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The Best Way to Avoid Choosing The Wrong Nonprofit Software

Terry Ibele 07 April 2017 0 comments

nonprofit software tech toolsThis is a post relates to our free webinar on the top nonprofit tools used by the pros, which you can watch anytime you like

I know a 2,000 member association run entirely by one part-timer named Susan. She’s figured out how to use software like an army of robots to do all her administrative work for her. They process member payments, event registrations, schedule volunteers, and even send text updates to her members automatically.

Unfortunately, I also know a few nonprofits who’ve locked themselves into complicated software solutions that take more effort to manage than they’re worth (not to mention the wasted dollars spent).

So, how do you avoid bad software and choose a solution perfect for you organization? Fortunately, tech experts Jason Shim, Mark Hallman, and Shub Sengupta developed an easy test that any nonprofit can use, which reveals just that.


The Easy Test

To evaluate any software, simply ask these three easy questions:

  1. Does the tool help us do our work faster?
  2. Does the tool help drive higher revenue? Or higher efficiency?
  3. Does the tool enable us to build stronger relationships with our supporters?

If your answer to these three questions is “yes” and the price is right, you’re on the path to make a good decision. There’s just one more factor to consider before buying the software.


The Most Important Factor to Consider

There’s nothing worse than paying for a new software only to find a better, cheaper option the next day. 

The best way to avoid this is to compare all the different options available. But, in today’s digital world the sheer volume of new software tools popping up on a near-daily basis can be overwhelming. 

Luckily, Jason and his team specialize in just this. They scour the internet for the latest and greatest software solutions to help small nonprofits choose the best software suited for their needs.

And on April 26th, Jason and his team are giving a free webinar on the best tech tools for small nonprofits. In the webinar, Jason will cover:

  • His top 30 software picks that can save you and your organization hours each week
  • Tips for staying on top of new and emerging online tools
  • The number one pitfall when using and evaluating online tools

If you want to discover the top nonprofit tools used by the pros, watch our free webinar with Jason and his team of tech experts. You can watch it for free anytime you like


Additional Resources:

jason nonprofit software tech toolsWith over 10 years of experience spanning the nonprofit and academic sectors both as an employee and a consultant, Jason has consistently helped organizations engage with youth online and stay ahead of the technology curve. He currently serves as Associate Director, Digital Strategy and Alumni Relations at Pathways to Education Canada. Jason also currently serves on the boards of 211 Ontario and NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network.

mark nonprofit software tech toolsMark Hallman is president of Evergreen Digital Marketing and has worked with charities and non-profit organizations across North America to help them strategize and execute their digital marketing plans. As a Google Partner, Mark helps organizations to ensure they get the most out of their Google Ad Grants. Mark’s work in the non-profit sector has focused on volunteer recruitment, promotion of programs and services, brand awareness campaigns, and fundraising. 

shub nonprofit software tech toolsShubhagata Sengupta (Shub for short) is a digital renaissance man who is obsessed with how the latest and greatest tech can better the world. He currently serves as a Digital Media Coordinator at Capacity Canada while working on his tech startup, Vidhub.co, which allows teams to review and discuss videos online in a secure, collaborative environment.

Terry Ibele [Learning Apricot]

Posted by Terry Ibele [Learning Apricot]

Published Friday, 07 April 2017 at 9:12 AM
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