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Halloween Link Round-up

Lori Halley 30 October 2014 0 comments

Just in time for Halloween tomorrow, here is a link round-up of four posts to get you in the spirit of this scary holiday and offer some wonderful tricks, treats and powerful insight as well.  You’ll get “major gifts tricks and treats”, “lessons on scary movies” from top fundraisers, storytelling ideas from vampires and werewolves, and “tricks to bOOst non-profit social media traffic”.

October Halloween Nonprofit Blog Carnival – Major Gifts Tricks and Treats

Claire Axelrad (Clairification) hosted the October Nonprofit Blog Carnival and offers up some wonderful major gifts goodies in her round-up. Claire tells us:

Fear not! The Halloween Nonprofit Blog Carnival is back, offering tricks and treats galore from nonprofit experts all around the web – a full Baker’s Dozen (or shall I say a Witches Coven)! — to help you find, cultivate, solicit and steward your major donors. When you trick and treat, you always like to go to the houses that give out the most candy, natch?  Well… let’s find the donors giving out the most goodies so your mission is assured of success. But you’ve got to be prepared! No just showing up without a costume, a plan of attack or a strategy for success. You’ll get some lollipops and stuff, sure. But I know that’s not what you really want. Go for what you need.  Go for what will make your time spent on this effort feel worth your while.  And we’ve got 13 experts telling you exactly what to do.

16 Top Fundraisers On The Lessons of Scary Movies

Joe Waters (Selfish Giving) “asked 16 fundraising experts if nonprofits could learn anything from scary movies. Joe asked:

  • What's your favorite horror movie?
  • From that movie, what lesson can we learn on fundraising and/or cause marketing

Check out his slideshare presentation to find out what they said. According to Joe, “what they said made [his] hair stand on end.”

Vampires, Werewolves and Donors 

In an email I received from Movie Monday videos, Chris Davenport (501Videos.com) offered up a video with “3 tips to help you tell more powerful and engaging stories” that was inspired by a sign he saw when camping with his family. The sign said: “No vampires beyond this point.” Check out his video for storytelling tips and ideas.

9 Tricks to BOOst Nonprofit Social Media Traffic and Engagement – Part 1

This post is also from Claire Axelrad (Clairification) who truly got in the Halloween spirit this month!  Claire asks:

Did I scare you with that big BOO!? Aw, shucks. Just trying to get you in the mood for Halloween. I want you to have more than a ghost of a chance at generating leads and converting visitors into supporters. And that’s why I’m offering up 9tricks to help you make your social media strategy worth the effort you’re putting into it.

In fact, these 9 tricks are really treats. If you use them, no one will end up with rotten egg on their face.  So… fear not! Why the heck not get in the spirit and … go for the ghoul?


That’s it for this week’s link round-up - want more non-profit and membership links?

That was just a taste of some of the membership and non-profit posts and articles we’ve bookmarked on Apricot Jam lately. For more, you can check out the latest posts on topics such as: Membership, Volunteers, Communications, Events, Social Media, Leadership and Fundraising.

You can also find additional articles and guides on non-profit and membership topics in our Membership Knowledge Hub.

Happy Halloween!

Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot] Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Posted by Lori Halley [Engaging Apricot]

Published Thursday, 30 October 2014 at 2:21 PM
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