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42 Free Nonprofit Webinars for February 2019

Tatiana Morand 25 January 2019 0 comments

free nonprofit webinarsEvery month, I compile the internet's biggest list of free nonprofit webinars.


Keep your 2019 momentum strong by watching a few of the free nonprofit webinars happening in February — and start growing your membership even more than before by learning about 15 tech tools that can make the process easier on February 26. 


Other topics this month include how to respectfully tug on donor's heart strings, how to sell out events, the best grant writing strategies, and truly involving volunteers in your cause.


And now, here are all the free nonprofit webinars happening in February with times indicated in EST.


1. Secrets to Make More Money for the Auction Fundraiser


February 1, 12:00 PM


  • How to sell tickets + fill seats

  • Useful marketing and social media advice

  • How to include a raffle

  • What about sponsorships?

  • Online auction advantages (standalone or paired with a gala)

  • Post-auction fundraising


2. Getting Off the Grants Hamster Wheel: Creating Revenue Streams


February 1, 12:00PM


This month we'll talk about the process for brainstorming and implementing new revenue streams.


Open to both socially conscious businesses and charities, this webinar is for you if:


  • You want to find ways for creating sustainability without depending entirely on donations and grants

  • You created a "marquee" product or service with impact and want to create new streams

  • You're interested in starting a charity or socially conscious business, but how you'll make money worries you.



3. How to Tell Non-Profit Stories that Pull the Right Heart Strings


February 5, 1:00 PM


If most non-profits are telling stories as a part of their fundraising and communications strategy, how can you make sure you tell stories that stand out and get results?

It all comes down to the connection you form with the audience through the story you tell. And while that connection may pull at heartstrings, there are many ways to evoke this beyond stories that feature puppies and kids.

There's a wide spectrum of emotion and connection your non-profit can tap into. By evoking the right emotions and values, you can make a better case for support and action. Join me for our next FREE webinar where I'll be sharing how your non-profit can improve its storytelling effectiveness in 2019.

During this webinar you'll learn:

  • What emotions align best with your cause and audience

  • Exercises to get you outside your usual storytelling box

  • Tips to tell your best stories in 2019


Can't make the live webinar? The recording will be available to everyone who registers.


4. Developing a Strategic Plan for Volunteer Engagement


February 5, 2:00 PM


Are you engaging volunteers with an eye to the future? Do you know what your volunteer program should look like in 3 or 5 years? Join us as we talk about the fundamentals for creating a strategic plan for volunteer engagement for your organizations. This webinar will include components that should be included as well as ideas for working with organization leaders to include strategic goals for volunteer engagement in your organization's overall strategic plan.


What You'll Learn:

  • Why a strategic plan for volunteer engagement is important.

  • How to incorporate key components into a strategic plan.

  • How you can use a strategic plan to communicate with organization stakeholders.

  • How creating a strategic plan can elevate the work that volunteers do in your organization.


5. Next Level Fundraising - The Future of Fundraising for 2019 and Beyond


February 6, 1:00 PM


Grow your nonprofit with a next generation fundraising strategy.


Mazarine Treyz, nationally recognized author, speaker and nonprofit leader will take organization executives on an inspirational journey through innovative research and proven fundraising strategy. We will look at the current state of fundraising, what is causing a giving downturn, and what we can do about it.

We will cover different programs and how they are innovating in technology, earned income, partnerships and marketing, and we’ll even go over how to start your own unique partnerships and earned income streams.

Can't make it? Register anyway and we will send you the recording!


Webinar Agenda:

  • New fundraising research

  • What is next level fundraising?

  • Cut out what's not working - business planning

  • Innovative partnerships

  • Looking at the market

  • Hurdles to implementing

  • Resource sharing

  • Common misunderstandings

  • Q&A


6. How Savvy Marketing Translates to More Donations


February 6th, 1:00 PM


You just wrapped your last campaign. When is the next time your donors will hear from you? For many nonprofits, being between campaigns means squeezing in events, visits and prospecting until it’s time to ask again.

The silence donors hear after giving is a big contributor to weak retention rates. But it’s not the only problem. Without great marketing, it is difficult for donors — and prospects — to feel connected to your work.

Many nonprofit communicators “inherited” marketing. Often on top of the job you expected and are actually trained to do. With everything you have to juggle, priority is often placed on the “sales” and the next deadline.


Marketing, however, is a critical part of fundraising. And it’s what sets up the donor for your ask. Without marketing, every call is a cold call.


In this session, Beth Brodovsky will show you what savvy nonprofit marketers do to build engagement and turn it into action.


Learning objectives:

  • What you have to do first to make all your marketing more effective

  • How to create a manageable year-round plan

  • Tactics that really work without adding more work

  • Why eliminating mail may be a big mistake


7. Your Next Planned Gift is Just a Phone Call Away!


February 6, 2:00 PM


Join Anthony R. Alonso, President of Catapult Fundraising, for this free, 45 minute webinar on soliciting planned gifts. Learn how to identify your best planned giving prospects, solicit potential donors, and close the gift over the phone. Explore methods for how to make the ask using the mass communication instruments of mail, e-mail and telephone solicitation. This webinar will also provide strategy on the selection of donors for a planned giving direct marketing campaign.


Most planned giving donors say “they were simply never asked” for a gift. Learn how your organization can avoid this common pitfall and develop a thriving and profitable planned giving marketing and solicitation plan.


8. Nonprofit Insights: The 2019 Volunteer Management Progress Report Results -- Special "Tech Edition"


February 6, 2:00 PM


Wondering which volunteer management platforms are most loved by leaders of volunteers? Wondering which social media tools are used to reach volunteers and how frequently? Wondering how leaders of volunteer rate their technology competence and how you compare?


We'll report answers to questions like these and more in the fourth annual Volunteer Management Progress Report. The report will reflect the results of a volunteer management "state of the Industry" survey conducted by VolunteerPro during the winter of 2018.


We'll cover ...

  • Top challenges for leaders of volunteer management professionals

  • Net promoter ratings for the most widely used volunteer management software platforms

  • Competency ratings for volunteer management and tech skill sets

  • Salary & budget trends, cross tabbed by agency characteristics

  • Get the real data you need to become a better advocate for respect and resources.


Come hear Tobi Johnson, President of Tobi Johnson & Associates and the Chief Engagement Officer (CEO) of VolunteerPro and Jennifer Bennett from VolunteerMatch discuss what we've learned from this report and what it means for those leading, directing and managing volunteers.


Who Should Attend:

  • Leaders of Volunteers

  • Nonprofit Professionals

  • Volunteer Program Managers


9. Government Funding for Hiring and Training Staff


February 7, 1:00 PM


Need help figuring out what government funding is available to you to hire and train staff at your nonprofit or charity?

In this webinar, Mentor Works will cover the top trends in government funding and the elements organizations should be aware of when they’re considering various incentive programs. Participants will learn key tactics to develop a funding plan, as well as details on some of the top hiring and training grants available to Canadian organizations.


Learn how to develop your workforce with government funding. Receive insight on how to:

  • Explore the government funding landscape and key funding elements

  • Discover wage subsidies for hiring interns, summer students, and recent graduates

  • Learn how to access training grants to bridge skill gaps and develop employees


10. Metrics that Matter: The Numbers to Help You Raise More Money in 2019


February 7, 1:00PM


Let’s aim for faster, easier, and more effective reporting in 2019! Nonprofits know that running data-driven campaigns is key to a successful fundraising program, yet nearly half of nonprofit professionals reported that they do not consistently utilize data as part of their decision-making process.


Our experts bring with them over 20 years of experience working with nonprofit fundraisers to maximize their revenue. Join our webinar to learn more on the key metrics and reporting insights that help nonprofits raise more money and maximize their impact!

11. Playing by the Rules: Creating an Effective Volunteer Handbook


February 7, 2:00 PM


When was the last time you reviewed your Volunteer Handbook or Policies and Procedures Manual? It’s probably been too long. Learn how to create a living document that can help both paid and volunteer staff be better informed and know what is expected of them. A good Volunteer Handbook can also help you better identify and deal with challenging volunteers. Whether you’re just starting to create a Handbook or if you’re looking for best practices on information to include, this webinar will evaluate the Handbook you have and help you create a stronger framework for your volunteer engagement program.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to create a living document that can help both paid and volunteer staff be better informed and know what is expected of them
  • How to deal with challenging volunteers

  • How to evaluate the Handbook you have

  • How to create a stronger framework for your volunteer engagement program


Who Should Attend:

  • Nonprofit Volunteer Managers

  • Nonprofit Volunteer Managers who are new to the field


12. Turn Your Website Into a Membership Growth Engine


February 7, 2:00 PM


Is your membership website an engine that brings in new members while you sleep? If not, I’ll show you how anyone with no tech experience can use membership management software to turn their website into a new member recruiter — in just an afternoon.


In this free webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Three website changes

  • that will start attracting new members right away

  • How to get anyone on your board

  • to easily make updates by themselves

  • (even if they don’t have any tech experience)

  • The top website features our most successful clients use to drive membership growth

If you’re a Wild Apricot customer, you may already be applying these strategies because our software does most of it automatically, but please join us if you feel you could learn more. We’d love to have you.


13. So You Want to Write a Grant?


February 12, 1:00 PM


Grants are a key part of launching new programs and projects for many tax-exempt organizations and even for-profit businesses. But where to begin? Federal grants? Family foundations? State agencies? Corporate foundations?

Participating in “So You Want to Write a Grant?” will help you understand how to get started with the grant writing process.

In this live, interactive webinar we will discuss how grants can help your organization implement new programs or projects to best achieve its mission. We will also address the common pitfalls encountered by many organizations seeking grants for the first time as well as common challenges for new grant writers.


What You Will Learn from this Live Webinar:

  • What grant funding *can* do for your organization

  • What grant funding can *not* do for your organization

  • What you can do to become successful at writing a grant


This Webinar is Perfect For You If…

  • You are new to grant writing

  • You are trying to figure out how to get started with getting grant funding

  • You believe that your program/project is a great idea that *should* be receiving grant funding


Presented by Grant Writing Expert Diane H. Leonard, GPC. Diane is a Grant Professional Certified (GPC) and Approved Trainer for the Grant Professionals Association. Diane and her team have secured more than $51.1 million dollars in competitive grant awards since 2006 for the clients of DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services. When not working with her team on grant applications for clients, Diane can be found in the 1000 Islands, out for a run, or drinking a strong cup of coffee.


14. Why Fundraising is the F-Word to Your Board & How to Fix It


February 12, 2:00PM


Do you have board members who are “allergic” to fundraising? Few things are more critical to your nonprofit's health, success and sustainability than an effective board of directors. If you are ready to transform your D-list to an A-list, come learn tips and tools to get board members willing to engage, share their contacts, be connected to your cause, and give of their financial resources and expertise.


You’ll discover:

  • What great boards do differently

  • Why your board is afraid of fundraising & how to help them overcome fundraising fears

  • 10 ideas to make board members fundraising superheroes without making an ask


As a special bonus, attendees will receive Rachel's eBook "Makeover My Board!: How to Lead, Inspire or Even Fire Your Board"


15. Google Ad Grants 101


February 13, 1:00 PM


Have you heard of Google’s Ad Grant program, where they give $10,000 a month in free advertising to nonprofits?

Join us for a crash course on how Google Ad Grants can benefit your nonprofit by bringing thousands of new visitors to your website every month.

Presenter Jason Jensen, a Google Ads Certified Consultant, will also cover how to get started, what’s necessary to be successful, and a special offer for The Digital Nonprofit’s Ad Grants management service.

If you attend, you’ll learn:

  • What Google Ad Grants is

  • How Google Ads works

  • How Google Ads can benefit your nonprofit

  • Real examples of how other nonprofits used it effectively

  • How to get started successfully

  • The costs & benefits of hiring someone to manage your grant

We’ll also include an extra long Q&A portion so no question goes unanswered.


If you’ve ever wished for a silver bullet to reach thousands of supporters, grow your email list, or attract more donors, this webinar is for you!


16. Introduction to Project Budgets


February 13, 2:00 PM


Are you ready to start fundraising for your project or idea, but don't know what and how much to ask for? If preparing a budget for your foundation grant is holding you back, come learn the basic elements of how to draft a project budget with confidence.

This class will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to generate a standard project budget for a foundation proposal.


We will discuss:

  • The basic components of a project budget including income and expenses

  • How to estimate the realistic cost of a project

  • What other financial documents you may also need to submit with your proposal


17. How Implementation Doesn't Have to Be a PITA


February 13, 2:00 PM


Don’t let the fear of implementation hold you back from achieving more.


Discover the three steps for executing a no-hassle, no-headache AMS implementation that doesn't need to be a pain in the association (PITA). This 30-minute session is filled with actionable and effective tactics for building a strategic AMS implementation plan and actually sticking to it.


You'll learn how to:

  • Avoid common AMS implementation pitfalls

  • Build a strategic AMS implementation plan in three steps

  • Turn your plan's objectives into concrete actions


18. 7 Keys to Successful & Enthusiastic Volunteer Involvement at Your Nonprofit


February 13, 3:00 PM


Volunteers are more than simply an extra pair of hands. They bring special skills, are trusted service delivery partners, and can extend your connections with diverse communities far beyond your agency’s doors.  They are also key financial contributors, donating ten times more than non-volunteers.


The value of volunteers can’t be ignored.  But, effective volunteer engagement requires a focus on the right tactics at the right time to fully realize the power of volunteer time and talent.  


You will learn…

  • 7 fundamentals to successful volunteer coordination throughout the volunteer life cycle

  • A key best practice for attracting high-quality volunteers

  • A key to onboarding that will convert newcomers to reliable supporters

  • A key to inspiring better staff-volunteer relations and teamwork

  • A key to acknowledging volunteers that keeps them coming back

  • And more!


You will get …

  • A PDF of the Slides

  • A recording of the Webinar

  • Join us and learn where to strategically invest effort throughout the volunteer lifecycle and make the most of community involvement.


Our presenter, Tobi Johnson, is an internationally recognized expert and thought leader in the field of volunteer management. In this free webinar, she will share seven fundamental best practices to attract qualified supporters and keep them coming back for more. Tobi Johnson, MA, CVA is an internationally recognized author, speaker, thoughtleader in the field of volunteer engagement. She is the President of Tobi Johnson & Associates, a consultancy that helps nonprofits of all sizes strengthen their volunteer strategy, and Chief Engagement Officer of VolunteerPro, an online learning and networking community for leaders of volunteers.


Tobi is also a contributor to Volunteer Engagement 2.0: Ideas and Insights for Transforming Volunteer Programs in a Changing World, edited by VolunteerMatch.org and published by Wiley & Sons in May 2015. She shares insights and evidence-based strategies to attract, inspire and mobilize top volunteer talent through Tobi’s Volunteer Management Blog.


19. How to Keep All Those New Donors You Worked So Hard to Get


February 14, 12:00 PM


Join fundraising master trainer, Chad Barger, CFRE, for a discussion on the importance of donor retention and learn simple, actionable steps that you can take to boost donor retention in your organization.


20. Addressing Psychological Health and Safety in Nonprofit Workplaces


February 14, 1:00PM


The psychological health of your teams is becoming increasingly important in the context of performance, retention, and cost – all things that are crucial to achieving your mission. Join the Canadian Mental Health Association to hear more about how organizations both small and large are addressing psychological health and safety. You will learn about practical, low-cost (or no-cost!) strategies you can implement quickly and that are proven to help create a culture that enables your employees to do their best and thrive at work.

21. How to Create Winning Sponsorship Strategies


February 14, 1:00 PM


Event sponsors - you know you want them but aren’t quite sure how to get them. Sometimes they feel as elusive as a winning lottery ticket! Rest assured that potential event sponsors really are out there, and they actually have funds earmarked to spend on events just like yours.


The reason most organizations fail in the hunt for sponsorship dollars is the lack of a rock-solid game plan for identifying, attracting and signing sponsors. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy-to-follow roadmap to help you create winning sponsorship strategies?


Well, you’re in luck, because in this Free Live Webinar, event planning expert A.J. Steinberg is going to show you her step-by-step blueprint for identifying, attracting and signing sponsors.


In this 45-minute FREE live webinar, you’ll learn…

  • How to think like a marketing expert to get your sponsorships noticed

  • How to determine what makes sponsors “tick”

  • How to use language and statistics to add to your event’s appeal

  • How to create sponsorship materials that stand out in the crowd

  • How to efficiently prospect and approach potential sponsors

  • How to get your board and committee comfortable with Asking

  • How to identify sponsor prospects

  • How to contact and follow up with sponsor prospects

  • How to create an irresistible Sponsorship Deck

  • How to lay out your Sponsorship Deck

  • How to determine what information and graphics to include

  • How to work efficiently and economically with your graphics team


22. The Tech Effect: Discover the Simple Solution that 1000s of Organizations Are Using to Grow Membership In Today’s World


February 14, 2:00 PM


Have you noticed that it’s getting harder and harder to grow your membership?


In this free 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn:

  • All about The Tech Effect,

  • the hidden threat that is making things harder for you to grow

  • 5 proven strategies

  • to address The Tech Effect and attract new members right away

  • How an easy tech solution can save you hours

  • of administrative work every day


This is not your typical webinar. It follows the story of one membership manager’s challenges, and ultimate triumph. A story that has inspired thousands of others to grow their memberships faster than ever.


If you’re a Wild Apricot customer, you may already be applying these strategies because our software does most of it automatically, but please join us if you feel you could learn more. We’d love to have you.


23. Successfully Implementing Volunteer Program Changes


February 14, 2:00 PM


What should you do when it’s time to change the policies and procedures that govern or guide the volunteers that work with your organization? How can you create a culture of inclusion and get buy-in for those new policies? This training will give you the tools to approach program changes in a strategic way. We will also cover what to do if volunteers either can’t or won’t adopt the policies, how to manage that situation, and what to do if ultimately you need to ask a volunteer to leave.


What You'll Learn:

  • Theories for change management

  • Pitfalls and challenges around implementing changes in a volunteer engagement program

  • Opportunities to build buy-in and support for changes

  • What to do if you need to ask a volunteer to leave

  • Who Should Attend:

  • Leaders of Volunteer Engagement

  • Volunteer Program Managers

  • Supervisors of Volunteers


24. How to Use Social Media to Raise Money Online


February 19, 1:00 PM


Packed with practical, how-to advice and examples for small nonprofits on a limited budget, this free webinar will show you how to leverage your social media accounts to raise money and strengthen relationships with donors so they give again.


Topics discussed include:

  • Current trends in the social media landscape that nonprofits need to understand

  • How to choose the correct social media platforms for your small nonprofit

  • How to build up momentum on social media to launch a successful social media fundraising campaign

  • Tips and examples of simple ways to use the major platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube to raise money and build community


25. How Your Nonprofit Can Get $10K Per Month In Free Google Advertising


February 19, 3:00 PM


FYI: You must be a registered nonprofit (501c3 if based in the US) to be eligible for Google Grants. *Government entities, hospitals & schools are not eligible*.

As a nonprofit, have you ever wanted a six-figure marketing budget without the six-figure price tag?


Google Grants gives nonprofits $10,000 per month in free online advertising to promote their organizations and causes on Google search results. If you think it would be valuable for your nonprofit to be listed at the top of the search results, this webinar is for you!

During this information-packed webinar, Simon Choy, founder of ConnectAd - who manages over $2M in annual Google Grants funding - will tell you everything you need to know about the program, how it can benefit your nonprofit, and the actual process of applying for the grant.


Simon will also highlight a few best practices and inside tips when using Google Grants and tell you about a professional service that is proven to help nonprofits effectively maximize the value of their Ad Grant.


Attendees can expect to learn:

  • What is Google Ad Grants?

  • How do Google Ads work?

  • Why is Google Grants an essential nonprofit marketing tool?

  • Case studies: How other nonprofits have benefited.

  • Instructional, step-by-step details of the application process.

  • What is required to succeed with Google Grants?

  • Details about a professional service that manages Google Grants to save you time and provide an amazing ROI.


Nonprofits big and small have a lot to gain from Google Grants, and we’ve been told by many organizations that it’s like leaving free money on the table when they don’t take advantage of the opportunity. Donors, volunteers, and supporters alike who use Google to search online can now be reached and engaged using your Google ads, and Google Grants can be used to tackle marketing problems such as raising awareness, growing online donations, building email lists, increasing volunteer registration, selling event tickets and much more.


26. Get Started: Use Website Analytics to Improve Your Online Fundraising


February 21, 11:00 AM


If you’re not sure whether your donation form is any good...


If you’re wondering what attracts your donor to your organization…


If you don’t know which of your outreach efforts brings in the most online donors...


You can find the answers, and raise more dollars, by learning a few basic principles of website analytics.


Let Yesenia Sotelo of SmartCause Digital walk you through website analytics for fundraising in this information-packed training webinar specifically created for nonprofit communicators and fundraisers!


(This training is suitable for nonprofit communicators and fundraisers with all levels of website analytics experience. Recording will be available.)


27. 5 Ways to Keep Your Monthly Donors


February 21, 1:00 PM


So you have some monthly donors? Congratulations!


But, how about those expiring credit cards?


Can you do something when the donor’s payment doesn’t go through? How many times or how long should you keep ‘nudging’ monthly donors to give you their updated information?


And can you bring them back after their monthly gifts stopped?


You’ll learn the difference between hard and soft cancels. You’ll get answers to all these questions and more during this brand-new webinar, especially designed for those organizations who already have monthly donors. But, it’s also very worthwhile attending if you’re still in the process of starting your program, knowing what to do from the beginning stages is important.


Because monthly donors are so powerful. 100 monthly donors are worth an average of $24,000 a year. They’ll give two to four times more than other donors. They’ll stay with you for at least 5 to 7 years and often even longer. They’re 7 times more likely to leave you in their will.


Worth a little bit of work to keep them.


In this interactive webinar you will learn the best approaches to keep your monthly donors giving for years on end, using tools you already have in place.  


The webinar will focus on the following:

  • The difference between hard and soft cancels.

  • Different tools and approaches to help you prevent lapsing monthly donors.

  • The best approach to bring monthly donors back

  • How to thank and cultivate monthly donors to prevent them from ever canceling to begin with.

  • Reviewing examples and case studies


28. This Is How Our Most Successful Clients Fill Their Events


February 21, 2:00 PM


Have you found that it’s getting harder or taking longer to fill up your events?


Are you sick of waiting for checks in the mail?


Exhausted from processing registration forms?


In this free 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • 3 recent trends preventing people from registering for your events

  • One simple way to avoid event-related cash flow problems

  • A proven 3-step process to fill events fast and cut your workload in half


If you're a Wild Apricot customer, you may already be applying these strategies because our software does most of it automatically, but please join us if you feel you could learn more. We’d love to have you.


29. Creative and Innovative Recognition Strategies for Today's Volunteers


February 21, 2:00 PM


Are you doing the right things to recognize the work volunteers do for your organization?


Are your recognition strategies and events stuck in the past?


In this webinar we'll discuss what motivates today's volunteers and discuss strategies for matching recognition to motivation. We'll also share examples and ideas to incorporate creative and meaningful recognition into your volunteer engagement strategy.


What You'll Learn:

  • Matching modern volunteer's motivation to recognition events

  • How to update and breathe new life into your recognition events


30. A Whole New World: How (and Why) to Focus on Online Major Gifts


February 21, 2:00PM


Major gifts fundraising has traditionally taken place primarily face-to-face. Major gifts officers focus on building close relationships with their biggest supporters, and they spend tons of time, effort, and deliberation crafting the perfect ask.


But what if we told you that online major gifts fundraising is possible... and that it's growing in popularity and that you can use it in those in-person asks to get larger donations faster?


This webinar will focus on how to make major gift giving online easy and compelling! We'll give you actionable tips on how to implement online giving specifically focused on major donors, many of whom have been waiting for this option.


Key points will include:


Why the current experience for major donors attempting to make gifts online is poor

Why making major gifts online should be almost as seamless as an eCommerce experience

How you can raise gift amounts by making online giving easy and compelling for your major donors


Ready to enter a whole new world of major gifts fundraising? Project Donor Love is here to make it happen!


31. How to launch and grow a nonprofit


February 21, 4:00 PM


Building a successful nonprofit begins with a passion for helping others and forming strong relationships. Join us to learn how Alan Chorun, executive director of Young Vision Africa built his nonprofit from the ground up. What started with humble beginnings grew to build a clean water system, a school, a medical clinic, and homes for families. And they have so much more planned for 2019.


Who should watch? This session is designed for any nonprofit organization wanting to engage others in the mission of the nonprofit, grow supporters and sustain the nonprofit.


This webinar covers:

  • How to establish important relationships and build resources

  • Trust-building strategies for your important audiences and using mission-focused marketing
  • The often-missed crucial step of gaining buy-in from the people you are trying to help

  • Changing lives through education and skills-building


32. Funding Information Network (FIN) Information Session


February 26, 1:00 PM


Join Brian Schultz, manager of the Funding Information Network at Foundation Center, to learn how the Funding Information Network program can help your nonprofit resource centre, community foundation, or library support your local nonprofit and small business economy. You'll learn about the key components of the program package, including Foundation Directory Online, grant-seeking training guides, and our upcoming certification modules.



  • Learn about the resources the network would provide to the community

  • Intended Audience

  • All levels of experience

  • Fundraising & development staff

  • Program directors and staff


33. Re-Energize your Volunteer Program by Designing Mission-Driven Opportunities


February 26, 2:00 PM


Too often organizations look at volunteer engagement as something that's nice to have, and never realize the true potential of volunteers. But, our organizations become more successful, responsive, and effective when we look at volunteers as a key component to our organization's success.


In this session we'll discuss creating a connection between the work volunteers do and the mission of your organization. You'll learn how to design volunteer opportunities with real impact, and how to tell the story of that impact both within your organization and to your community. Attendees will leave with sample mission-driven position descriptions and a worksheet to help craft their organization's story of volunteer engagement.


What You'll Learn:

  • Design impact first opportunities

  • Recognize the role of language in designing and building buy-in for volunteer opportunities

  • Illustrate impact in your volunteer opportunities


34. 15 Easy Tech Tools You Can Use to Grow Your Membership


February 26, 2:00 PM


Some membership managers are able to get everything done and still have a life. How do they do it? The quick answer is that they use tech tools to do as much of their work as possible. If you want to learn how membership organizations use tech tools to automate tasks and save hours and hours each week, please join our free webinar with SEO tech expert Terry Ibele.


In this free webinar, Terry will show you:


  • The top 5 tech tools the most productive people use to save time

  • 3 tools you can use each day to save the time you spend on creating website and social media content

  • How the most productive people save time when working with others


35. Young Members 2.0: Millennials, Gen Z and the Future of your Association


February 27, 12:30PM


Acquisition. Engagement. Retention.


While the world around associations continues to evolve, the essential stages of the membership lifecycle remain unchanged.


Recent years have seen the introduction of multiple studies designed to help associations understand these steps in context of the different generations within their membership, highlighting what makes each unique and providing guidance on how to best meet their particular needs.


Many of yesterday’s young members, the Millennials, have grown in their careers and in their understanding of the value association membership provides. Meanwhile the older members of Generation Z, generally defined as those born between 1997 and 2012, are coming into adulthood and are expected to constitute a fifth of the US workforce by 2021.


What does this mean for associations and nonprofits?

    Personify’s new benchmarking study, Young Members 2.0, seeks to expand our understanding of younger members, revisiting those Millennials around whom many organizations have recently focused and including, for the first time, Generation Z to create a clearer picture of:

    Their perception of membership

    The programs and outreach techniques most effective in compelling them to join including which social media channels topped the list….and which fell flat

    How they prefer to engage with an organization

    How young members are - and are not - engaging with the events programming critical to non-dues revenue.

  • The potentially catastrophic retention issue taking root with Millennials and Gen Z


Membership matters. While each organization’s membership is unique, these findings can inform and support strategies designed to support the long-term growth and success of your organization.


36. 7 Lessons Learned from Nonprofit Leaders


February 27, 1:00 PM


Nonprofit leaders face many challenges as they work toward achieving their missions. How best can they lead as they juggle multiple demands? Learn to recognize seven top pitfalls common to nonprofit leadership and how to rise above them. During this webinar, you will learn the key ingredients to: optimize your organization’s fundraising efforts, build collaborative partnerships with your board, and lastly, foster a strong, sustainable team and work culture.



  • Avoid seven common mistakes made by nonprofit executive directors

  • Develop and implement a plan of action to engage and collaborate with your organization’s board

  • Identify the roles your nonprofit’s leadership will play in fundraising

  • Modify internal practices to build a strong team and nurturing work environment

  • Learn some tips for sustainable time management practices


A special welcome to new or aspiring executive directors, executive level nonprofit professionals and board chairs or any nonprofit management enthusiast.


37. Integrating Direct Response Strategies into your Annual Fund Outreach


February 27, 2:00 PM


Join Anthony R. Alonso, President of Catapult Fundraising, for a FREE, 45 minute webinar that will explore ways to integrate all forms of direct marketing into your Annual Fund program. Discover techniques to incorporate direct mail, e-mail, telephone solicitation, social media channels, and other forms of digital media content into your case for support and solicitation efforts.


This session will look at current statistics and what these numbers really mean for your organization and for your team’s development efforts. Develop a strategy for capitalizing on your social media platforms and how to make the most out of your email, text message, and telephone solicitation efforts for your non-profit.


38. Managing Cash Flow


February 28, 12:00PM


Learn how to anticipate and prepare for the ebb and flow of cash coming in and out of your organization. We’ll explore how to navigate your nonprofit’s cash flow and how different types of income and expenses impact your finances. You will learn ways to avoid and manage cash flow challenges.

39. Top 5 Questions Aspiring Nonprofit Consultants Ask


February 28, 1:00 PM


Have you ever wondered what it might be like to start your own consulting business?


Or if you have given this career a try, are you itching to see how your peers get through the early stages?


From marketing, to setting up shop, to setting fees, join two veteran consultants as they present a fast-paced session around the most common questions asked by new consultants and the honest answers you have craved. Plus, in case your burning question isn’t among the five, there will be plenty of time for you to get your question answered.


Susan Schaefer and Don Tebbe have led workshops for new consultants around the country. During this power hour, they consolidate the thousands of questions asked of them over the years to the five most frequent and impactful. If you have ever considered how to get started in this career path, this webinar will help you ease your way into a successful career supporting the nonprofit sector.


Learning objectives:

  • Gain confidence about whether or not consulting is a good career choice for you

  • Overcome fears or hurdles related to selling your services

  • Understand the rationale behind setting consulting fees


40. Resources for Resilient Nonprofits, Revealed


February 28, 1:00 PM


How is resilience defined at your nonprofit? When faced with economic shifts, political challenges, and demographic changes, would you rise above?


In this webinar, industry leaders will reveal how they recovered from setbacks, adapted to change, and kept their organization going in the face of adversity.


41. Plan your communications for 2019 NOW


February 28, 1:00PM


Let's get back on track and plan the communications for next few months together.

What do you want out of your communications?


Do you want to communicate an anniversary?


Is it getting more donors? Keeping your donors?


What do you want to achieve?


What do you think might be holding you back?


How can we take a couple small steps in the next couple hours to get closer to our goals?

Let's get clear on our communications goals and go for them!


You'll learn:

  • How to make a communications plan

  • How to integrate it with your fundraising and events

  • Making messaging around different campaigns

  • Putting it all together


We'll go right into helping an organization in this webinar, so you can see how easy it can be, right there, to make your communications plan.


And each person who comes will have access to the free xls comms plan to start making your comms plan then and there.


42. 3 Easy Ways to Retain More Members Using Software


February 28, 2:00 PM


Do you sometimes feel that your membership is like a leaky boat?


Every time you look at your database, you notice a few members have left?


In this free 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get your members to renew on their own, so you don’t have to chase them

  • Automate your new member onboarding process and save hours each week

  • Quickly identify who is about to leave, and what you can do to keep them.

If you're a Wild Apricot customer, you may already be applying these strategies because our software does most of it automatically, but please join us if you feel you could learn more. We’d love to have you.


And that's it, folks! If you know of any other free nonprofit webinars happening in February, please email artie [at] wildapricot.com and I'll add them to the list.

Tatiana Morand

Posted by Tatiana Morand

Published Friday, 25 January 2019 at 7:15 PM
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