. 


2. Even More Breakout Sessions With CAE, CEM and CPE Credits 


Did you know that this year’s PersoniFest will offer over 50 breakout sessions, 20+ hours of training and plenty of CAE, CEM or CPE credits? You can gain valuable knowledge and skills to take back to your organization. 


This year, we plan to provide even more compelling content and breakout sessions that allow attendees to learn the best practices in their industry and become more effective users of our family of products. 


The sessions will range from topics covering technology, business, marketing, strategy, product training and more! 


Why Member Onboarding Matters: Optimize Acquisitions Cost & Improve Retention 

If you struggle to keep new members coming back, this session will be an eye-opener! The cost of acquiring members is an under-reported metric, yet it's often the key to ensuring long-term success and retention. Your organization’s health depends on the reliable acquisition and steady retention of members. In this session, we will dive deep into how having a proper onboarding strategy will help you maximize both of these fundamental goals of acquiring and retaining members. 


The "ABCs" of Marketing: Always Be Converting 

In this session, we will uncover a better understanding of the current challenges faced by today’s association marketers, including how marketing practices can balance retention as well as recruitment, and the combination of data sets to create effective marketing campaigns. 


Roundtable: Learning Key Insights from Community Managers 

A brand-new concept this year that will surely become an attendee favourite! This roundtable will bring together community managers from different types of organizations to talk about their successes, challenges and what it takes to cultivate a community. 


3. An Unforgettable Networking Experience and Keynote


In the nonprofit and association management sector, there’s often not enough networking opportunities that can offer a wide variety of contacts and industries coming together to share their knowledge and experience.  


At PersoniFest, there are plenty of networking opportunities offered, in both professional and casual settings. You’ll have the chance to connect with other product users, industry-experts, and thought-leaders across different industries. 


Plus, if you have some down time and you’re not attending a product workshop or breakout session, there is plenty to see around The Broadmoor Hotel. The beautiful Cheyenne Lake makes for a great tranquil escape between sessions while admiring the hotel’s greenery. The Broadmoor also has a fascinating history, with tunnels that were built under the property during the time of Prohibition, and boasts celebrity visits from around the world. 


If you’re looking for casual networking, there will also be dedicated activities to meet your peers to talk best practices over a meal. 


And this year’s keynote is out of this world — literally.  


massiminoAn astronaut, the first person to tweet from space, a recurring character on The Big Bang Theory, and now a bestselling author, Mike Massimino grew up a working class kid whose seemingly unreachable dream of becoming an astronaut and flying in space was realized in a journey that was accomplished with hard work and humour. After two missions to the Hubble Telescope and four space walks to make critical repairs to the telescope, Mike is now a Columbia University professor, the Senior Space Advisor for the Air & Space Museum, an author, television host and more. 


At PersoniFest, Mike will share his perspective on teamwork, innovation and leadership as we ascend to new heights! 


Now that you have an idea what you’re in for, check out the full PersoniFest Agenda and stay tuned for more updates in the coming months — or register now!  

Tatiana Morand

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Published Tuesday, 04 February 2020 at 2:20 PM

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