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Take a Hike Through Our New Themes

Terry Ibele 26 October 2015 0 comments

New themes Terra & FirmaWhen was the last time you got out of the smoggy city and took a trek through nature? It’s probably been a while, so you know what? 

Take a hike!

Grab your gear and let me be your guide.

Picture your surroundings as you walk down a rocky trail. Hazy mountains backdrop your view. A cool breeze flows through your hair. The morning sun peeks through the clouds and warms your face.

Where are we hiking? Through our new website themes:

Terra and Firma

When designing Terra and Firma, we took a hike.

We wanted to mimic the serenity of calm, natural environments like, blue misty mountains, grey pebbly beaches, and flowing fields of golden wheat—just some of the 24 beautiful presets you’ll find in Terra and Firma.

Now that you’re back at your computer desk, take another hike through some of the features that these themes offer:

  • Fully customizable colors, fonts, and styles 
  • Responsive integration (meaning they’re optimized for mobile use)
  • Large image-based backgrounds that can easily be changed with just a few clicks 
  • Semi-transparent settings, which allow the background image to show behind content
  • Tons of beautiful presets
Terry & Firma2

Terra and Firm are the same in every way except...

While Terra (Latin for "earth") allows the background to scroll with the page, Firma (Latin for "solid") keeps the background fixed in place.

Take your site on a hike! 

If your website is due for an update, why not give these themes a preview? You’re just a few clicks away.

Go to your Admin view > click Website > click Theme > select your desired preset > click Preview

Terra & Firma preview

To learn more about the functionality of Terra and Firma, read here >>

Happy trails!

Terry Ibele [Learning Apricot]

Posted by Terry Ibele [Learning Apricot]

Published Monday, 26 October 2015 at 8:30 AM
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