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Link Love Friday: Vain Nonprofits, Membership Surges and More

Lori Halley 04 April 2014 0 comments

This week’s link round-up offers a cornucopia of ideas, insight and tips on non-profit and membership topics.  You’ll find out why “your nonprofit is so vain”; rejoice in the good news that “Association Membership Growth” is surging; and find out how you can: “Disrupt the Nonprofit Sector”; “Build Staff Writing Teams” and “Unlock Hidden Fundraisers”.

Wow – have a look at the top 5 posts we’ve bookmarked on Apricot Jam this week!

Your Nonprofit is so Vain… Bet you Think social Media is About You

I’ll bet that title got your attention!

In this post, Claire Axelrad (Clairification) suggests:

If you’re like most nonprofits, you’re still trying to figure out how social media can help you sustain and grow your mission.  Most of you are getting it wrong. 

Sorry to be so blunt. 

Here’s how you’re going astray:  (1) your posts are too promotional; (2) your content isn’t relevant to your readers, and (3) you’re too repetitive and boring, without adding value. If you’re simply counting up your numbers of “likes” and “follows” and patting yourself on the back for how you’re growing your lists, you’re totally missing the point.

Claire offers “a 6-step cure to the anti-social disease.” 

Association Membership Growth Surges

Tony Rossell (Membership Marketing Blog) offers some good news:

The theme for the 2014 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report is the continued positive growth in association total membership numbers.

A total of 894 associations participated in the research this year and altogether 53% of them reported growth in their overall membership numbers.  While 15% said that their membership stayed the same, 28% saw a decline, and 4% were unsure if their membership grew or declined.  A full 24% of associations saw total membership growth of 6% or higher.  While only 8% of associations saw total membership declines of 6% or more.

Read the full post for more highlights from the 2014 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report – due out this June.

Best Ideas and Strategies to Disrupt the Nonprofit Sector

The Nonprofit Blog Carnival host for March – Allyson Kapin (Rad Blog):

“asked the community to share their thoughts about how we can create more innovative and effective organizations, a topic that Amy Sample Ward and I discuss in our book Social Change Anytime Everywhere.

[She] asked people to think of ways nonprofits can be more self-sustainable, and how they can incorporate startup principles like failing fast. I received some brilliant responses. This is one Nonprofit Blog Carnival that will make you want to get up and make a difference.”

This post offers an amazing round-up of close to 20 posts with ideas and insight into nonprofit disruption.

6 Steps to Building an Engaged Staff Writing Team

In this guest post on Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog, Diane Greenhalgh (Pulmonary Hypertension Association) suggests:

With the advent of social media, video and interactive tools, the communities we serve have different expectations of us. They expect to be engaged with interesting content and conversation on a regular basis. And try as we might, we cannot do it alone.

In a nonprofit we are accustomed to wearing many hats to get things done with our limited resources. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to convince your overworked coworkers that they should take time out of their already jam-packed day to contribute content. They are going to make you work for it.

Greenhalgh offers “6 steps to get you on your way toward developing a group of staff writers you can rely on.”

5 Steps to Unlocking Hidden Fundraisers: A Practical Guide to Working Better With Program Staff and Raising More Money

In a guest post on Pamela Grow’s blog, Rory Green asks:

How many fundraisers does your team have? One? Ten? Fifty? 
Mine has more than 1,700. 
Yep, you heard me right.
The catch is, they don’t all work for the Development Director. There are fundraisers, relationship builders and donor stewards hidden all over the place. When done right, every member of your staff could be a fundraiser. But it takes work. So, let’s get to it.

Green offers tips, advice  and even some “magic questions” to help you motivate your team.

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