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July Update: AWS Migration Complete

Dmitry Buterin  28 July 2017  0 comments

July UpdateWe’ve successfully migrated our cloud platform to Amazon Web Services and the move is already paying off. Clients have reported improved stability and response times, and our own analytics are suggesting that, on average, client sites are three times faster. Remember, though, that individual results can vary and not all clients will experience the same results.

AWS Migration Stats

Important Notice for Accounts with Custom Domains

Clients with custom domain names who haven’t already updated their DNS settings to point to our new IP address need to do so by September 4th. That’s when we will drop our old IP address. For instructions on working with your domain name provider to update your DNS settings, click here. If you don’t know who your domain name provider is, you can click here to find out. For more information on Wild Apricot’s migration to Amazon Web Services, including answers to frequently asked questions, click here.


Free Security Certificates Now Available Directly from Wild Apricot

Lets Encrypt

Wild Apricot can now install a free security certificate for custom domains from Let’s Encrypt. And since installing security certificates from Let's Encrypt is simpler than installing certificates from other vendors, Wild Apricot does not charge an installation fee or a renewal fee.

To get a security certificate from Let's Encrypt installed on your Wild Apricot site, have a full account administrator send an email requesting a security certificate from Let's Encrypt to Wild Apricot support, and include your custom URL and Wild Apricot account number in the message. We'll let you know once it's installed.


New Restricted File Access Feature

On July 24th, we released a minor update of Wild Apricot, Version 5.11.3. Along with a number of bug fixes, we released the ability to restrict access to individual files on your Wild Apricot site by membership levels and member groups, to full administrators only. That way, only those who belong to the membership levels or member groups you choose can view a particular image or access a particular document. See below.

Restricted Access

Previously, files could be accessed via a direct link even if they appeared on restricted pages. 

Now you can restrict file access from the Files screen or from the Insert dialog that appears when you insert a picture or file. For instructions on restricting file access, click here.  


Mobile App Enhancements: Create, Edit, and Delete Events on the Fly

You can now create, edit, and delete events from Wild Apricot’s mobile app (see the red circle in the picture below).

Mobile App1

And while you’re editing the event details, you can add, modify, and delete registration types, tags, and other settings.

Mobile App2

Here are the links to download our free mobile app for iOS or Android.


Free Webinar: 5 Common Legal Traps for Nonprofits and How to Avoid Them

Legal Webinar Image 2017-08-23Have you ever worried your organization could have some hidden legal risks? Often it’s what we don’t know that can come back to haunt us. This is why we’ve invited Erin McClarty, nonprofit attorney and strategist, to present a free webinar on August 23 on the most common legal issues she sees nonprofits face, and what to do about them.

In this free webinar, Erin will show you:

  • The 5 most common legal traps for nonprofits
  • Several solutions and tools to reduce your risk
  • The best jargon-free resources every nonprofit should read

Sign up now and we'll see you on August 23, at 2:00 PM (ET) / 11:00 AM (PT). 


A Great Way to Connect With (1,250) Other Wild Apricot Users

If you’re looking to connect with other Wild Apricot users to discuss tips, share strategies, and get peer support, join our Facebook Group, The Wild Apricot Membership Tribe.

Here’s a snapshot from the last month — we currently stand at 1,250 members and we’re growing fast:

Facebook Group Insight

Every day Wild Apricot users ask each other for tips to enhance features, best practices for managing memberships, and how others are designing their Wild Apricot sites. If you haven’t yet joined, we don’t want you to miss out.

Here’s the link to join, and we’ll see you in the group!


This Month’s Blog Posts

Based on 340 customer reviews, Software Advice gave Wild Apricot an award for Top 5 Easy to Use Membership Management Software! A big thank you to all our customers who helped us achieve this distinction. It’s our goal to continue to make Wild Apricot the best membership management software on the market.  

This month, we also wrote on a variety of other topics including some insane fundraising ideas, a formula for how to calculate the life-expectancy of your association, and a list of free nonprofit webinars. Here are this month’s blog posts:

That's all for this month's update!

Dmitry Buterin

Posted by Dmitry Buterin

Published Friday, 28 July 2017 at 12:12 PM
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