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Wild Apricot Software News March 2014 - Version 5 upgrade: The finish line is in sight!

Dmitriy Buterin 26 March 2014 1 comments

I know many of you thought this day would never come – no, I’m not referring to spring, I’m talking about Version 5 of Wild Apricot.

We understand how frustrating the delays have been – believe me, they have been even more frustrating for everyone on our team! We were running up to the finish line and then realizing again and again that the finish line had moved!

Your patience will be rewarded soon.

Beginning in May, Wild Apricot will start upgrading clients to Version 5.

In this post, we’ll explain the upgrade process. See also a separate blog post – Version 5 Overview – for a detailed overview of changes and enhancements in Version 5.

Gradual upgrade process

We're eager for you to experience Version 5 as soon as possible. But we also know that major changes can be unsettling. To smooth the transition, we are doing something we have never done before – we call it a "gradual upgrade." Instead of upgrading every client on the same date (as we have in the past), here's the  process we will use for the Version 5 upgrade:

  • PHASE 1: Version 5 test phase: First, we will publish the new version – alongside the existing version. (This alone has required a whole new batch of hardware and new level of complexity in how we setup our hosting servers.) At this point, we will not even tell anyone yet – but we will run another batch of tests on the new version.
  • PHASE 2: Preview available and trial accounts switch-over: Then, a week or two later (e.g. by the end of April), a preview copy of your individual website running on Version 5 will become available – see below for more details. At the same time, we will switch all newly created trial accounts to use Version 5.
  • PHASE 3: Gradual upgrade of accounts in batches: Finally, all existing accounts will be scheduled and queued into one of the upgrade batches over a two-month period. 

Gradual update schedule

In mid April, an upgrade date notification email will go out to Wild Apricot clients informing them of the scheduled upgrade date for their account. Also, full account administrators will see a reminder message in admin view:

The first scheduled upgrade will occur in early May and then every two weeks for a couple of months. Generally, sites with heavier customizations will be scheduled for later batches. 

Once you receive your upgrade date, you may proceed as follows:

If the scheduled upgrade date you receive in your upgrade notification email works for you – great, you don't have to do anything

If you are eager to get started with the new version, you can contact us at support@wildapricot.com and request to be rescheduled for an earlier upgrade and we will check to see if this is possible. 

If you would rather wait – say, if you have an important event coming up and want to avoid any chance of disruption, or if you need more time to train your team – you can request (via email to support@wildapricot.com) to be rescheduled for a later date.

Previewing your site in Version 5

A preview copy of your account running on Version 5 will be accessible from your account dashboard:

This preview copy will be a recent snapshot of your existing site, upgraded to Version 5. This copy will have all of the version 5 capabilities – you can use it, for example, to get your team familiar with the changes. Remember that any changes you make to the preview copy will be ignored when your actual site is upgraded to Version 5.

We'll take care of everything for your upgrade

On your scheduled upgrade date, as always, you won't have do anything yourself to convert your account and your website – we'll take care of everything, even if you have a heavily customized website, full of theme overrides. 

While most Wild Apricot sites will be transformed automatically, implementing the upgrade for highly customized websites (with theme overrides) was one of the moving-the-finish-line challenges we had to figure out. What we decided to do is to have our developers manually transform the 300 most complex sites to the new CMS. To enable this process, the use of theme overrides will be temporarily disabled for all accounts on April 12th. 

Version 5 Overview Webinar

We have scheduled a Version 5 Overview webinar for April 30th. This will offer a video overview of Version 5, explain the upgrade process, followed by a live Q & A session. You can find more information and a registration link on our webinar page

Keep an eye out for further updates and watch your inbox for emails.

Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot] Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot]

Posted by Dmitriy Buterin [Chief Apricot]

Published Wednesday, 26 March 2014 at 3:57 PM


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