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  • March Update: An Update on our Update

    Dmitriy Buterin  30 March 2017  2 comments
    Find out how our latest release went and what changes we've reverted. We've also got a free webinar coming up and some helpful resources from industry experts.
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  • 45 Nonprofit LinkedIn Groups for Nonprofit Professionals to Network or Find Jobs

    Terry Ibele  20 March 2017  0 comments
    There are hundreds of nonprofit groups on LinkedIn. Here I’ve segmented the top ones into the categories and written a few lines about each to help you decide which ones to join.
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  • Wild Apricot Ranked Number One for the Seventh Time

    Terry Ibele  15 March 2017  0 comments
    Eleven years ago, Dmitry Buterin began to dream of a world where everyone involved in a membership organization could spend their time pursuing their purpose, instead of getting bogged down in administrative tasks.That’s when he decided to create software that could do all the tasks better suited for robots.
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  • 6 Effective Fundraising Ideas for Small Nonprofits (with examples!)

    Terry Ibele  13 March 2017  0 comments
    Looking for a fundraising idea that will make a big impact, but will also be inexpensive? Here are six types of fundraisers that successfully meet both these criteria.
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  • How Changing Our Volunteer Interview Approach Increased Our Retention by 30%

    Terry Ibele  06 March 2017  2 comments
    If you’re experiencing low volunteer retention, you’re familiar with how much time and resources it can take to constantly market and recruit new volunteers. But what most nonprofits don’t realize is that the problem may lie in how your candidates are interviewed. In my experience, one simple simple change to that process may dramatically improve volunteer retention.
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