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Nonprofit Blog Carnival June 2015: Motivation for the Nonprofit Nation

Lori Halley 29 June 2015 0 comments

This month the Nonprofit Blog Carnival is all about motivation.

Volunteers, donors and supporters make the nonprofit world go round. So for the June Nonprofit Blog Carnival, we asked the nonprofit community for its best advice, ideas and tips for motivating our nonprofit nation. We wanted to hear ideas on…

"How to get people to move from enthusiasm to real life action."

In response, we received 10 great posts about motivating donors, volunteers, supporters, boards, staff – and even how to stay motivated yourself! Thanks to everyone who submitted a post.

Take a look through our round-up for June for great insight and ideas you can put into practice for motivating your nonprofit nation. 

Motivating donors and supporters:

Joanne Fritz (Nonprofit.about.com) reminds us that new donors are just too valuable to be ignored. Here are five ways Joanne suggests for welcoming them with open arms and ensuring their loyalty. Read her post for: 5 Super Simple Ways to Turn New Donors Into Loyalists.

In her post – Make your donor the hero in your capital campaign – Sarah Durham (Big Duck), tells us: Mild-mannered Clark Kent famously pulled off his glasses, ripped open his shirt, and revealed his inner superhero, ready to save the day. Wouldn’t it be great if your donors felt inspired to do the same thing for your nonprofit?” Sarah’s post offers “tips to inspire your donors to reveal their superhero-like passion for your work and inspire them to go further in your capital campaign.”

Motivating your fundraising team: 

Joe Garecht (The Fundraising Authority) suggests thatfear in the face of fundraising is understandable.” But Joe believes that the antidote to fear is knowledge and practice”, and in his post he explains: How Anyone Can Be a Superstar Fundraiser. 

Kathie Kramer Ryan (Arroyo Fundraising) thinks you may need to find some unique ways to motivate staff in the nonprofit sector. If you’re looking for ideas to motivate your fundraising staff, read Kathie’s post: Ready, Set, Inspire! 7 Tips for Motivating Your Fundraising Team.

Motivating your board and other volunteers:

Claire Axelrad, J.D., CFRE (Clairification) offered up a post that explains how she motivates board members and volunteers to be fearless fundraisers. Check out Claire's tips in: How to Be a Successful, Fearless Fundraiser in Just 3 Simple Steps. 

Dr. Debra Beck (Laramie Board Learning Project) offered up the post: Great governance: My wacky, crazy, ideal vision of nonprofit board development (and performance support). Debra suggested she wanted to share a “broad, engaging, multilayered vision of how the sector might not only shift thinking (and delivery) of nonprofit board development but support our governing bodies' performance needs.” She suggests that focusing on non-profit board development may help motivate your leadership. 

Motivating members:

Amanda Kaiser (Smooth The Path) reminds us that when it comes to our members, Sometimes all We Have to do is Ask. In the post, Amanda asks: “how do we get people to move from enthusiasm to real life action? Sometimes we just have to ask. We have more opportunities to ask our members for help than we think, in fact members are waiting for us to ask. Before we start asking it’s worth knowing our members better so we know what we can ask for, understand what the value of our requests from our member’s point of view and learn how to ask.” 

Personal motivation:

Erik Anderson (DonorDreams Blog) draws personal inspiration for his nonprofit work from something he calls ‘non-monetary paydays’ and encourages every nonprofit professional to look for similar mission-focused events in the world around them. Check out Erik’s post: Looking for motivation? Show up for your non-monetary paydays. 

Kivi Leroux Miller (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog) suggests that “when something is overwhelming, like, let’s say, your job as a nonprofit communicator, it’s very hard to feel like you are getting anything done or making any progress at all, no matter how dedicated you are. We get overwhelmed, and motivation dissolves, in many aspects of our lives.” In her post, Kivi explains How Boundaries Can Motivate You.

In her post – How I Profit from My Nonprofit Career – Abigail Daniels (MIND Research Institute’s Sums & Solutions Blog) explains that “there’s a growing level of awareness that world problems are not going to right themselves by themselves –making it easier for more professionals to view jobs in nonprofits as credible careers. Instead of saying “I work in nonprofit”, professionals can describe the impact of their work, motivating others to think about their work in this way.”

That’s it for the
June Carnival round-up. I’d like to thank all of the nonprofit bloggers who participated and provided such great tips and ideas on motivation.

Stay tuned for July’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival

The Carnival’s back in town again in July, when Joanne Fritz, the Nonprofit Charitable Orgs Expert at About.com, offers a round-up on “getting ready for year-end fundraising”. You can check out Joanne’s call for submissions post here.

Want more info on the carnival?

Click here to learn more about the Nonprofit Blog Carnival and sign-up for monthly reminders. You can also view the Carnival archives here.

Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot] Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

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Published Monday, 29 June 2015 at 8:30 AM
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