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43 Free Nonprofit Webinars for July 2019

Artie Shlykov 28 June 2019 3 comments

free nonprofit webinarsEvery month, I compile the internet's biggest list of free nonprofit webinars.


What better way to escape the July heat than attending free, educational nonprofit webinars?


If you're here looking to build an outstanding team, check out our free webinar with expert Nancy Schwartz for 4 steps to creating a team to deliver on your mission!


Other topics this month include grant application help, nonprofit marketing career growth, nonprofit website metrics, donation process optimization, and LOTS more!


Without further ado, here are all the free nonprofit webinars happening in July with times indicated in EST.


1. How to Captivate and Engage Constituents with Your Website


July 2, 11:00AM


Everything you do as a nonprofit organization leads people back to your website. It is the center of your marketing universe and home base of your brand. Does your website captivate and engage people or is it merely an online brochure with a few photos and mission statement? In this session, we will share more than a decade of focus group research that reveals:

  • The 5 elements of an engaging website.

  • The one thing every nonprofit should be thinking about, but isn’t.

  • Real-world examples of nonprofit organizations that have mastered their online presence.


2. Internal Controls for Foundations - How to Drive Operational Efficiency for Better Outcomes


July 2, 1:00PM


Building a better world as a grant-maker means working together with a wide variety of stakeholders to drive greater effectiveness and inclusiveness in the social good sector. Discover how to grow a climate of strong internal controls that support thriving community solutions. 


Join source matter expert (SME) Lucy Morgan CPA as she discusses key challenges for grantmakers desiring superior results with less risk of waste and fraud from her white paper “Internal Controls for Foundations-How to Drive Operational Efficiency for Better Outcomes.” Explore best practices for building greater trust with strong internal controls and uncover ways that foundations can lead organizational transformations that support better outcomes.


3. Social Media 101 for Nonprofits


July 2, 2:30PM


This session includes practical tips and tools for extending your cause and mission via social media. We cover the basics of using social media for your nonprofit organization and give you handy tips for the “big 3:” Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You may be surprised to learn that Facebook is less important than you’ve been told and LinkedIn may be more important. Join us to learn:

  • How to use Facebook to create awareness for your organization.

  • How nonprofits are using Twitter to connect with constituents.

  • Why nonprofits must be LinkedIn to be fully connected.

  • Powerful no-cost or low-cost tools to manage your social media presence.


4. Is Prospect Research Donor-Centered with T. Clay Buck, CFRE


July 2, 3:00PM


In the wake of data scandals and changing privacy laws, is traditional prospect research still relevant and appropriate for fundraising?  Driven by the question, “If asked, would you show the profile you created to a donor?,” this session explores what’s included in prospect research, what are the ethics surrounding its use and how data and research play a critical in any fundraising program.


5. The Hidden Power of Donor Surveys


July 8, 11:00AM


As fundraisers, we sometimes suffer from a lack of curiosity about our donors. So many of our donations are from people who we know very little about. And even our longest-running donor relationships continue despite not knowing how they feel about the relationship.


The good news is that research shows that donors actually like it when we ask them questions about themselves and how they feel about our organization. Knowing that information can also be invaluable in guiding our donor communication efforts.


Whether you’re just now discovering the power of donor surveys, or you’re looking to up your game, this session is for you!


Steven got his start in the nonprofit sector producing fundraising videos and other digital content for organizations like Butler University, Girl Scouts, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the American Heart Association.


Steven volunteers his time on the Project Work Group of the Fundraising Effectiveness Project and the Study Fundraising Steering Group at the Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy at Plymouth University. He is also an AFP Center for Fundraising Innovation (CFI) committee member.


Steven has contributed content to the National Council of Nonprofits, AFP, NTEN and Nonprofit Hub, and is a frequent conference speaker, having spoken at AFP International, NAYDO, Cause Camp, ADRP, the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference, and Planet Philanthropy to name a few. He is a co-author of Fundraising Principles and Practice: Second Edition.


6. Empowering the New Generation of Connected Supporters


July 10, 2:00PM


What is the latest data telling us about how the different generations connect to our nonprofits – and does it really matter anymore? In this new age of distributed power, learn how you can identify supporters using cutting edge data science and engage them by continuing to expand the limits of omnichannel communications.


7. Introduction to Fundraising Planning


July 10, 2:00PM


Does your organization need help directing its fundraising efforts? Planning focuses your organization by setting fundraising priorities and helps give staff and board members a roadmap to success.


This introductory class will provide you the basic steps for developing a fundraising plan, including tips on:

  • Making your case for support

  • Diversifying your organization's fundraising base

  • Creating a plan of action


8. How Your Nonprofit Can Get $10K Per Month In Free Google Advertising


July 10, 3:00PM


As a nonprofit, have you ever wanted a six-figure marketing budget without the six-figure price tag?


Google Grants gives nonprofits $10,000 per month in free online advertising to promote their organizations and causes on Google search results. If you think it would be valuable for your nonprofit to be listed at the top of the search results, this webinar is for you!


During this information-packed webinar, Simon Choy, founder of ConnectAd - who manages over $2M in annual Google Grants funding - and David Ries,  Business Development Representative at ConnectAd, will tell you everything you need to know about the program, how it can benefit your nonprofit, and the actual process of applying for the grant.


Simon and David will also highlight a few best practices and inside tips when using Google Grants and tell you about a professional service that is proven to help nonprofits effectively maximize the value of their Ad Grant.


Attendees can expect to learn:

  • What is Google Ad Grants?

  • How do Google Ads work?

  • Why is Google Grants an essential nonprofit marketing tool?

  • Case studies: How other nonprofits have benefited

  • Step-by-step details of the application process.

  • What is required to succeed with Google Grants?

  • Details about a professional service that manages Google Grants to save you time and provide an amazing ROI.


9. Get Your Board to Help You Fundraise—Even if They Don’t Wanna!


July 10, 3:30PM


Are you a nonprofit trying to fundraise? You have a board—and believe it or not, your board should function as a fundraising machine. If it runs more like a college clunker than a luxury sedan, this webinar’s for you.


Join Kelly in this fundraising webinar to:

  • Assess your board’s fundraising personality.

  • Motivate your board members to fundraise.

  • Set goals and kick off campaigns.

  • Create individual plans they’ll rock.

  • Track without nagging.

  • Use goal attainment as board engagement.


Webinar host Kelly Medwick serves as EVP of business development for Firespring’s marketing services and is a former chief of staff, marketer and fundraiser who has seen it, done it and wrote the webinar. Join her and make a friend who can give you fundraising ideas and supercharge your nonprofit’s fundraising momentum.


10. How to Navigate Workplace Conflict


July 11, 1:00PM


This session will focus on helping you navigate conflict more effectively. We will explore the different approaches and stages of conflict. You will gain effective ways to anticipate, prevent, and manage conflict situations. Practical application is the key to sustained learning so you will identify actions to advance learning in your workplace.


11. Hold the Phone: Mobile Marketing Tips for Each Generation


July 11, 1:30PM


It’s no secret that people are attached to their phones—checking email, social media, texting, even making purchases. In fact, this year American adults are expected to spend an average of 3 hours, 23 minutes a day on non-voice mobile media. That’s up more than 1 hour from 2013.


You need an engaging mobile presence, period. This used to be a nice-to-have; now it’s a must-have. If you don’t, you’ll lose online visitors, loyal constituents and, ultimately, online donations.


Just what are people doing while staring at their screens all day? Tweeting? Reading? Donating? Chatting?? It largely depends on their generation and what their preferences are.


Join Molly Coke, Firespring’s vice president of sales and support services, for a webinar that explores:

  • 4 reasons you gotta look good on a smartphone.

  • How each generation responds to marketing and how you can optimize your efforts.

  • 5 tips for planning your mobile marketing strategy.


12. The New Volunteer Manager's Toolkit


July 11, 2:00PM


New to volunteer management? Looking for a refresher on the basics? This webinar will walk you through the three primary Rs - recruitment, retention and recognition. We'll discuss the most popular program components such as interviews, orientations, volunteer handbooks, and more. And, we'll talk about the importance of managing risk for your program and your organization. All attendees will also receive a sample packet with examples of program documents and program assessment checklists to help you evaluate your existing program.


What You'll Learn: 

  • The basics of volunteer engagement.

  • What are the 3 Rs of volunteer engagement?

  • What are the components of a successful volunteer program?


13. The Tech Effect: Discover the Simple Solution that 1000s of Organizations Are Using to Grow Membership In Today’s World


July 11, 2:00PM


Have you noticed that it’s getting harder and harder to grow your membership?


In this free 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn:

  • All about The Tech Effect, the hidden threat that is making things harder for you to grow

  • 5 proven strategies to address The Tech Effect and attract new members right away

  • How an easy tech solution can save you hours of administrative work every day


14. How to Drive Social Media Engagement with your Nonprofit Storytelling


July 16, 11:00AM


Engagement is the name of the game in social media, but with frequent platform changes and declining attention spans, cutting through the clutter is harder than ever. 


Enter storytelling! Sharing the good, the bad and the ugly stories of your nonprofit at work is the best way to capture the attention, hearts and minds of your supporters. According to Waggener Edstrom, 56% of social media users who support nonprofits online said compelling storytelling motivated them to take action in the first place.


Working together, the power of great stories and reach of digital channels inspire people to take action (i.e., volunteer, sign a petition, attend an event, donate) and share with their networks.


In this webinar, Julia Campbell will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a 2-week social media storytelling campaign to raise awareness and funds, increase engagement with your online community and accomplish your marketing goals.


Learning objectives:

  • How to craft stories that move your audience from passive to active.

  • Specific ways to use digital storytelling in online fundraising campaigns.

  • How to fill in your nonprofit digital storytelling calendar.

  • Battle-tested digital tools to rock your digital storytelling.


15. How to Add More Revenue Streams to Your Event


July 16, 1:00PM


Wouldn’t you love to find ways to raise more money at your fundraising events?  Right now you are probably doing a typical silent auction and raffle, maybe a paddle raise, but you feel like you are missing the boat when it comes to really maximizing your event’s revenue.


Well, you’re in luck, because in this FREE WEBINAR event planning expert A.J. Steinberg is going to show you how to find hidden assets and additional revenue streams for your fundraising events.


In this 45-minute FREE webinar you’ll learn…

  • How to find additional revenue hiding in your events

  • How to assign value to event elements (also known as ‘assets’)

  • How to turn event assets into revenue (i.e. logo-branded auction paddles)

  • How to sell event assets to companies and sponsors

  • How to use underwriting to boost your event profit

  • What is underwriting, and how to make it work for you

  • How to choose your underwriting offers

  • How to write underwriting proposals that sell

  • How to add revenue through entertainment at your event

  • How to choose raffles and games that will make you money

  • How to check what is legal in your state for games and raffles


16. Storytelling for Impact


July 16, 2:00PM


From the beginning of civilization, storytelling has maintained a uniquely impactful position in defining culture, inspiring action and bringing people together. Today’s marketers need to be better storytellers than ever before as more and more stories are told all around us.


Join Firespring’s CMO, Angie Kubicek as she delivers tips, techniques and tools to help the modern marketer tell better and more impactful stories to activate their audiences through ideas and actions.


Key takeaways:

  • An analysis of the Hero’s Journey and other storytelling frameworks.

  • Tools to aid in the process of compiling and refining your most compelling stories.

  • Use of social media story tools to build community and motivate action.

  • Exercises that your team can adopt in order to enhance and refine your storytelling process.


17. Engaging Pro Bono and Skills-Based Volunteers


July 16, 2:00PM


Integrating skills-based volunteers into your existing volunteer program is both exciting and scary. If you're thinking about adding skilled volunteers to your program, or if you've just started, this seminar can help you make the experience successful for both the volunteer and the organization. Navigating the introduction of the idea into your organization, developing the art of delegating work to volunteers, and setting achievable outcomes will be covered.


What You'll Learn: 

  • How to design successful skills-based volunteer projects

  • Strategies for managing skills-based volunteers


18. Foundation Match-Making: Building an Assessment Matrix for Successful Grant Proposals


July 16, 2:00PM


When your nonprofit is ready to find foundation partners for your fundraising campaign, the first few rounds of research can be daunting and overwhelming. With over 100,000 private and corporate foundations in the United States alone, you could spend months trying to find the right opportunities to explore. But, as just one of the 1.5 million nonprofits in our country, competition is steep. You need to make sure your request has a high likelihood of success to save you time and valuable resources. 


In this one-hour webinar, we'll share tips for developing an assessment matrix that will help streamline your research and develop better grant requests. Melanie Lambert will share insights from over a decade of successful grant writing to help you determine which funding opportunities are right for your nonprofit, helping you develop stronger, long-term relationships with grant-makers.


BONUS: We'll share a free template to help you get started right away!


19. Your Website Data Called. Are You Listening?


July 17, 11:00AM


Numbers and stats and data, oh my! Put your website analytics to work and make a huge impact on your organization’s success.


Join Molly in this educational session to discover:

  • What metrics matter.

  • How to set up tracking to measure performance.

  • How to analyze your data to know what’s working (and what’s not).


20. Donor and Participant Engagement In TeamRaiser


July 17, 12:00PM


Firefly Partners is a women-owned, women-led digital marketing agency. We put our technology expertise to work for nonprofits who are tackling today’s biggest challenges. We are TeamRaiser experts committed creating solutions that help you communicate your message to the right people when it matters most.


Join Leslie Beck, Web Developer for Nonprofit Software, and Firefly’s resident TeamRaiser expert as she covers design, event configuration, DIY campaigns, communication, and post-launch strategies. Running a successful peer-to-peer fundraising campaign takes more than just a compelling mission. To really nail it, your organization needs to apply best practices for donor and participant engagement.


21. Google Ad Grants 101


July 17, 1:00PM


Have you heard of Google’s Ad Grant program, where they give $10,000 a month in free advertising to nonprofits?


Join us for a crash course on how Google Ad Grants can benefit your nonprofit by bringing thousands of new visitors to your website every month.


Presenter Jason Jensen, a Google Ads Certified Consultant, will also cover how to get started, how to use it successfully, and a special offer to get you started immediately!


If you attend, you’ll learn:

  • What Google Ad Grants is

  • How Google Ads works

  • How Google Ads can benefit your nonprofit

  • Real examples of how other nonprofits used it effectively

  • The costs and benefits of management services vs. DIY

  • How to get started immediately!


We’ll also include an extra long Q&A portion so no question goes unanswered.


If you’ve ever wished for a silver bullet to reach thousands of supporters, grow your email list, or attract more donors, this webinar is for you!


22. How Your Nonprofit Can Get $10K Per Month In Free Google Advertising


July 17, 1:00PM


As a nonprofit, have you ever wanted a six-figure marketing budget without the six-figure price tag?


Google Grants gives nonprofits $10,000 per month in free online advertising to promote their organizations and causes on Google search results. If you think it would be valuable for your nonprofit to be listed at the top of the search results, this webinar is for you!


During this information-packed webinar, Simon Choy, founder of ConnectAd - who manages over $2M in annual Google Grants funding - and David Ries,  Business Development Representative at ConnectAd, will tell you everything you need to know about the program, how it can benefit your nonprofit, and the actual process of applying for the grant.


Simon and David will also highlight a few best practices and inside tips when using Google Grants and tell you about a professional service that is proven to help nonprofits effectively maximize the value of their Ad Grant.


Attendees can expect to learn:

  • What is Google Ad Grants?

  • How do Google Ads work?

  • Why is Google Grants an essential nonprofit marketing tool?

  • Case studies: How other nonprofits have benefited

  • Step-by-step details of the application process.

  • What is required to succeed with Google Grants?

  • Details about a professional service that manages Google Grants to save you time and provide an amazing ROI.


23. Introduction to Finding Grants


July 17, 2:00PM


Are you new to the field of grantseeking?


Discover what funders are looking for in nonprofits seeking grants and how to find potential funders in this introductory course.


You will learn the 10 most important things you need to know about finding grants, including:

  • Who funds nonprofits and what are their motivations.

  • What do funders really want to know about the organizations they are interested in funding.

  • How do you identify potential funders and make the first approach.

  • In-person classes will end with 30 minutes of hands-on, guided online grant research. It is advisable, but not necessary, to bring a laptop/tablet for this portion of the class.


24. The Secrets to Nonprofit Email & Mobile Messaging


July 17, 2:00PM


Are you continually frustrated by a communication strategy that doesn’t get the results you need or want? Or perhaps you are looking for additional or better ways for getting the word out about all the good you do? 


Join us for a one-of-a-kind webinar where we will delve into innovative ways of creating and delivering effective email marketing and mobile messaging that strengthen donor connections and cultivates long-lasting support. We’ll be speaking with top marketing experts on the importance of content and design, scheduling strategies, and creating an effective, cross-promotional communication plan that gets your messages seen.


What you'll learn:

  • How to get the right message to the right people at the right time

  • Creating compelling subject lines and content 

  • What you are likely doing wrong and don’t even know it

  • Incorporating mobile messaging into your communication plan


25. 10 Secrets to Optimizing Your Online Donation Process for Maximum Dollars Raised and Retained


July 17, 3:00PM


Donations made online is one of the fastest-growing gift channels. While it’s not yet a juggernaut, it is significant enough to pay attention to. And if your online gift processes aren’t operating according to best practices for user-experience and donor stewardship, you may be leaving a lot of money on the table.


In this webinar, Steven Shattuck will examine 10 simple, research-backed fixes that any fundraiser can make to their online donation process. You’ll leave with the confidence that your donation pages and forms can convert any visitor into a donor – and retain that donor for years to come.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how and why donors complete your donation forms

  • Uncover best practices for conversion rate optimization that maximizes the gift amount and frequency

  • Learn how to formulate a retention strategy for online donors through enhanced gift acknowledgement and stewardship


26. I Survived a Toxic Workplace: Insights to Shift your Leadership Practice


July 18, 1:00PM


Choosing to leave a job she really loved because of the toxicity of the work environment was really tough. In this webinar, Sylvia Plester-Silk will share her story and how she uses this to assist nonprofits to shift their team from conflict to collaboration and cooperation.


27. Finding Gold in Your Database: How to Upgrade Current Donors, Re-Engage Lapsed Donors, and Find New Donors... Right in Your Own Database


July 18, 2:00PM


Believe it or not, the best source of new fundraising dollars for your non-profit is your own donor database. Your current and lapsed donors are a goldmine just waiting to be tapped. This one-hour webinar will help you unleash your donor list’s full potential.


Join fundraising expert Joe Garecht as he shows you effective, step-by-step systems for reactivating your lapsed donors, upgrading your current donors, and getting your most committed supporters to open up their networks to your organization.


28. This Is How Our Most Successful Clients Fill Their Events


July 18, 2:00PM


Have you found that it’s getting harder or taking longer to fill up your events?

Are you sick of waiting for checks in the mail?

Exhausted from processing registration forms?


In this free 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • 3 recent trends preventing people from registering for your events

  • One simple way to avoid event-related cash flow problems

  • A proven 3-step process to fill events fast and cut your workload in half


29. Writing Accurate and Useful Volunteer Position Descriptions


July 18, 2:00PM


A good position description can make the recruitment and placement of volunteers so much easier, but this foundation component of a program is often overlooked or put into a folder and never used. 


This webinar will start with the basics of what should be included in a position description and will help you create or update position descriptions for all of your volunteer opportunities. 


Once those position descriptions are created – use them! Learn how accurate and up-to-date position descriptions can help you recruit and train volunteers, and how they can help with retention and the development of leadership positions within your volunteer engagement program. 


What You'll Learn: 

  • What should go into a good position description.

  • Why should you have a position description for all of your volunteer opportunities

  • How can a position description help you recruit and train volunteers?


30. Transforming Your Major Gift Portfolio


July 22, 1:00PM


Is your healthcare organization struggling to manage an overwhelming portfolio of major gift prospects? Join us as Heather Wiley Starankovic from Accordant Philanthropy discusses how your organization can efficiently manage donor pipeline and embrace relationship based giving.


31. 5 Secrets of Email Marketing Geniuses


July 23, 11:00AM


There is more power and leverage in one email subscriber than 100 Facebook likes or 50 Twitter followers if email marketing is done right. Problem is, 9 out of 10 nonprofits don’t do it right. In this educational session, Jay will share the secrets of email marketing geniuses, including:

  • The 5 types of nonprofit emails.

  • The anatomy of an email marketing campaign.

  • 6 email marketing mistakes to avoid.

  • 5 secrets of email marketing geniuses.


32. Promote Your Cause (and Drive Donations): Telling Your Organization’s Story with Video


July 23, 12:00PM


Learn how to inspire and engage potential donors by telling your organization’s story with video. One-third of online activity is spent watching video. Social video generates 12 times more shares than text and images combined. And more than half the people who watch YouTube videos posted by nonprofits go on to make a donation. 


Join experts from Adobe who will show you how to use Adobe Premiere Rush to deliver impactful video content that will get your organization noticed — and you don’t need to be a video professional! Premiere Rush makes it easy to create and share online videos. Capture video using your mobile device. Easily edit with simple tools for color, audio, motion graphics, and more. Share directly to social media channels.


33. Supporting Your Mid-Level Donors


July 23, 1:00PM


In this webinar, we will examine the characteristics of mid-level donors as well as tips and best practices to effectively cultivate more mid-level giving.


34. 4 Steps to Creating a Team to Deliver on Your Mission


July 23, 2:00PM


If you’re trying to drive impact or increase membership by yourself, it can feel almost impossible — but luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. Many organizations know their staff, members, volunteers, and board members already talk about them on a regular basis. With the right training and motivation, your entire team could be spreading the word about the benefits of membership, helping you attract more new and returning members and increase your impact. To learn how to ask, train and support your team, please join us for this free webinar. We’ve invited nonprofit marketing expert Nancy Schwartz, of GettingAttention.org, to present on this highly effective but under-used approach.


In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to ask the right colleagues (and others) for help.

  • Expert tips to help you train your team to be confident, competent messengers.

  • Ideas on supporting your messengers with rewards for participation and success.

  • How to get ahead of the competition by putting your team of effective messengers to work now!


35. How to Create Unique Fundraising Events that Excite Your Donors (Free Webinar)


July 24, 12:00PM


Join fundraising master trainer, Chad Barger, CFRE, for a workshop focused on improving your organization’s special events. Chad will review the ideal revenue model for events and his rules for event sanity. He will then provide some real world examples on how to move your events in that direction. It is about working smarter, not harder.


36. Is Starting a Nonprofit Right For You?


July 24, 2:00PM


Starting a nonprofit can seem terrifically complicated--is it worth it?  This class can help you decide.


In this session you’ll learn the legal and logistical elements necessary to start a successful nonprofit.  You’ll also learn about possible alternatives to starting your own nonprofit that you may not have considered.  Finally, you’ll be introduced to a tool that will help you assess your own readiness to move forward.


37. Online Tools that Help Nonprofits Learn, Listen & Engage


July 24, 2:30PM


Every day you learn about a new mobile app or piece of software that will “change your life.” There’s so much coming at you, it sometimes feels like you’re drinking through a fire hose.


Learn how to make technology your friend. In his most revealing session, Jay takes you behind the curtain to show, in real-time, which tools he uses to manage his online presence and why. You’ll learn:

  • Which social media platforms you should care about.

  • 5 tools to help master your online world.

  • Listening tools.

  • Engagement tools.

  • How to master your online presence in less than 15 minutes per day.


38. The Heart of the Matter: How Simple Data Analytics Can Boost Your Planned Giving Program


July 24, 3:00PM


Nearly every fundraiser knows that single or widowed, childless adults usually make the best planned giving candidates, especially if they are long-time donors. But each organization is unique and will have specific data points that are key to finding the best of the best. Whether you're a small shop, a mid-sized organization or a large one, you can use simple do-it-yourself data analytics to make a big difference. Join us as we learn the why's and the how's of making it happen.


39. A New Approach to Self-Care


July 25, 1:00PM


By learning to take care of you, you’ll be equipped with better resources to take care of what matters to you and not succumb to burnout or losing your passion for your work. Join Beth McKay as she guides you in identifying and designing a unique self-care practice so you can create a new relationship with yourself and your work. You’ll leave this webinar with some practical tips and practices to start putting yourself at the top of your priority list.


40. 3 Easy Ways to Retain More Members Using Software


July 25, 2:00PM


Do you sometimes feel that your membership is like a leaky boat? 

Every time you look at your database, you notice a few members have left?


In this free 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get your members to renew on their own, so you don’t have to chase them

  • Automate your new member onboarding process and save hours each week

  • Quickly identify who is about to leave, and what you can do to keep them


41. Convert Supporters with Powerful Landing Pages


July 25, 2:30PM


With great landing pages, your donors, volunteers and supporters are 10 times more likely to donate, sign up, register or engage with your nonprofit. In this session, we’ll share real-world landing page examples that increase conversions and what we’ve learned from studying hundreds of nonprofits and their landing page designs, including:

  • What a landing page is and why we should care.

  • The biggest landing page mistakes and how to avoid them.

  • How to build the best landing pages and landing page templates.

  • 13 ideas for landing pages every nonprofit should have.


42. Where Do I Go From Here? Engage Volunteers in New Ways


July 30, 2:00PM


How long do volunteers usually stay with your program? Do you struggle with keeping them interested, involved and engaged? This webinar will help you think about new strategies and help you evolve your program to include new roles and responsibilities for volunteers, pathways for more involvement and leadership positions in your program, how recognition plays a role in retention, and the importance of including continuing education and professional development to keep your volunteers engaged. Tools to help you evaluate your program implement new ideas will be provided. 


What You'll Learn: 

  • How to advance your volunteers' interest in your organization. 

  • Transition great volunteers into leaders. 


43. Social Media 102


July 30, 2:00PM


So you’ve finally adopted social media as a legit way to connect with your target audiences, but now you want to use it to stand out from the crowd. In our Social Media 101 webinar, we covered the Big 3 (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and walked through social media tools. Now it’s time to learn a few advanced social media tips and tricks, elevate your social media presence through micro strategies and activate your advocates. 


Join us to learn how to:

  • Use social media to connect with constituents.

  • Monitor conversations to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Get people to advocate on your behalf.

  • Navigate social media advertising and understand when to use it.


And that's it, folks! If you know of any other free nonprofit webinars happening in July, please email ashlykov [@] personifycorp.com and I'll add them to the list :)


Artie Shlykov

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