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Quick Tips to Refresh Your Volunteer Program Materials

Terry Ibele 26 April 2016 0 comments

volunteer touchpointsIt's easier and cheaper to promote from within, and according to this study from the Wall Street Journal, insiders perform better than those hired externally.

In the nonprofit world, there are many people willing to work with your organization, but inspiring volunteers to become leaders from within is another task in itself.

Surprisingly, your documentation materials can help achieve this along a volunteer's journey.

Every Document is a Touch Point Opportunity

Think of it like this.

Volunteers will have hundreds, even thousands of touch points with your organization along their journey. Many of those touch points will actually be with the documents you've created: a business card, a brochure, a training document, a process, etc.

volunteer funnelTake a look at this funnel, created by Tobi Johnson (MA, CVA and president and founder of VolunteerPro).

Every potential volunteer starts at the top as an observer, and while the majority will not move through to become a leader, there are things you can do to help facilitate those who might.

At each stage in the funnel, there are a number of documents that volunteers will interact with. Even from the start, a volunteer will begin to form their initial impression with your organization based on your business cards, the volunteer application, and the position descriptions.

View each of your documents as an opportunity to help facilitate someone through the funnel. Each document can help inspire the next generation of leaders from within your organization.

Quick Wins

Let's look at some ways that Tobi suggests to spruce up your documentation.

Handing out a business card to start building a relationship? Why not write a quote from a volunteer on the back that says something about the huge impact your organization has?

Creating your Volunteer Manager Job Description? Make sure to include an adequate amount of time in their role for relationship building with key stakeholders in the organization.

Sending out your Volunteer Agreement Forms to a new volunteer? Take the opportunity to reassure them how well your organization is run and that their information is protected.

Tobi has put together a list of typical volunteer materials and the actions you can take on each one in order to further build relationships with your volunteers and inspire them to become leaders along the way.

Click here to download Tobi's Core Volunteer Checklist.

volunteer documents

Listen to Tobi's Webinar

Tobi gives full insight into this process with her one-hour presentation on Quick Ways to Refresh Your Core Volunteer Program Materials.

Click here to listen to the full recording, where you'll learn:

  • How to “prime” volunteer commitment using simple psychology
  • How to make volunteer position descriptions more mission focused
  • How to re-define engagement as a value-generating partnership that leads to success

Terry Ibele [Learning Apricot]

Posted by Terry Ibele [Learning Apricot]

Published Tuesday, 26 April 2016 at 8:30 AM
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