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July 2015 Update: Have Your Voice Heard

Dmitriy Buterin 30 July 2015 3 comments

In June, we released our Wild Apricot Login plugin for Wordpress, which lets Wild Apricot users integrate membership management features into their WordPress site.

I’m pleased to report that 70+ users have already set up their WordPress sites to integrate with Wild Apricot’s membership management capabilities!

We also shared some findings from a recent survey we conducted,  to better understand what our customers want, and how exactly we can help.

And July is no different. We’re continuing the theme of taking your input seriously!

We’ve taken a huge leap forward in how we collect your feedback by migrating our Software Forums to the Uservoice platform. Uservoice transforms the way we collect your feedback and input, and will allow you to easily  keep track of what we’re working on at any given time.

Revamping our Wishlist

We've always felt that transparency and open, honest communication with our clients have been the "secret apricot sauce" to our success.

Our software forums have played a big part in allowing us to live and act on these values. When we started our forum back in 2006, it was a great tool to interact with our users, provide support and collect feedback on our product.

Soon after launching our forums, the Wishlist emerged as one of the most popular forums. It gave our customers a place to voice their opinions and offer suggestions. It allowed our customers to tell us exactly what features they wanted.

Over the years, we’ve used your Wishlist forum input to publish 63 major releases, offering hundreds of new requested features.

But the Wishlist forum, and the system by which we determined which features were most  requested, were far from ideal.

In the old system, Wishlist posts with 10 or more different authors, were considered important enough to officially get onto our list of future product features (Product Roadmap). It wasn't easy for our users, or us, to clearly see which requests were most popular and what the status (planning stages, in development, released etc.) of those requested features was.

So we decided that we needed a better tool to rank all your suggestions and give users a more transparent experience.

Moving our forums to Uservoice

We’ve migrated all forums, users and their contributions to a new system called Uservoice.

We’re joining more than 100,000 of the world’s top companies like Microsoft, Swiftkey and Cisco,  that use Uservoice to listen to their customers to make meaningful improvements to the product.

Uservoice simplifies the process of prioritizing user suggestions and improves transparency of how we’re developing suggestions.

Here are some of the new features to the new wishlist forum:

  • Users can now vote on ideas (on wishlist posts): Apart from postingand commenting on ideas like before, you can now actually vote on ideas that are of value to you. We’re always monitoring top suggestions, and factor those in during our future product feature planning.

  • Ideas now have a "status": Users can now clearly see what the current status of a suggestion is (e.g. collecting comments, developing, released,etc) and be notified when it changes. It’s very important for us to be transparent about what we’re spending time to develop. With Uservoice, you’ll always know which suggestions have been chosen for development, and when you can expect them to be released. Here are some of the tags that display the status of a suggestion:     

See what we’re developing now, what’s been scheduled and what was recently released.

Apart from the Wishlist forum, the new Wild Apricot community forums  also includes:

  • General discussion forum -  for discussions not specific to the product

  • Designer and Developer forums - for discussions suggestions related to themes, development and other technical topics

  • Service notices - a place where we publish our planned maintenance procedures and provide details on unexpected interruptions.

We’re looking to leverage these new forums to hear from you on a whole variety of subjects and want your input to be central in our decision making processes.

Contribute now and have your voice heard today!

Our new forums are live now. Setting up an account takes a matter of minutes, so join the forum today and get your voice heard!

Existing forum users

If you had an account on our old forums, you automatically have an account in our Uservoice forums. But to access it you'll need to set your password.

To do that:

  1. Visit forums.wildapricot.com and enter your email into the yellow "sign in" box on the right.

  2. If Uservoice recognizes your email it will automatically trigger an activation email to be sent to your inbox - follow the instructions in the email

  3. if you've already tried this you may need to use the forgot password link to send another reset email

When you login you may notice that you have "voted" for some features in the wishlist. This is because we assigned 1 vote (max) to every feature existing users commented on.

New forum users

If you haven't joined our forums in the past - you should do it now! It's the best way for us to get your voice heard and your opinions taken seriously.

Visit forums.wildapricot.com and use the signup link to the right in the yellow box.

Moving forward

As you can see, we are more committed than ever to listen to feedback and provide you with the knowledge and software solutions you need to see your organization thrive.

We've come a long way since our first forums. But none of the success we’ve had would be possible if it weren't for passionate individuals like you, who cared about their organizations.

Our forum users are particularly passionate individuals who want to see us get better, so that they can leverage our software to further serve their members.

So if you haven't already, please join our forums and contribute to our growth and your success!

All the best!

Image Credit: Icons of people with speech bubbles. (BigStockPhoto.com)

Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot] Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot]

Posted by Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot]

Published Thursday, 30 July 2015 at 8:30 AM


  • Chris Clark said:

    Monday, 03 August 2015 at 11:42 AM
    Except you won't let us have more than one email address per contact...
  • Bill said:

    Tuesday, 18 August 2015 at 8:06 AM
    Why would we use Wordpress? Are you just not planning to fix the deficiencies in your built-in blog platform? One cannot even add even one image to a post. Very sad indeed. Wordpress is a morass of security issues which I don't need- and will not add to my list.
  • Evgeny (Apricot Kernel) said:

    Tuesday, 18 August 2015 at 8:57 AM
    Bill, we've moved our Wishlist forum to Uservoice so we can better track most voted suggestions and provide transparency about our plans. Wordpress integration was highly requested in the forum, so we did. Now we're doing other things from the forum - see our product roadmap https://help.wildapricot.com/display/DOC/Product+roadmap. At some point we will be improving blogs too.

    Chris - I hear you, we will get to this eventually too.
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