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Making Events Easier With the Wild Apricot App

Lori Halley 14 April 2015 0 comments

Now, you can save time, effort and manage your events on the fly, with Wild Apricot's new app for iOS and Android. 

Events – there are so many details and so little time!  

Before your event, you have a seemingly endless checklist of tasks for dealing with: the venue, A/V, speakers, meal issues, and more. It can be hard to keep things on track.

But even if you make it through event pre-planning unscathed, your biggest challenges may start at the registration desk. Have you found yourself dealing with out-dated attendee lists for checking participants in, or taking last-minute registrations?

And your best efforts to get folks moving into the event quickly may inadvertently cause post-event headaches. How many times have you realized after an event that you’re not sure who attended, who paid, or who you should follow up with?

Wild Apricot app offers solutions to your top event pain points

We asked membership volunteers and staff to identify the top pain points they experience in running events and now there's an app for that!

If you are using Wild Apricot’s membership management software, your administrators can now use our mobile app – available for both iOS and Android smartphones or tablets – on site and on the fly at your events. Instead of lugging a laptop or piles of paper to events, you can now use your smartphone to save time and effort by checking in attendees, recording manual payments, updating event records, and more.

4 ways the Wild Apricot app can save you time and effort

Here are are 4 ways the Wild Apricot app can help save you time and effort in managing your events:

1. Easy, paperless check-ins at the door

Instead of flipping through your long (and possibly outdated) registration lists, you can use the mobile app for attendee check-ins at the door. Simply search for the registrant, then tap beside the registrant's name to check them in.

The app’s registration list displays the name, organization, registration type, the name(s) or number of guests, and their checked-in status.

2. Adding new registrants on the fly

To handle registrations at the door, you can add a new registrant with your mobile app by tapping ADD within the Registrants heading (iOS) or clicking the plus sign ( (plus) ) at the top of the screen (Android).

3. Automatic updating of registration & financial records

Wondering if that attendee has paid in full? You simply search for the registrant’s name and the word “PAID” will appear or the outstanding amount will be displayed. You can also record manual payments by tapping on the registrant's name within the registration details. (Note, currently, the Wild Apricot app cannot accept online credit card payments.)

4. Eliminating post-event paperwork

The event is over but what about the paperwork? In the past you were likely busy transcribing details from your registration desk notes to finalize your event report. But if you use the app to check in attendees, confirm payments and register new attendees at the event, your records are automatically up-to-date. Since the app is connected directly to your Wild Apricot membership management system, the event registration and financial records will automatically be updated in your Wild Apricot system.

The Wild Apricot app helps make life easier both on-site and after your event is over.

Wild Apricot mobile app can also help you manage member contacts

The mobile app is a wonderful tool for managing events, but it can also be used to help you manage your membership contacts.

Try the Wild Apricot app

To try the new mobile apps for iOS and Android, use the links below to visit the App Store or Google Play.

App Store (iOS)


Google Play (Android) 

Want more information on the app?

For more information on the mobile app features and functions, you can visit our Wild Apricot online help, or watch a video with highlights of the mobile app features here.

Wild Apricot "Mobile Solutions"

If you are not yet a current customer and want details on how Wild Apricot can help your organization “go mobile”, check out our Mobile Solutions tour page.

Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot] Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Posted by Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Published Tuesday, 14 April 2015 at 8:30 AM
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