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36 Free Nonprofit Webinars for September 2016

Terry Ibele 31 August 2016 0 comments

free webinarIf your organization is struggling to engage millennials, one of the things you’ll learn from this month’s webinars are 3 rules that will turn a new millennial member into a raving fan.

Also look out for webinars covering a variety of other topics including:

  • Sponsorship
  • Volunteer Management
  • Marketing
  • And more

1) Discover the Netflix Model to Keeping Members for Good

September 1st, 3:00 PM (ET)

If you’re having a hard time turning millennials into members, this Thursday’s webinar is for you. World renowned expert on millennials and author of Knowing Y: Engage the Next Generation Now, Sarah Sladek, shows you how successful organizations are attracting millennials.

You'll learn:

  • The 3 rules that will turn a new member into a raving fan
  • The one thing successful organizations do to keep members around for years
  • The simple test that will tell you whether the value your organization offers will keep members sticking around

2) The Art and Science of Volunteer Development

September 1st, 1:00 PM (ET)

Engaging volunteers effectively provides a real benefit to your organization. Active involvement enriches volunteers and helps them feel they are making a difference. Money often follows involvement.
In this webinar, Jeff Jowdy will give an overview of how to implement or improve an effective volunteer program.
Attendees will learn:

  • What a positive volunteer experience is
  • The benefits of a volunteer program to your nonprofit
  • The benefits of volunteering for the volunteer

3) Prime Your Community for Your Day of Giving

September 1st, 2:30 PM (ET)

One of the biggest mistakes organizations make is in the stewardship between campaigns. We get so caught up in ‘the ask’ that we forget what drives people to give in the first place: relationships. And relationships take time, effort and a lot of love, so don’t wait until the last minute! Join us to learn how to maximize your efforts during the months leading up to a campaign to lay the foundation for success. 

Dana Ostomel, Firespring's leading authority on crowdfunding, will teach you the 10 most important steps to creating an empathetic, engaged and responsive community that is ready to help you knock it out of the park. We promise: You'll walk away confident about planning your next crowdfunding campaign. Join Dana to learn: 

  • How to get to know your donors and cultivate your network. 
  • Why a consistent communications plan matters. 
  • How to build a brand your community feels connected to.
  • Steps to generate loyalty that will pay dividends. 
  • How to change the relationship dynamics with your community. 
  • What to do tactically to get the campaign set up early so you’re prepared.

4) The Tech Effect: Discover the Simple Solution that 1000s of Organization Are Using to Grow Membership In Today’s World

September 2nd, 2:00 PM (ET)

If you’re having a hard time growing your membership, you won’t want to miss our special free webinar this Friday. That’s because the webinar will reveal the surprisingly simple solution that thousands of organizations are using to drive membership growth to new levels.

Growth Specialist Terry Ibele and bestselling author Donald Cowper will take you through the story of one membership manager who discovered this solution and used it to grow his organization’s membership 25% in the first six months.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • All about The Tech Effect, the hidden threat that is making things harder for you to grow
  • 5 proven strategies to address The Tech Effect and attract new members right away
  • How an easy tech solution can save you hours of administrative work every day
This is not your typical webinar. It follows the story of one membership manager’s challenges, and ultimate triumph. A story that has inspired thousands of others to grow their memberships faster than ever. 

5) 10 Tips to Boost Software User Adoption

September 6th, 1:00 PM (ET)

Your software is at risk. You may have figured out your configuration, cleanly migrated your data, and addressed all of the technical issues along the way, but if you don't have an user adoption plan, your database system is going to fail. Why? Because your software can't do much without the people who enter the data and put it to work on a daily basis. 

Learn how to help your organization and its staff members become software champions. During this hour-long webinar we'll share tips and best practices that nonprofits across the country have used to turn their staff members into proficient and enthusiastic users of their software systems.

6) Pave the Way for a Successful #GivingTuesday

September 7th, 11:30 AM (CT)

#GivingTuesday is the biggest giving day of the year and just three months away on November 29. We're kicking off the countdown with a webinar to teach you how to maximize the next few months to lay the foundation for a successful day of giving. Join Dana Ostomel, founder of Deposit a Gift and Firespring's leading authority on crowdfunding, to learn the 10 most important components to creating an empathetic, engaged and responsive community that is ready to help you knock it out of the park. We promise: You'll walk away confident about getting started planning your #GivingTuesday campaign.

What you'll learn:

  • How to get to know our donors and cultivate your network.
  • Why a consistent communication plan matters.
  • How to establish a brand your community connects to.
  • Steps to generate loyalty that pays dividends.
  • How to change your community's relationship dynamics.
  • What to do tactically to set up the campaign early.

7) Introduction to Project Budgets

September 7th, 2:00 PM (ET)

Learn the basic elements of how to draft a project budget with confidence!

Are you ready to start fundraising for your project or idea, but don’t know what and how much to ask for? 

If preparing a budget for your foundation grant is holding you back, this class will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to generate a standard project budget for a foundation proposal.

We will discuss: 

  • The basic components of a project budget including income and expenses
  • How to estimate the realistic cost of a project
  • What other financial documents you may also need to submit with your proposal

8) Mobile Bidding at Fundraising Auctions: The 101 on what it is, whether it works, and how to best leverage it

September 7th, 1:00 PM (ET)

It goes by many names: electronic bidding, text-to-bid, or text-to-pledge. In the last 10 years, this technology has been heavily marketed to benefit auction planners.

Vendors promise to transform your auctions by raising more money, streamlining checkout, and improving the guest experience. Some claim that your silent auction will raise as much as 50% more.

But does mobile bidding really raise more money?

Using several years worth of data from mobile bidding, this webinar synthesizes and shares practical “how-to” advice so you can make an informed decision as to whether you should consider using mobile bidding in your own charity auction.


  • A reality check: How the technology’s promoted features really operate in an auction environment 
  • Which benefit auctions are best suited for using mobile bidding
  • Tips on selecting a vendor
  • Advice on how to change the structure of your event to better leverage the technology
  • How to avoid the most common complaints from guests and auction planners in the first year of use

9) Tips and Tricks for a Successful Grant Seeking Strategy

September 7th, 1:00 PM (ET)

Participating in “Tips and Tricks for a Successful Grant Seeking Strategy” will provide you with insider knowledge about what funders are looking for and some specific tips you can use when reaching out to funders and crafting grant applications. Having served as a Program Officer for a statewide public foundation, Diane is uniquely qualified to help you best translate and understand the materials put out by funders.

In this live nonprofit webinar we will go through tips and tricks that all grant professionals can use to help implement a successful grant seeking strategy in their organization. We will look at specific examples of how these tips can and have been successfully used so you can consider how to best utilize the information within your own organization.

Participating in “Tips and Tricks for a Successful Grant Seeking Strategy” will give you some “insider” tips and tricks from the funder’s perspective that will assist you when working on creating and implementing your grant seeking strategy. Use the tips and tricks discussed in this webinar to ensure that you are putting together highly competitive grant applications and ultimately achieving your desired grant funding success.

What You Will Learn from this Live Webinar

  • Unique ways to approach grant funder research
  • A variety of methods to start a grant funder relationship
  • Key elements within a proposal to create a compelling story
  • Tips for how to focus on “scoring high”
This Webinar is Perfect For You If…
  • You are new or relatively new to the field of grant seeking
  • You are looking to increase your success percentage and craft more competitive grant applications.

10) The Case for Integrated Planning

September 8th, 1:00 PM

The term “strategic planning” gets attached to a wide range of nonprofit planning—for programs and services, budgeting, communications, information technology, etc. But these address very different kinds of issues, and should involve different participants, processes, tools, and products. We’ll look at the various kinds of planning needed by a nonprofit, see how they can intersect with and reinforce each other, and consider an approach that is more strategic, more effective, and less stressful.
Learning objectives:

  • How to think about planning comprehensively.
  • Why strategic, business and program planning are best kept separate.
  • How to differentiate different planning needs, and how to integrate their results.
  • Some effective planning tools.

11) Paving the Way for a Successful #GivingTuesday

September 8th, 1:00 PM (ET)

With #GivingTuesday 2016 a bit less than three months away on November 29, it's not too early to start planning. We're kicking off the countdown with a webinar to teach you how to maximize the next few months to lay the foundation for a successful day of giving. Join Dana Ostomel, founder of Deposit a Gift and Firespring's leading authority on crowdfunding, to learn the 10 most important components to creating an empathetic, engaged and responsive community that is ready to support you on the biggest giving day of the year. We promise: You'll walk away confident about the tools you need to start planning your #GivingTuesday campaign.

Join Dana to learn:

  • How to make the best use of your time leading up to #GivingTuesday.
  • What to do to to keep up the momentum.
  • What to do tactically to set up the campaign early. 
  • How to cultivate a network ready and eager to support you. 
  • Steps to generate loyalty that pays dividends.
  • How to fire up and prepare board members, volunteers, donors and staff to spread the word.

12) 7 Steps for Getting Started in Major Gifts (Even in Small Shops)

September 8th, 3:00 PM (ET)

This free webinar will provide you with an overview of how even small nonprofits can begin doing major gift fundraising. Register today!

If you wish you could be raising big gifts for your organization but you don’t know where to start, then this webinar is for you! Join us to learn 7 basic steps for connecting your organization to individuals with the capacity to make a significant gift.

In this free webinar, you will learn:

  • How to define a major gift for your organization
  • What 5 elements to have in place before starting a major gifts program
  • What your fundraising goal tells you about prospects
  • How to find major gift prospects to support your mission
  • How to build donor relationships that lead to big gifts
  • What you must do when planning a successful Ask visit
  • The best ways to thank your donors so they keep on giving

13) Get to Know GrantStation

September 8th, 11:00 AM (PT)

GrantStation is your one-stop solution for federal, state, and private grants research. 
Join Jeremy Smith, GrantStation's Communications Director, and Sara Kennedy, Director of Online Education, for a tour of the GrantStation website.
This tour will provide tips on the most effective way to use all of the valuable resources the website offers, including the extensive funder databases that can help you identify the grantmakers most likely to fund your programs or projects.
By using GrantStation's databases and resource tools, you can begin to develop a successful grantseeking strategy for the next 12 to 18 months.

14) Meet the ChangeMakers: Funding Resilience, Building Leadership Capacity

September 8th, 6:00 PM (ET)

The San Francisco Bay Area region is host to some of the most strategic and forward-thinking foundations when it comes to supporting leadership development among their grantees. These foundations are very thoughtful about their strategies for this important work and they all want grantees to be resilient and successful. Join Bay Area foundation leaders as they talk about the evolution of their capacity building work and the latest trends in their support for the leadership development and related long-term sustainability of their grantees.  

Some of the topics covered:

  • How foundation capacity building has evolved
  • Key issues foundation leadership development grants are focused on
  • What are the future funding trends for these program
  • What potential grantees should know about approaching foundations for capacity building support

15) Let's Talk Crowdfunding: An Open Discussion on Where It Fits and Why It Works

September 12th, 3:00 PM (ET)

Ever feel overwhelmed by technology and the growing list of tools “every fundraiser should be using?” You're not alone. Many nonprofits feel like the ship has sailed, and they missed it. The great news: You haven't. We're all still learning. 

In this revealing session, you're invited on board as Marc A. Pitman talks candidly with Dana Ostomel about how crowdfunding fits in with your overall fundraising strategy and what you can do to start preparing for #GivingTuesday. 

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to hear it straight from Marc and Dana, two of America's leading experts on fundraising and communications. You'll be a part of the discussion too, as they answer your specific questions during live Q&A. The only question that won't be answered is the one you didn't ask. Join us to learn: 

  • How to determine if crowdfunding would work for you. 
  • The biggest mistakes nonprofits make with crowdfunding. 
  • Who should participate in #GivingTuesday. 
  • Examples of successful crowdfunding campaigns.
  • The answers to YOUR questions.

16) Building a Powerful Grants Strategy for 2016 - 2017

September 13th, 11:00 AM (PT)

Get the ins and outs of building your winning grant strategy for the year by joining GrantStation's CEO, Cynthia Adams for this free webinar (normally $69 through GrantStation)!
This webinar will take participants through the process of establishing a grants calendar for the next 12 to 18 months. Fast-paced, and filled with action steps, Cynthia Adams, CEO of GrantStation, will discuss how to design and adopt a Grant Decision Matrix before beginning the process of building a specific grants strategy for each project.

17) How to Captivate and Engage Constituents with Your Website

September 13th, 9:30 AM (CT)

Everything you do as a nonprofit organization leads people back to your website. It is the center of your marketing universe and the home base of your brand. Does your website captivate and engage people or is it merely an online brochure with a few photos and a mission statement? In this session, we will share more than a decade of focus group research that reveals:

  • The 3 biggest mistakes nonprofits make with their website.
  • The 4 attributes of an engaging web presence.
  • 3 proven methods for promoting your website.
  • The 5 required elements of an engaging website.
  • Real-world examples of nonprofit organizations that have mastered their online presence.

18) Before You Hire an Architect: Reduce Costs and Risks, Produce Better Results

September 14th, 1:00 PM (ET)

Before launching a facility project, nonprofit boards and CEOs should have a clear sense of the entire process, with its opportunities and pitfalls, so they can maximize value while minimizing costs, risks and stress. This webinar will address the critical information a board and CEO need to have, and the work they need to do, before hiring an architect. It will cover roles and responsibilities (board, staff, architects, contractors, consultants), strategy, planning, programming, budgeting, architect and contractor selection, and client-favorable contracts.


  • A clear overview of facility planning and design
  • Simple ways to avoid expensive surprises
  • How to improve the quality of the project while reducing its cost.
  • How to set a firm project budget before hiring an architect
  • Project costs vs. construction costs
  • How to avoid otherwise inevitable extra costs

19) Introduction to Fundraising Planning

September 14th, 2:00 PM (ET)

Does your organization need help directing its fundraising efforts? Planning focuses your organization by setting fundraising priorities and helps give staff and board members a roadmap to success.

This introductory class will provide you the basic steps for developing a fundraising plan, including tips on:

  • Making your case for support
  • Diversifying your organization’s fundraising base
  • Creating a plan of action

20) Paving the Way for a Successful #GivingTuesday through Crowdfunding

September 14th, 1:00 PM (ET)

With #GivingTuesday 2016 just two months away on November 29, nonprofits must start planning now for a successful event. When used effectively, crowdfunding is one the most powerful tools in your giving day toolbox. In this webinar, join Dana Ostomel to discover the basics of crowdfunding and everything you need to know from prep through appreciation. Dana will walk you step-by-step through the lifecycle of a campaign and teach you the best ways to market your campaign to engage new audiences. You’ll leave the webinar with a tactical two month plan to maximize your efforts and develop an engaged and responsive community that’s ready to support you on the biggest giving day of the year! You'll learn:

  • What to do tactically to set up the campaign early. 
  • How to create a two month strategic calendar. 
  • 3 top marketing channels to reach new audiences. 
  • How to fire up board members, volunteers, donors and staff to spread the word. 
  • 10 vital actions to cultivate a network eager to support you. 
  • How to generate loyal support long past the campaign.

21) Focusing Your Special Event Appeal Story

September 15th, 1:00 PM

The goal of fundraising events is to engage your audience, connect them to your work and then compel them to the action of supporting your organization. You have to do this within the framework of limited time and attention from them.
This webinar will walk through the strategy of your biggest potential fundraising moment at the event: the special appeal. We’ll evaluate how to choose an effective story and tell it in a way that compels donors to lean in and emotionally connect.
Learning objectives:

  • How to evaluate a potential appeal’s effectiveness
  • How to structure the story of the appeal for maximum return
  • Tools for execution of the appeal at the event itself

22) Planning for an Office Move

September 15th, 4:00 PM (ET)

As a nonprofit manager or executive you know project management tips and tricks – it’s your job. One of the biggest projects you may ever have to manage is an office move. The people, the computers, and all the moving parts that have to land in the right place and be ready to go from your new location on day one.

As an IT manager, you keep the emails flowing, the data backing up, and the website live – it’s your job. One of the biggest challenges you may have to face is to manage an office move.  Moment of panic when you “flip the switch” the first day? We’ve all been there.

Join Community IT Innovators office move experts Gana Jiya and Rick Alloway for an informative and lively discussion of best practices to pursue, and pitfalls to avoid.  We’ve learned a thing or two about moving in our 20+ years of working with nonprofits, and we want to help you get through it without tears.

We’ll share our office move checklist with you to help keep you on track. And we encourage you to share your office move happy endings/disaster stories with us @CommunityIT before 4pm September 15th – we’ll discuss the best ones in the webinar.

Office moves can be disruptive, but they don’t have to be frustrating or involve unmitigated downtime.  Join us from 4-5pm September 15th for some good laughs at the worst that can happen, and some good insights into preventing disaster from happening to you.

23) 10 Ways to Increase Your Reach on Social Media

September 15th, 12:00 PM (ET)

Are your social media posts reaching the people who need your information or services? This free webinar will help you see the outreach opportunities available via social media and outline actions you can take right now to improve your organization's reach.

24) Moving Your Board From Good to Great

September 15th, 1:00 PM (ET)

The board is humming in second gear – steady, showing up with clarity about its role, making solid decisions, taking care of business. You and the board leadership have worked really hard to get to this place. How do you move to the next level? The dimension in which board members are inspired and creative, as well as taking care of business in the fiduciary level. We will look at the characteristics of great boards, and how your board can make this move with intention and confidence. For Board members, Executive Directors, Deputy Directors, and anyone who wants to learn how to strengthen their board. Appropriate for any size nonprofit.

25) Asking Styles: A Revolutionary Concept in Fundraising

September 15th, 1:00 PM (ET)

There is no one right way to ask for a donation. Some people take great care preparing well-organized and complete presentations. Others prepare with just a few talking points and then use the energy of the prospect to guide the conversation. Some people are energized by the prospect of tying down a gift. For others it is a great act of courage.

You have your own Asking Style, and if you learn to ask in your Style, you will be more comfortable, confident and successful as an asker. Are you a Rainmaker? Go-Getter? Kindred Spirit? Mission Controller? A mix of two Styles?

Join Brian Saber, President of Asking Matters, to learn about the revolutionary concept of Asking Styles created by his company. You'll learn:

  • The unique strengths you bring to the table and how to apply them to the ask
  • Which prospects are the best match given your Asking Style
  • How to craft your Case for Support in your own words and Style
  • What to watch out for along the way
  • As a bonus, all attendees will get a handout on How to Support Each Asking Style

26) Online Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits

September 20th, 9:30 AM (CT)

Conventional wisdom dictates that we manage what we measure, and the most effective nonprofits on the planet know exactly how to measure their results. In this educational session, Jay will share best practices—including detailed formulas that every nonprofit should be using—to track the effectiveness of their fundraising efforts.

You’ll learn:

  • 7 steps to online fundraising success.
  • 5 metrics to measure fundraising performance.
  • The donor retention problem.
  • Attributes of a killer email marketing piece.

27) Is a Creative Bottleneck Killing Your Content Marketing Plan?

September 21, 2:00 PM (ET)

Even the best content marketing strategy can be rendered useless without great creative. But too often the process of generating visually-arresting, memorable creative across all your content marketing channels is overlooked. Without an efficient means of not only creating, but reviewing, revising and approving your visual assets, your content marketing machine will grind to a halt. The best content marketers know that effective creative collaboration is critical to their success.

Join Mike Trigg, COO of Hightail, to learn some of the best practices for ensuring your creative process keeps up with your content marketing calendar. In this webinar, Mike will review:

  • Why visual assets are so critical to the comprehension, memorability and virality of your content marketing
  • Effective ways to create, review and approve not only written copy but the full creative work
  • How to unlock creativity and innovation across both your creative and content marketing teams
  • Five best practices for accelerating your creative collaboration process

28) 5 Steps to Telling Better Non-Profit Stories

September 21, 1:00 PM (ET)

Has your organization tried telling stories? Have your stories had the results you hoped for?

Stories are an excellent way for non-profits to raise money and build relationships with donors. But not all stories are automatically great. There are a few key things that non-profits can do to tell better stories that get fundraising results. During this webinar with Vanessa Chase Lockshin, you'll learn 5 things that you can start doing today to tell better stories.

29) Crowdfunding & #GivingTuesday 101—the PB&J of Fundraising

September 22nd, 1:00 PM (ET)

When used effectively, crowdfunding is one of the most powerful tools in your giving day toolbox. And nowhere is crowdfunding more useful than on #GivingTuesday, a day specifically built for social media. In this webinar, Dana Ostomel, founder of Deposit a Gift and Firespring’s lead crowdfunding expert, will share everything you need to know about running a successful crowdfunding campaign from prep through appreciation. Dana will walk you step-by-step through the life cycle of a campaign and teach you the best ways to market your campaign to engage your audience. 

Jessica Schneider, director of strategy and collaboration at the 92nd Street Y (92Y), home of #GivingTuesday, will also join Dana to give the 101 on this movement and all the different ways to get involved. You'll discover:

  • Best practices for setting up and marketing your campaign.
  • How to cultivate your network via email and social media to pave the way for a successful #GivingTuesday. 
  • Why it’s vital to integrate #GivingTuesday into your overall end-of-year appeal. 
  • Strategies to excite and prepare your community about #GivingTuesday and help spread the word. 
  • Answers to YOUR questions during live Q&A.

30) Goldilocks and the Three Sponsorship Proposals

September 22nd, 1:00 PM (ET)

Whether you are brand new to the concept of corporate sponsorship or are a sector veteran looking for a more effective approach to creating quality sponsorship packages, you won't want to miss this free webinar.

In this free webinar, sponsorship expert Chris Baylis will look at three case studies focused on sponsorship sales. These three case studies represent some of the common mistakes made when approaching sponsors as well as an example of sponsorship done right. In addition to the case study analysis, Chris will take you through sponsorship best practices, including how to build sponsorship proposals that close more sponsorship dollars.

Looking at the full spectrum of the sponsorship sales process, Chris will discuss:

  • Sponsorship case studies outlining common mistakes and best practices
  • Determining how much to charge for your sponsorship levels
  • The end of “Gold, Silver, Bronze” sponsorship packages and what to replace them with
  • Prospecting secrets to get your sponsors to tell you exactly what they want and what they are willing to spend money on
  • Using activation and fulfillment to write next year’s sponsorship package

31) TechSoup for Libraries - Maximize Your Technology Services with TechSoup

September 22nd, 11:00 AM (PT)

Perhaps you've heard of TechSoup before or attended one of our webinars. But did you know that TechSoup has hardware and software donations specifically for libraries? We do!
This free, hour-long webinar is for library staff to ask the questions you want answered about our technology donation program.
We will spend the first part of the webinar going over how to register for TechSoup, how our donation process works, and the hardware and software programs we offer to libraries.
We'll also go over how to register all of the branches within your system and how to request bulk donations for your branches.
After, we'll hold an open Q&A so you can get your library's questions answered. 

32) An Introduction to Online Fundraising for Small and Medium-Sized Nonprofits

September 22nd, 1:00 PM (ET)
Online fundraising is the fasting growing segment of giving. Donors of all ages are using their smartphones, tablets, and computers to connect with causes and to give money to fundraising campaigns.

During this free nonprofit webinar, you'll learn the tactics to successfully raise money online for your nonprofit, even if you are a small or midsize organization.

This webinar will detail the basics of an online fundraising campaign;  how social media & online tools can be used to raise more money; ways you can fit online giving into your long-term strategy;  and Julia’s 10 steps to online fundraising success!

If you want to be a part of the next generation of nonprofit fundraisers,  you need to register for this FREE webinar right now.

Key Takeaways:

  • The basic components of a successful online fundraising campaign
  • Tools to use for online fundraising
  • Ways to use your website, email, blog, and social media channels to promote the online fundraising campaign
  • Examples from small and mid-sized nonprofits who have successfully raised money online
  • Julia’s 10 steps to online fundraising success, including recruiting and energizing Social Media Ambassadors

33) Coding Clubs: Youth Programming for Public Libraries

September 28th, 11:00 AM (PT)

Does your library offer programs related to coding? Coding is quickly gaining traction as an essential digital skill in the 21st century, and many public libraries are offering coding classes for youth and adults as a way of promoting STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). The challenge is that coding is often a new skill for librarians and library staff who are responsible for offering programs. The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert in computer science to offer effective educational programs that teach coding skills. There are many free resources that can be used as a guide to starting a coding club at your library, no experience required.

Come to this free webinar to hear about two examples of public libraries that have offered coding clubs using free curriculum provided by library partners. 

34) Successful Volunteer Interview Strategies

September 28th, 2:00 PM (ET)

Interviewing each prospective volunteer can seem overwhelming, but it's one of the best ways to ensure that the volunteers you recruit are the volunteers you need. This webinar introduces a variety of question types used in volunteer interviews and offers strategies for honing your interview skills. Materials will be provided to help you implement this process in your organization, as well as a training syllabus so you can learn how to recruit and train a volunteer staff to assist with prospective volunteer interviews.

What You'll Learn: 

  • Methods for interviewing prospective volunteers
  • Strategies for honing your interview skills

35) We hate our name...but we're afraid to change it!

September 28, 1:00 PM (ET)

An outdated, confusing, or inaccurate name can be an albatross around the neck of your board and leadership... often sparking much conversation, and little action. This webinar will provide pragmatic advice on some key questions:

  • how do you decide (once and for all) that you have a problem?
  • how do you know whether to evolve or completely change your name?
  • how do you choose a new name?
  • do you need a tagline?
  • how do you roll out a new name?

36) Re-Energize your Volunteer Program by Designing Mission-Driven Opportunities

September 29th, 2:00 PM (ET)

Too often organizations look at volunteer engagement as something that's nice to have, and never realize the true potential of volunteers. But, our organizations become more successful, responsive, and effective when we look at volunteers as a key component to our organization's success. In this session we'll discuss creating a connection between the work volunteers do and the mission of your organization. You'll learn how to design volunteer opportunities with real impact, and how to tell the story of that impact both within your organization and to your community. Attendees will leave with sample mission-driven position descriptions and a worksheet to help craft their organization's story of volunteer engagement.

What You'll Learn: 

  • The impact that language and clear impacts can have on volunteer recruitment and engagement
  • How to create opportunities with your mission and impact in mind

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