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Wild Apricot Podcast Episode 5 : Sponsorship & Raising Money

Farhad Chikhliwala 13 July 2015 0 comments

It's clear to me that Sponsorship and raising money are vital to the success of any membership organization. Having those funds to create new programs and new benefits for members is key to both membership growth and retention.

But that is easier said than done. 

Creating long-lasting and meaningful relationships with sponsors is really the way forward. And many organizations around the world find difficulty in achieving this. That’s why, Episode 5 of the Wild Apricot Podcast sees myself and Lori Smith facilitate a group discussion with members of our  Membership Advisory Group on the key challenges membership organizations face in trying to secure sponsorship and raise money.

Some key challenges we discussed:

  • Making the initial step and making contact with a potential sponsor
  • Tapping into the same well over and over again puts a strain on the sponsor-organization relationship
  • Getting current members to use their networks to find potential sponsors.

Listen Now! or Click below to subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes!

Farhad Chikhliwala [Professor Apricot] Farhad Chikhliwala [Professor Apricot]

Posted by Farhad Chikhliwala [Professor Apricot]

Published Monday, 13 July 2015 at 8:30 AM
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